Which GTX 1070 Ti to buy? 26 different cards compared.

Clarification: NVIDIA does not allow their board partners (ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, etc) to pre-overclock their cards anymore - that is why all the base and boost clocks are the same. You can still manually OC all the cards mentioned in the video!

Link to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JEh9F7bF1zy8N2w2Q_wMDdNZcLVnxnW-S4j3rwOzTF8

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  • ravenwda007

    GigabyteGigabyteGigabyteand Gigabytealways gigabyte

  • ThatsSoKJ

    There is a 1070 ti on B and H Photos for only $350 now🤯🤯🤯

  • Max Holloway THE GOAT

    hey foreign i have a question im planning on buying a new pc and for cpus im think about getting either rizen 1700 or 2700x do you think the price difference is worth it? 1700 £150 // 2700x £285. it will be mainly for games but i dont want to go with intel. i know there better for gaming but i dont want to spend 100 on a cooler and upgradability is better on ryzen. im thinking about getting the 1700 and a 1080ti with the money saved on the cpu and maybe upgrading cpu when the next zen cpus come out, otherwise it will be 2700x + 1080. thoughts?? parts list https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/DbQkq4

  • COVER lll

    msi gtx 1070ti titanium is it worth it ? anything better ?

  • Flamme

    I have the aorus 1070Ti but it looks exactly like the Gigabyte gaming model but with aorus logos.

  • Aesyir

    FTW2 is also binned so they are by default higher quality chips try to get em on ebay for a nice price..It pretty much most of the time when overclocked can match or very slightly beat a stock 1080

  • Rainy Boi

    I got a msi aero gtx 1070 ti... I should have paid 20€ more for msi gaming...

  • Jett Lin

    What 1070ti should I get now, most of the prices are lower now so what is the best for its price?

  • agot gibs

    Ive just order a msi armour and is that bad becuse i wanna be able to play most games on 1080p please help

  • Random Cat On The Internet

    the bigger the heatsink the lower the temperature which mean more room for OC

  • Misaki

    Msi duke. 354 on newegg rn

  • DHGaming TV

    I'm getting myself Asus ROG Strix 1070 ti tomorrow. In exchange for my Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX970 Windforce. Plus adding 205$.What do you thing about this deal.Btw Strix brand new in box with 2 years warranty. And mine GTX970 is used for 4 years already. I don't even have box for it.

  • Raj_Gaming

    I’ve decided to buy the Cerberus card for £386. Doesn’t seem like too bad of a deal.

  • johnny walker

    Its december and these graphics card have shot up in price

  • Miro0161

    I've been meaning to build a new computer but I've been scouring stores for the best deal. I was able to get a Zotac 1070 ti Amp edition(2 fans but not the mini) for 360. Someone told me this was an average price but I thought it was a steal, is it a good card for the price?

  • HyaCinth

    what about founders edition is that good? or should i nuy the duke then

  • Hao Asakura

    Im planning to by MSI duke 1070ti do you have any suggestion guys?

  • Remy Hendra

    Just picked up the Zotac AMP Edition for $358 at BH Photo including expedited shipping and no tax...

  • Karl Giese

    This video is an actual pile of dog shit

  • TheTacticalRedneck

    Christopher Walken is that you?

  • Niviro

    Got a Zotac AMP! Extreme for 410€ + 16€ import here in Germany, I think that's okay for a non-ebay offer. Aside from being cheaper than the Asus one, I love cards that look like they will rip out your pcie slot and this one definitly does!

  • Veruslux

    Msi Geforce GTX 1070 TI Armor 8g 420€

  • Nykko Raven Millanes

    I just bought msi Duke is it good ?

  • Realunmaker

    I recently bought a used Asus Strix 1070 ti for 340 euros.I'm quite happy with my buy tbqh.

  • Nitro Turtle

    buy your cards now, they canceled all production of them due to the rtx.

