Mining Nvidia Quadro K620 Mining Performance Review Ethereum / Nicehash

Performance Test Quadro K620 2GB
Ethereum / Nicehash Mining

PNY Quadro K620 2GB

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  • Fernando Salazar

    Something like a K620 quadro card made for gaming and useless for mining is what NVidia needs to make for a graphics card for gaming only, that way is useless for mining and more gaming oriented

  • antone rich

    Thanks for the info, when I 1st started mining I tried to mine with an old Quadro card and could not get in to mine at all. I didn't think you could mine at all with a Quadro card. Anyway it is not worth it to mine with a Quadro, unless the power draw is like 5W or something, which I doubt.

  • Oblivion Lord

    Why the fuck would you ever use this card for mining, why even upload a video?

  • 暗号通貨チャンネル kunichii9216

    1-2Mh/s !? oh,,,,,.(-_-)

  • Barida Kalite

    Hi,Can you share your bat file and other files that we can mine with Nvidia Quadro Graphic Cards?Thank you..

  • soulbytes

    best for single card but not worth the buy :)

  • Pohodacik 007

    something like gt 730

  • TheGamingIndian

    To hell with mining this is the worst card even when it comes to what it is designed for 3d graphics application and rendering. Absolute waste of money. Horrible horrible product.

  • Luisa Rodriguez

    es mentira sin soporte NVIDEA y encima es un virus

  • 7-7 9-9

    Спасибо , очень помогли с выбором.

  • NoogaBitcoin

    is the hash rate so low just because of the optimization?

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