Which GTX 1070 Ti to buy? 26 different cards compared.

Clarification: NVIDIA does not allow their board partners (ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, etc) to pre-overclock their cards anymore - that is why all the base and boost clocks are the same. You can still manually OC all the cards mentioned in the video!

Link to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JEh9F7bF1zy8N2w2Q_wMDdNZcLVnxnW-S4j3rwOzTF8

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  • funbucket09

    What about the EVGA hybrid? I want a quiet build and my cpu is also water cooled. Should that be the quietest? I don’t care about price (in Australia they are all expensive anyway) and would it be safer to OC due to water cooling?

  • John Daman

    Got the MSI GTX 1070TI Titanium for $460 with a 10 dollar rebate included.I think it is very good value for that price. The deal is on newegg if anyone cares to get it.

  • SamBeta20

    got the msi gtx 1070 ti titanium variant for $430 as my first gpu. At the time that was $60 less than on new egg and was having trouble finding 1080 & ti variant under $600 event during black Friday and cyber Monday sales. Works nice and quite and keeps pc cool. Hope I don't regret my birthday present to myself in coming months...

  • Fily

    Hey, i looked at your video because i wanted to buy a 1070 TI for my PC.The prices here in Italy don't make a lot of sense, so i would like to have your opinion.I basicilly have 3 options if i want to get one for a reasonable price. (For reference, a 1070 TI is on average 550 Euros now, while 1080s are 600+)My 3 options are Gigabyte AORUS (549), Gigabyte Gaming (560) and MSI Armor (563), i'm not sure which one should i get.

  • Biggieboss power

    I got the Geforce Gtx 1070 Ti Oc Palit Dual and it is insane i play everything on Ultra High Grafic 110 Fps i have 16 Gb DDRAM ah Amd Ryzen 5 1600 6x 3.8 Ghz Prozessor 120 SSD yeah i can play realy well all on Ultra 1080 and a bit lower Frame on 4k

  • Top Noodle

    I bought the Asus Strix GTX 1070 TI its a great card managed to get +225Mhz core and +500 on the memory with 60% fan speed

  • charles-edouard Haska

    Nice review but if I had to choose between 1070 gaming X and a 1070ti aero (for 25 euros more), knowing that they are used cards...

  • Den

    Does the Gainward have good cooling and good FPS aswell?

  • SKritta

    I got my two Asus strix 1070tis for $450

  • SteezeMcQueen

    i got a palit 1070ti i love it great bargain £419 a month later £599 its the best thing i ever got for my pc had a rx480 8g that sucked

  • Daniel Jones

    You didn't mention zotac only company to offer 5 year warranty on their cards. That is insane, as someone who had a dead 1080 after only 14 months of use, this is very good deal. I would say a 5 year warranty is worth 120 dollars on its own.

  • Mehmet

    I recently built my first system. I paired core i5 8500 with msi armor 1070ti with 16gb ramDo you guys think will my system bottleneck and did i choosed the right graphics card

  • Oof My Bones

    Got a ASUS STRIX 1070ti. Overclocks like a champion, and stay at low sixties during FULL LOAD!

  • Xu Sun

    Very informative. Thanks for the video

  • Jabsen

    I am getting zotac gtx 1070 ti amp extreme is it good i Hope so

  • mud boi

    Does anyone know if it's worth getting the Gainward GTX 1070 Ti? It's a bit cheaper than the others and I cannot see any major differences.. is Gainward good?

  • Slash Le Pew

    And now the cheapest 1070 ti is 500 lol

  • Rob Mckay

    found a msi titanium for 425$ CND. that's about 100$ cheaper than any 1080 here

  • Martin Hernandez

    EVGA 1070 Ti FTW2. Anyone do any good over locking on this? I’m new to OC’ing and have only been doing low increments. Any safe offsets to start from?

  • Johnny Thomsen

    Well u forgot to take costumer support in consideration and overall build quality. For example that u get the best overclocking experience with the triple fan cards, which is most likely to cost around 500 dollars. So u are not paying the 50 dollars extra for nothing, u will see a remarkable difference in performance compared to the cheaper 1070 ti... Just sayin'

  • NyuLightning

    Here in Peru right now the 1070ti asus rog strix gaming is for 615 dollars and any 1080 around 690 -710 dollars like evga and msi.Do you think any of these cards wont give problems with my core i7 4790 3.6ghz and evga psu 700w 80plus bronze?iam using right now a gtx 760 2gb lol.. and iam used to play only 1 o 2 games like "Blade and Soul" should i buy 1070ti?

  • Wardrone Aquino

    What do you think of the Evga gtx 1070 ti ftw ultra silent?

  • ahmed ashik chowdhury

    can u tell me which card i should buy among MSI duke 1070ti vs gigabyte gaming 1070ti vs evga ftw2 1070ti???????????????????? and why? all they are same price in amazon ...i got also same asus strix 1070ti in this price...but that one refublished....

