Which GTX 1070 Ti to buy? 26 different cards compared.

Clarification: NVIDIA does not allow their board partners (ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, etc) to pre-overclock their cards anymore - that is why all the base and boost clocks are the same. You can still manually OC all the cards mentioned in the video!

Link to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JEh9F7bF1zy8N2w2Q_wMDdNZcLVnxnW-S4j3rwOzTF8

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  • Nicole Sheeran

    evga gtx 1070 ti 08GP45670KR, is normal to have 80° temps?

  • psycronizer

    the very first thing I always do when buying any card with a blower style cooler is rip the shit out of that back plate, remove that grill so there's just a big old hole there, so absolutely no air flow resistance....it sure helps peeps...

  • Random Cat On The Internet

    the bigger the heatsink the lower the temperature which mean more room for OC

  • Realunmaker

    I recently bought a used Asus Strix 1070 ti for 340 euros.I'm quite happy with my buy tbqh.

  • Misaki

    Msi duke. 354 on newegg rn

  • Hao Asakura

    Im planning to by MSI duke 1070ti do you have any suggestion guys?

  • OweOweOwe

    Got a Zotac AMP! Extreme for 410€ + 16€ import here in Germany, I think that's okay for a non-ebay offer. Aside from being cheaper than the Asus one, I love cards that look like they will rip out your pcie slot and this one definitly does!

  • Norol115

    what did u compared? only price. zzz

  • Flame

    I have the aorus 1070Ti but it looks exactly like the Gigabyte gaming model but with aorus logos.

  • Miro0161

    I've been meaning to build a new computer but I've been scouring stores for the best deal. I was able to get a Zotac 1070 ti Amp edition(2 fans but not the mini) for 360. Someone told me this was an average price but I thought it was a steal, is it a good card for the price?

  • Jett Lin

    What 1070ti should I get now, most of the prices are lower now so what is the best for its price?

  • Oliver Morrison

    You can get an EVGA for $350!

  • Genan Omer

    And what graphics card I need to buy?

  • johnny walker

    Its december and these graphics card have shot up in price

  • Ginger Cunt

    I’ve decided to buy the Cerberus card for £386. Doesn’t seem like too bad of a deal.

  • LiquidRelief

    Thanks for this man!

  • iJemsy

    Ordered the gigabyte 1070ti gaming for £365 on newegg nice little card, does the job

  • Tia jack hong

    Where is geil 1070ti ? Doest include?

  • MR KO

    Msi duke 1070ti is very hot temperature, i don't understand, it has 3 fan but it very hot, when i played PUBG ultra setting 1080p it get 72°C, 1440p it get 76°C, meanwhile msi titanium 1070ti just get 65°c also ultra setting 1080p, and 67°C at 1440p

  • Aesyir

    FTW2 is also binned so they are by default higher quality chips try to get em on ebay for a nice price..It pretty much most of the time when overclocked can match or very slightly beat a stock 1080

  • Soorya prabagar

    I bought the msi Armour 1070 ti its good temp never exceed 60 c

  • TheTacticalRedneck

    Christopher Walken is that you?

  • COVER lll

    msi gtx 1070ti titanium is it worth it ? anything better ?

  • Kingy B

    i only buy EVGA cards because they can take the heat. EVGA cards hold and have set many world records with their Classified & Kingpin Edition cards, made to boost the shit out of! The Kingpin edition has 4 separate bios just in case you brick a few..lol

  • n0dix

    I'm getting myself Asus ROG Strix 1070 ti tomorrow. In exchange for my Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX970 Windforce. Plus adding 205$.What do you thing about this deal.Btw Strix brand new in box with 2 years warranty. And mine GTX970 is used for 4 years already. I don't even have box for it.

  • LokiDaFerret

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for putting this all together. So many cards... So little money 😝

  • Anesths Xaralampidhs

    Does zotac fans make noice??

