Crypto Mine With Six (6) GPU Cards! - ASUS H170 Z170 Z270 Pro Gaming

*Update - I did get 7 graphics cards working and I will produce a video on how I did it with this motherboard...

Yes, you can mine with gaming motherboards but they're not initially set up for it. Learn how to set these motherboards up in the BIOS so they are capable of running six GPU's. These settings are going to be similar in many boards so you can use these tips to set up other boards so windows can see each card in device manager.

The takeaway is:
1. Enable 4G Decoding
2. Set DMI Max Link Speed: Gen1
3. Set PCIx 16_1 Link Speed: Gen1
4. PCIx16 - set this to X2 Mode

Asus H170, Z170, Z270, can all use six GPU video cards using this tutorial. Mine with six cards on these motherboard chipsets.

Here are some Z170's:

Here are some H170's:
  • Trevor Hare

    I got 2 rx50 8gb and rx570 4gb and 1050 ti I had em running for months now can't get all running again all gpus are less then 3 months old and where kept below 60c temp I have problems with rx570 getting it to recognize I done what u said but no option for x2 pcie on it's Windows 10 pro 64bit

  • James Pratt

    You are the man chase. Get a lamp by that rig for when u are showing setup. My board has 2 m.2 slots. 1 shares the pcie lanes, 1 shares sata

  • brandon coin

    I got beat ... Second then...

  • Hor Khoon Hock

    Asus Z170 pro: 6 pcie + 1 m.2 slot = 7 GPU.. My system detect 6gpu on the pcie but fail to read the m.2 slot GPU..

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