MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2G Overview and Benchmarks

With the GTX 960 Gaming 2G, MSI is spinning nVidia’s latest mainstream powerhouse with their own unique touches. Not content with reference design, MSI uses an in-house designed PCB on the GTX 960 Gaming G2 featuring all Military Class 4 components including Hi-C Caps and Super Ferrite Chokes for increased longevity with decreased generated heat, and gives the base clock a healthy OC.

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Sitting atop the PCB is MSI’s newest Twin Frozr incarnation, the Twin Frozer V. The Twin Frozr V utilizes the Torx fan concept, with two distinctly different fan blades on each fan. One set of blades is optimized for downward pressure, the other for dispersion. When combined, air circulation is maximized where it is most effective. To keep noise to a minimum, the fans are set to remain idle until the GPU reaches 60C, making for absolutely silent operation in all but the most demanding conditions. With a fin array using SuperSU heatpipes, the excellent passive cooling capabilities of the Twin Frozr V keeps fan usage to an absolute minimum. MSI’s Gaming app is included for one click noise/performance settings, as well as adjustments to reduce eye strain and make colors more vibrant. The GTX 960 Gaming 2G is fully compatible with MSI’s After Burner for more advanced overclocks and tweaking.

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  • Alex ccmeister

    Mine is acting up. From day 1 it would randomly not get recognised by my MSI Gaming 5 motherboard. I transferred this to another motherboard and its the same thing. It works well when it gets recognised. Other times its just blank screen and I had to switch the hdmi cable to the onboard graphic. Switching the pc off and on again would make the pc boot from the graphic card. This I had to do multiple times before it would boot with the graphic card. Very annoying.

  • Phak Hee Man

    Wait, it has led lighting?

  • Cornkake

    How would this do with a AMD FX-4300?

  • Ryan Ruddy

    hi, ive got a H81M-PLUS would this work ?im still trying to research and study up before i buy any card. any help would be appreciated.

  • NuTLock23

    what screw driver size did you use to take out the 3 screws near the msi logo ???

  • mr. Hardy

    guys, i'm building a budget pc and cannot decide whther to take msi gtx 960 2GB with OC or msi gtx 950 2GB? 960 costs 65 usd more at the store that im gonna buy from. any advice?

  • CreeperFaceish

    Will this bottle neck a AMD FX 8350?

  • Casual

    What power supply requirements do i need? ( in watts )

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