CloakCoin - The Privacy Coin War Continues

How does Cloakcoin compare to the competition?

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  • Mandar Karhade

    New kid on the block is DeepOnion. You might want to look into it too. here especially check out the community forum there or the bitcointalk thread (has 1300 pages on bitcointalk). Its airdropped coin so no ICO problems too.

  • AndrejCibikDesign

    NEO gives close to 6% in GAS if Im not mistaken.

  • eLucian

    I know this is an old video and I like it. Butt... if you consume more electricity to create a coin does not make this coin more valuable. It makes a coin more expensive though. However the usability and other quality can make a PoS coin much more valuable even if we consume less resource to maintain. So I desagree with you on this.

  • Mark Knevel

    Thanks for the vid lark! It seems that I invested in Cloak yesterday right before you uploaded the vid. I now have 150 cloak and 1500 NAV and a couple of PivX as well (need to get my hands on some more of those ;-) )

  • Scott Govoni

    I love cloak coin and was thinking of picking some up for the long term.

  • kevin20118

    great video Lark, i noticed you said Ethereum will be 1% p.a. who the heck is gonna want to stake eth for 1% p.a.?

  • Cloak Booian

    Hey Lark! There is one mistake / misunderstanding in the video...normal transactions with CLOAK just cost a fee of 0.01CLOAK !! When you use ENIGMA the transaction cost 1.8% :)

  • China Crypt

    🔥🔥Thank you. Yes.. Great lending platform Project. ONX coin is a Unique project. Small float and great management team. I agree this coin could be in the single digit in months and double-digit in 2018

  • AndrejCibikDesign

    Community-wise, adoption-wise and complete anonymity-wise - Monero wins in everything.

  • Antonio Frances

    Guys, prepare...... Cloak is an example to be followed.

  • Roc

    What is your take on aeon coin

  • Shalom Dunn

    Congratulations to all of the people who have joined me at Regalcoin. The token is now at the coinexhange .io and is up 11x in value already it is listed at coin market cap in 86 place. Promoters are about to start running adds so there is still time to get in.

  • Crypto Ninja

    If it's cloaked, is it really there at all?

  • htcsn2

    yo lark! verge has the wraith protocol coming soon, will this get them off tor? promo + updated progress report

  • Michal majzlík

    Hey buddy what do you think about ...RENOS...road map,potential,partnership ..hidden coin thank you for answer ....Have a nice day

  • Sandile Ngwenya

    Neblio gives 10% POS annually

  • bzylvn

    Thanks for the video and especially the market round-up. A couple things: the reason for the price spike in June was because CloakCoin was mentioned in Clif High's data. He had high praise for the potential of the coin and his data show's 'significant' price spikes through December of 2017. Next, the recent price spike was not due to the anticipated website, but because the community was expecting Enigma to be Open Sourced. That was put off until November/December time frame. Hence the recent sell off because of the missed date. A clarification, the 6% interest: you don't have to have your computer on 24/7 to get it. You just have to have your coins in the Cloakcoin wallet, let them mature for a day or two and then you turn off your computer. You turn on your computer once a month, let the wallet re-sync and than you get your 6% staking interest.Personally, for me the biggest feature about the privacy is the Onion Router security. If you understand the Tor Browser and how it works, CloakCoin works the same way. When you leave your wallet open, you act as a node to route the CloakCoins. You get a stake interest in the transaction (in addition to the 6% POS). So, there are actually 2 ways to get CloakCoins. There is no reliance on centralized nodes. IMHO CloakCoin is the only TRUE privacy coin out there. There is a very good chat community at 'chat DOT cloakcoin DOT com' if you want to find out more.The biggest confidence for me is the high remarks from Clif High and that his data shows significant price spike before Christmas of this year.

  • Robert Faust

    colossuscoinXT is the potential verge coin killer. A rebranding of colossuscoinV2, it now uses pivx's privacy fuction and is on the cheap as it is a brand new coin. Buy now it can only go up!

  • Tuan Nguyen

    1.8 percent for a transaction? thats a useless feature. no wonder why the return of the stake s 6 percent.

  • M G

    I am sticking with NAV coin! Thanks for the info!

  • colinjockgraham

    dude, u are clueless, 1. the price spiked in cloak coin because o.s was due to sep20. u dont need to have cloak wallet open to earn 6%. do your homework before posting silly vids

  • Lee Mooney

    Hey can you review obsidian (ODN) privacy messenger token Just hit coinmarket cap up 50%Sounds like a good project

  • 4milmilmilmil

    what about cure coin

  • Marius Vaiciulis

    awsome video, man!! keep it up! really find these videos helpfull! :)

  • MetalGearMk3

    Besides Litecoin, Bitcoin(BTC) is also planning a privacy feature call Dandelion, this is great because The IRS would have a headache trying to track atomic swaps on top of the privacy features for Litecoin and Bitcoin. It would be extremely extremely hard to track down , so taking anyone to court for tax evasion via crypto wouldn't be too common.

  • EvilCuba

    SUBSTRATUM - Free and Fair Internet for ALL!!!! VOTE TO HELP GET US ON BINANCE!! 1. Make an account on - 2. Buy/Get 0.1 BNB - *It is quicker to purchase BNB on EtherDelta/Binance, - 3. Vote for SUB on - SUBSTRATUM - Free and Fair Internet for ALL!!!!

  • Zycho

    Do you ever see any altcoin (that is not purely a financial device, but also has a function, like POWR or Golem or SONM) going up to like $1000??

  • Scott Govoni

    I just found your channel tonight Crypto Lark and it has quickly become one of my favorites.

  • Drain The swamp

    Lite coin is on fire this should be a good week ahead

  • elan really

    This is my first video on Cloak and privacy coins and I just love your presentation. So much so, I think I'm going to watch it some 5x. Thanks. Thumbs up and just subscribed.

  • Richard Tom

    It had its massive jump initially from Clif high in June who mentioned it in an interview and it just popped

  • Kem Ogun

    We won't know the best coins until people make illicit purchases online and get tracked then arrested. People will flock en mass to the strongest coins...

  • NitrousV

    I hope Elon supported Power Ledger!#Energy on the #Blockchain

  • Joey Z

    This is NOT an open source project. The main reason for the recent dip is that people were expecting the open sourcing of the enigma tech, that was promised by September's end yet never came. A lot of people that invested dumped due to frustrations surrounding fractured and contradictory messages coming from the dev team. I waiting this out on the sidelines. My advise - dump it now and buy back in cheaper when they can actually prove that their anonymity tech works and is bug free via open sourcing... right now, nothing more than another pump and dump.

  • simon lindsey

    Top ENERGY.....the LARK is one of the worlds good crypto info as always man......x

  • City in the sky

    ** WARNING ** Search for Zcash Backdoors. It looks like some of these "privacy" coins may be engineered to allow government agencies access if necessary.

  • Lou Cris

    Lark why can't every YouTube site is like you ? You are the best in this game

  • fdsgjdgf jjff

    What do you guys think about VERGE? Technically it's probably the most advanced "privacy coin".

  • Ash Vecchio

    Lark,Check KMD formerly BTCD. They are a fork of zcash (Edward Snowden says it's the best anon system) and use the same anon tech with delayed POW. Will have a dICO with monaize and you'll need KMD to partake in the ICO! The Zkstarks is intriguing for Monero. The 1.8% on sends for cloak is insanely high.

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