  • Kingy B

    i only buy EVGA cards because they can take the heat. EVGA cards hold and have set many world records with their Classified & Kingpin Edition cards, made to boost the shit out of! The Kingpin edition has 4 separate bios just in case you brick a few..lol

  • Tia jack hong

    Where is geil 1070ti ? Doest include?

  • AcQuAtlczZ

    whice one is better msi 1070ti 8gb or gigabyte 1070ti 8gb

  • -RD- Salind

    Dude is the 1080 like your dream card or something? Get it already!

  • MeRc DSyR

    1070 ti ftw ultra silent vs FTW2?

  • Oliver Morrison

    You can get an EVGA for $350!

  • Jim

    Got a MSI 1070ti gaming no regrets

  • Excevious

    Are the 1070ti's ZOTAC mini loud or hot?

  • Battleaxe Gaming

    I am getting the nivida gtx 1070 ti is that good?

  • Oblivious

    I got a Gigabyte 1070 ti on Newegg for 380 and comes with fortnite goodies and since then has gone up to like 550

  • kanT

    i have a Manli 1070ti its a chinese card aswell

  • 10000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Is the MSI red and black 1070 good?. Is it good temperatures and what is a good motherboard for it? Thanks

  • cadDa2112

    Asus Cerberus dir 399 € good or not good?

  • iJemsy

    Ordered the gigabyte 1070ti gaming for £365 on newegg nice little card, does the job

  • Genan Omer

    And what graphics card I need to buy?

  • Alex

    What about the Inno3D GTX 1070 Ti X3 V2 8GB ?????

  • catchy tech

    Hey bro i just brought gtx 1070 ti zotac blower, can you pleas tell me that does zotac made blower 1070ti card because i have a doubt I searched all over the internet but there is no card of zotac same as i have

  • ice

    What is the best gtx 1070ti for temp?

  • Hugo diaz

    Bought the msi gamin X 1070ti brand New seal. For 150$ USD :)

  • Blizzo XD

    which is the overall best one?idc about the price .

  • mahp415

    Got a Gigabyte Gaming 8GB 1070ti for $360 off newegg,pretty excited as its a huge upgrade for me. Hope it works out

  • LokiDaFerret

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for putting this all together. So many cards... So little money 😝

  • Soorya prabagar

    I bought the msi Armour 1070 ti its good temp never exceed 60 c

  • jujilo

    Which one of these would you buy? I live in Portugal.Gigabyte GeForce GTX1080 G1 GAMING RGB 8GB GDDR5X (PCI-E) 525.00€EVGA GeForce GTX1080 SC GAMING ACX3.0 8GB GDDR5X 534.24€MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Armor 8G OC 539.90€MSI GeForce GTX1070 Ti Gaming 8GB GDDR5 (PCI-E) 469.99€Gigabyte GeForce GTX1070 Ti Gaming 8GB GDDR5 (PCI-E) 503.64€Asus GeForce GTX1070 Ti ROG Strix 8GB GDDR5 (PCI-E) 529.90€Asus GeForce GTX1070 Ti ROG Strix Advanced 8GB GDDR5 (PCI-E) 538.17€

  • DerEchteEdi

    Asus strix for 480€, that is unfortunately the lowest price for it

  • Watch or Not

    MSi duke 1070ti or Asus cerebus both at $560... which better model?

  • NOROL115

    what did u compared? only price. zzz

  • LiquidRelief

    Thanks for this man!

  • MR KO

    Msi duke 1070ti is very hot temperature, i don't understand, it has 3 fan but it very hot, when i played PUBG ultra setting 1080p it get 72°C, 1440p it get 76°C, meanwhile msi titanium 1070ti just get 65°c also ultra setting 1080p, and 67°C at 1440p

  • Alk Kog

    axel gpu ?any info on that?

  • stektirade

    wheres the benchmarks? how are you supposed to compare them without testing them??

  • Sasha Reaper

    the cheapest one ... i bought a zotac 1070TI extreme and its flawless

  • H2 oH

    I'm using a 1070ti amp running bfv on ultra settings with ryzen 5 2600x and running very quiet and only 62°

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