A Chinese "GTX 750 Ti" for $45 - eBay SCAM? | OzTalksHW

About a month and a half ago I ordered a brand new, Chinese “GTX 750 Ti” for around $45 on eBay. Now I often saw these 750 Tis in my recommended purchases when I browsed ebay simply because I buy components in the price range often, but I usually disregard these recommendations because they sound too good to be true.

I bit the bullet. It’s relatively inexpensive and if I got scammed, I wasn’t losing too much money. If I didn’t, then it’s an awesome find that I could recommend to all of my viewers.

Is the 750 Ti a scam? Let's find out!

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A Chinese "GTX 750 Ti" for $45 - eBay SCAM? | OzTalksHW

  • Malinda Krishan

    There is Used ASUS GTX750TI-FML-OC-2GD5 in e bay for $61.00.Is this VGA Fake?

  • Aoru

    Even before watching many of these products are just using old gpu chips.....If its sound too good it probably is.

  • SundaysEffect

    I've been using this card for a year and never realized o_O

  • Alexey Shirokov

    It is clear that this is the left graphics card. With a patched BIOS. It was necessary to remove the radiator and see what is really the GPU. Can't be 1030 faster than 750.

  • DriftMine14 Gaming

    alright so i bought this graphics card on Newegg do you think it is a scam and is actually a Gtx 550 ti https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA7257D60998&ignorebbr=1

  • jimmyboy131

    I considered buying one of these, but my Scam-o-meter was pinging hard. I've learned that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. (reminds me of my dating life) Instead, I recently bought a used 750 Ti SC 2Gig off a US seller, off the bay, 75 bucks shipped. The 2GB was what sold me on it. When dealing with Ebay, if it says that it's shipped from China, or it has iffy grammar, I simply move on, no matter how good the price is.

  • Johnny OnTheSpot

    have you tried flashing the video card then testing??

  • ruby kaufman

    Another issue is, Chinese sellers posing as US sellers with false US address, The "US Sellers Only" search filter on the left side of the search page is useless! So to hopefully avoid this, just use contact seller and look at the top of the contact page for, The seller is on a different server and speaks a different language header at top of page, to help avoid the BS Trap! The Chinese scammers are ruining the eBay trusted seller and buyer reputations!

  • Joe Smith

    This is very useful, sir. thank you, Oz. You saved me money.

  • Matthew Mitchell

    Well I ordered this exact one and when it came in I found this video rip!

  • el Chico

    if you dont need it you can send me this card maybe i wont render videos for 2 hours on my wooden pc xD

  • Shaggy

    Can u write how to got a refund?

  • Hakuna Matata

    what about graphics card on ebay that doesn't mention its chinese , for example it says ASUS gtx 750 for 60$ ??

  • Ric Grim

    I'd like to see the best of the wish app gpus get um all and test them.all rate best to worst ..please

  • Scott Dinh


  • Yudi Plays!!

    It looks like GT710 with the label of GTX 750Ti

  • DrHotelMario

    Well shit... i got this last november so it's probably too late to get a refund. I'm only now using it. Is it still decent?

  • Gareth Keenan

    How do we know we're getting a fake "Chinese Nvidia"? I'm assuming there's a lot of legitimate cards in China because everything is made in China nowadays. So is it just the price?

  • Tech Dunk

    Do you need to sent it back if you make a claim it's fake?

  • Tinnitusthenight

    would be cool to compare it to an actual gtx750ti

  • Aidan Gettel

    Damn China, I wanna continue to have faith in you, but I can't when this shit keeps happening.

  • SmarT Clan

    Can you help me ? I want to know if this is real https://www.ebay.com/itm/GIGABYTE-GeForce-GTX-770-OC-2GB/263638930244?hash=item3d621ad344:g:ddAAAOSwsBda4l-o Gtx 770 for 70$

  • Sarah Venus

    Thanks saved me money...

  • Gordez

    with this video you won my trust. great video. subscribed and thank you for revealing chinese scammers avoiding all of us getting scammed

  • osgood bacon

    I got my 750 TI for 50$ in the summer of '17

  • hold- bolding

    But is this worth to buy it? Pls answer

  • ABB Gaming

    Are they all like this ??

  • GabakUSA Free computer training

    ask a refund on eBayand report the seller

  • okhstorm

    Great video man thanks for spreading knowledge about these scams

  • Robert Oschler

    Nice detective work! Is there a quick way to get a CUDA core count with these cards?

  • OzTalksHW

    To answer the refund questions - yes I got a refund. It was a very easy process. The seller responded quickly and didn't ask any questions.Oh, and I already bought a $50 "GTX 960" from eBay. I'll report back in a few weeks!