  • Nadav Shaknay

    the duke actually have an rgb duke logo on the side

  • Z

    Awesome video brother 🙂


    All those funky coolers are useless in practical, go and buy the cheapest blower type...Cooler case, cooler components. It only differs 2 degree for the gpu..It's nonesense to pay extra 50 bucks.

  • Vichettra Aun

    I've got the MSI 1070ti Titanium, do you think it is a good card? any disadvantages for that card?

  • Elon Wong

    Dick move from nvidia

  • Omarrocks

    im late but lemme still make a joke. When the gtx 1080 is a budget graphics card

  • actuallywill

    the 1070 ti strix A8g, which btw the 1070ti strix has TWO different models, one is binned and has a gtx 1080ti strix Heatsync and cooling solution, where as the 1080 strix has a much smaller cooling solution. Like i said there are two different strix models, the better/binned model being the more expensive A8G model, which my A8G overclocks in heaven up to 2.175 stable, with head room to spare.

  • Hussam Ghoul

    I have a question plz if anyone can help i need a gtx 1070 ti i was thinking of the msi gtx 1070 ti gaming and the gigabyte gtx 1070 ti gaming these are my specs:i5 7500 3.4 ghzHyperX furry 8gb ddr4 2400mhzCorsair rm 750wMotherboard ( gigabyte b250m-ds3h)Kingston 240 Gb ssd2 tb hdd seagate barracuda Plz help me wich one should I choose and can they be overclocked

  • 김현수

    What graphic card is best?

  • Sub 2 Channel

    I'm getting the msi duke but DO NOT BUY NOW ON AMAZON the price went up like 50 bucks which is like the price of 1080 so make sure u know what ur getting

  • colin davenport

    I live in canada and a 1080 costs $100+ more than a 1070 ti

  • actuallywill

    don't get the cheaper stri version, get the more expensive 2070 ti strix if you are going with a strix at all. The more expensive model, assuming you are buying new and from Asus, is more than likely (make sure of this) the A8G model, which has the 1080ti strix's heatsync/cooling solution. Also, it NEVER goes above 65c in any game i play, and i play with a BIG overclock of +180mhz on the core, stable at around 2101mhz in most games, some don't play well with that high of a clock speed. so i run stock on those. Either way, the cooling solution is incredible.It should be said that this video is VERY well put together and makes me want to review my 1070ti strix A8G. Great video man.

  • Adrian TI

    Where is GTX Palit 1070 TI ? :((

  • Ben Gardiner

    Can you add noise level dB pls


    Newegg is selling the Gigabyte card recommended in this vid on eBay for $469 right now. That's cheaper than many 1070's and only a little more than msrp. I know it's more than I need for 1080p gaming but at least I shouldn't have to upgrade for a while even if I scrounge enough for a 1440p monitor.

  • Fredrik Herre

    I got a Galax 1070 Ti for $400 in an end year sale. I was a happy man :)

  • Michael Langnes

    shut up about that 1080 im looking to buy a 1070ti that is why i am here!

  • M7MOUDKSA14 _

    can you please say who is the best GBU for gaming(msi gtx 1070 ti or asus rog strix gtx 1070 ti) plzzz ansower

  • Darkobssession

    3 fans gpu are the best no matter what i used to buy 2 fans gpus but hey alwyas runned very hot during summer, since i got a strix with 3 fans it never hapened gain.... and that with maximum stable oc....

  • Steff's Gaming Tv

    Man why the price is so high on amazon and newegg?

  • Preston Garvey

    Can anyone tell me the difference between an MSI armour 1070ti and a normal 1070 ti. Does one of the, heat up more or something. Any help would be super awesome

  • Ted Tremendous

    Prices have changed so much already and gone way up if you can even find one. Now it is really difficult to find any of these cards but you can get some on ebay right now. I recommend Asus Rog Strix 1070 Ti

  • Mitak_55

    why the price has risen so much on MSI video cards for a month

  • Extre Visual

    I'm new to this what should I get?

  • eka jaksana

    $100 diff with 1080 should i buy 1070ti?

  • Fawaz Tariq

    Hey brother over here I have a choice of the Cerberus, msi gaming, and the asus icx, all of the same price which one should I go for ?

  • Evan Martin

    Trying to get my hands on the duke but with prices continuing to rise across all models as well as most being sold out everywhere except eBay for a sharp markup, it looks like I'll have to wait for the next batch to hit the market.

  • shirshakbt

    God, even at 1.5X speed I find your voice slow.. great comparison video though!

  • CommanderTaco

    The asus 1070 ti is the same price as a reg 1070. Why?

  • Interstellares Raumzeitpferd

    zotac gtx 1070 ti is best

  • kidzbop kid

    I'm torn between the Msi duke and titanium any suggustions

  • Sebastian Uth

    lol... in my country the 1070ti is $750

  • Andrei Aldwaikat

    thanks for this video, it helps me a lot.

  • Logan Miskimon

    I just ordered the MSi 1070ti duke did u mess up or good choice?

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