Bitmain Antminer Z9 Mini ASIC - Setup + Full Testing - 60% higher Sol/s

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We finally got our hands on Bitmain’s Z9 Mini. We test the noise, hashrates stock, hashrates overclocked, radiation, and inspect for dust.

No comments on the nips. I keep my studio like a meat locker.

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  • Theseus

    what the f@ck is that????

  • Darin Weatherbee

    Matt, are you going with this same setup with you new Z9 Mini? I am expecting mine this week.

  • Kamil Piekutowski

    How long does shipment like that from China take?

  • STIMO89tube

    hi everyone,I got my 2nd batch Z9 mini and I am not able to change the frequency. Only option I have is 'Balanced'. Anyone experiencing the same or does know how to be able to get the unlocked function?

  • weeh Dinga

    hello the technicals. can you share your firmware on your z9 mini and make a video on how to upgrade firmware coz bitmain the z9 i recieve today its just balance on frequency. this is on bitmain site add on i know you still in vegas have fun

  • Fernando Aragon

    Why don't you use ANTPOOL???

  • Jon McClane

    YO YO YO DOG!The new Z9 mini batch wont let you overclock, it is set to BALANCE with no other option to select 600 or 700what a rip will never buy from them again

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