  • Joe G

    i dont buy pc parts on ebay go to www.newegg.com

  • Hassy

    good experiment. thanks !!

  • abdallah salameh

    man nice music at the end!!! can i get the name?

  • Rotator Cuffs

    I'm wondering if these fake cards have been maliciously compromised and if they are a security risk. Is that possible or am I looking into this too much?

  • mimeniia

    Hi, Wish.com has a crap house of "too good to be true" Nvidia cards as well. I was thinking a getting a "1050Ti" but after seeing this I'm not too sure anymore.


    I see Newegg is now selling this similar product under the name brand CORN, legit? SCRATCH THAT!! thought I was viewing Newgg inventory but it was all sellers, great video keep up the great work but don't have ur brother on(annoying attitude kills the vibes).

  • Johnelemer Benenoso

    thanks alot for this video because i always encounter this kind of gpu in most of the ads and its as if they really want me to buy one lol!

  • Trucker Jay In the UK

    Thanks for the upload, I got one simply because I needed DX11 and my current card dosnt support it. Be interesting to see what it can actually do. I know it’s fake but only paid 35 for it

  • Zacspark

    What is the link for this??

  • MrBadseed1976

    Man! I just ordered the MINGYING Video Graphics Card GTX750Ti 2GB / 128 bit GDDR5 from eBay yesterday for $95.00.. I think I've just been had! Wish I would have seen your video first! Although the one I ordered looks different I bet it's the same thing you got.. I'll benchmark and take it apart like you did and check it out.. Bet I'll be screaming refund!

  • Jeff Schlarb

    Actually, Passmark had a link to a card on Amazon, not sure the model so I won't speculate but the MFG was a name I had never heard, and the price was about 50% of the real card...when I read the reviews only 1 or 2 there, it seemed it was a similar situation. The card on Amazon had a DB-15, VGA connector, but the MSI or GigaByte version had DP, HDMI, DVI-D ONLY.That card is no longer linked on Passmark, so I guess they or Amazon did catch on...

  • Catonzo

    That is one thing I am actually VERY curious about. For some reason I see listings of new 700-series cards, while the more recent ones of the 900-series are actually gone and done. The biggest seller of computerparts here in Norway doesn't even have remaining cards that they sell. Is there a reason why the 700 series are still for sale over the 900 series? This is, naturally, excluding used markets.

  • Andrew Oakley

    Cheers Oz! Having watched this, I'm wondering if I just ordered a fake 750TI off of eBay too: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142754925538 . It'll be interesting to see what actually gets delivered. I'm only looking for something to turn an unused Core 2 Quad 9550 / 8GB into a 720p e-sports gaming PC for my 8-year-old son (i.e. put something in his bedroom that means I get him off my Ryzen system in my study!) so it's entirely possible that, fake or not, it might do the job anyway. If it's genuinely got 2GB RAM and can run Fortnite Battle Royale >30fps at 720p then for 38 quid (~$50) I'll probably keep it. Might be fun trying to get at least a partial refund if it is fake, though.What software do you recommend for analysing the specs? Is GPU-Z still the thing to use? I must admit I've been out of the gaming scene for 5-10 years due to, y'know, kids. Ryzen was affordable enough to literally put me back in the game.

  • Azken

    yeah, spend extra money when you are unable to get more money

  • James Halliday

    OzTalksHW, do you have a link to where you found the GPU model list to compare the number on the GPU you got to? Thanks!

  • Mr.GamerWR

    I just realise another problem that 550 ti's tdp was about 115w while 750 ti was 65w so the fan in those fake gpus tdp about 65-100w & results in overheat

  • LRK007

    i got scammed on a gtx 1060 and lost 150 dollars :(

  • PIC cups

    Dude I want to buy a used gtx 750ti from eBay .it's 50 dollars and from China. How not to be scammed plz reply me quickly!Thank you!

  • Bryan Lara


  • Korbbin Hall

    my only question is, did you check the reviews

  • Gamer boy53

    What about AliExpress .....750ti for 62$ - legit or not?

  • jason esmail

    1. Excellent video 2. You are extremely informative amazing!3. You look familiar are you from Toronto?

  • M.Csanad

    Damni bought one for the same price on ali express... I wonder about the results...

  • James Rodgers

    I think they have changed the add to say 1050

  • King

    What driver did you use on it

  • tarik shhayta

    Thank you..you are great..can you make a video to compare asus or msi or gigabyte gtx750ti vs chinese gtx 750 ti vs chinese gtx 1050ti?

  • TheKestevon

    This kind of cheap chinese graphic card is also being sold at Lazada.

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