Ethereum Proof Of Stake (PoS) How It Will Work.

Today i show you how ethereum's new roadmap to Proof of Stake will work out, they will not jump to 100% Proof of Stake from the first day it will be active.
The Proof of Stake program called Casper will ease in slowly onto the Ethereum Network and will later on decide what will be the best.

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  • Piermatteo D'Addio

    hello, do you remember the video on how to increase the mh/s rx 580 8gb by changing the bios? I wanted to ask you if amd blockchain driver was to be installed before or after?

  • Jon Parker

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  • Harry Chu

    Can you do a video on how the ethical difficulty has tripled since Nov?

  • b h

    The music is very distracting

  • sakiusad

    I've been twitting Vitalik about this for months, the guy is too busy to reply..hahaha...he kept saying PoS and I'm glad they finally have a roadmap.

  • Winter Bear

    how many u need to stake ethereum?

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