  • Sasha Reaper

    the cheapest one ... i bought a zotac 1070TI extreme and its flawless

  • Artyzmus TV

    On any specification site i have found, the base and the boost clocks are not the same. Thats a important difference, when comparing different variations of cards, cuz they performance is not the same, we need to count this too..But this is a great video, i like you have opinions, and you can make sense on your opinions why you think it like that. You did very well, and thank you for the info!

  • Roman ツ

    What Card is good to play pubg and fortnite on 100+ FPS ?

  • MeRc DSyR

    1070 ti ftw ultra silent vs FTW2?

  • agot gibs

    Ive just order a msi armour and is that bad becuse i wanna be able to play most games on 1080p please help

  • H2 oH

    I'm using a 1070ti amp running bfv on ultra settings with ryzen 5 2600x and running very quiet and only 62°

  • WARPZ 99

    I am getting the nivida gtx 1070 ti is that good?

  • White Tiger Gaming

    Actually I am not sure. If anyone has any constructive opinions it'd be appreciative. I was thinking of getting the EVGA 1070 Ti SC for the added performance of a factory stable OC. But now I am unsure now I've seen, and heard, the recommendation of the MSI 1070 Ti Duke. Both are around the same price atm. O.o Either way both are going to be way better than my aging EVGA 970 SC.

  • EL Tams

    Where is manli? As I know manli gallardo have a good price for this gpu, should i buy this gpu from manli for gaming? Please review manli product.

  • battousaicrescent

    So, what motherboard would you recommend with intel i7-8700k + the asus rog strix gpu? I have researched for months on this and I still got it wrong with the choice of motherboard because it was incompatible with my ddr, and my fx-6350 is soooo far down by comparison. I have been trying to figure this out for ages with little to no success.

  • Remy Hendra

    Just picked up the Zotac AMP Edition for $358 at BH Photo including expedited shipping and no tax...

  • 10000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Is the MSI red and black 1070 good?. Is it good temperatures and what is a good motherboard for it? Thanks

  • HyaCinth

    what about founders edition is that good? or should i nuy the duke then

  • Ab Ham

    Awesome video man, you perfectly balanced between detailed info on the cards and brief explanation, keep it up!

  • Hugo diaz

    Bought the msi gamin X 1070ti brand New seal. For 150$ USD :)

  • Oblivious

    I got a Gigabyte 1070 ti on Newegg for 380 and comes with fortnite goodies and since then has gone up to like 550

  • ThatsSoKJ

    There is a 1070 ti on B and H Photos for only $350 now🤯🤯🤯

  • ice

    What is the best gtx 1070ti for temp?

  • kanT

    i have a Manli 1070ti its a chinese card aswell

  • Watch or Not

    MSi duke 1070ti or Asus cerebus both at $560... which better model?

  • ravenwda007

    GigabyteGigabyteGigabyteand Gigabytealways gigabyte

  • symbiote

    Hey bro i just brought gtx 1070 ti zotac blower, can you pleas tell me that does zotac made blower 1070ti card because i have a doubt I searched all over the internet but there is no card of zotac same as i have

  • CAfakmykak

    you forgot about the 1070Ti Ultra Silent FTW by EVGA, its honestly the best 1070Ti in my opinion, its 3 slot cooler makes you able to overclock the GPU to higher speeds. Due to the card running cooler, since its a 3 slot instead of a 2 slot cooler

  • cadDa2112

    Asus Cerberus dir 399 € good or not good?

  • mahp415

    Got a Gigabyte Gaming 8GB 1070ti for $360 off newegg,pretty excited as its a huge upgrade for me. Hope it works out

  • Veruslux

    Msi Geforce GTX 1070 TI Armor 8g 420€

  • Excevious

    Are the 1070ti's ZOTAC mini loud or hot?

  • Rainy Boi

    I got a msi aero gtx 1070 ti... I should have paid 20€ more for msi gaming...

  • Jim

    Got a MSI 1070ti gaming no regrets

  • Nitro Turtle

    buy your cards now, they canceled all production of them due to the rtx.

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