Is It Profitable To Mine Bytecoin Using MinerGate?

Is It Profitable To Mine Bytecoin Using MinerGate? In this episode we look at the truth behind the probability of mining Bytecoin using MinerGate on a standard computer. Let's get into it :-)

If you missed the time-lapse, check it out here:


If you're looking to get serious about digital currency mining however are looking for a small investment, I'd suggest going with this:

Small Bitcoin miner:

If you're looking for a hardcore miner, here's the Antminer s9:

Antminer s9:


Here are the links to the 4 currency mining software I am going to try out:


Ethereum Miner:



If you know of any other currency miners let me know in the comments below, I will also be looking for other software down the line.

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  • Mr Lord

    Mining with rented rigs guys.. get your bcn today!!Here --->

  • Wealth Kings

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  • P F

    Minergate is garbage site that steals processing power as if they own your computer. They appreciate nothing..scam.

  • Blake Wheeler

    Around 600h/s at 200 watts or less right now just waking even. And waiting for the stock side of things. Getting ruffly 1200bcn a week

  • HVTGamer

    You should make a video is minergate a scam

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  • Anthony Usoro

    Thank you for that information.

  • Sishir Pokhrel

    How to get maximum hash rate with bytecoin on miner gate ? How much graphics is needed to get 10kh/s for mining bytecoin with minergate ?

  • jigga jaw

    At this point, Bytecoin is one of those "Get ahold of some of it and hang onto it for a few years" types of deals. Buy some, mine some, whatever. But however you get it, you're just holding it until it hopefully gets to 50 cents or a dollar someday. Seems a hell of a lot more profitable to just buy a hundred bucks worth. Imagine if you just held on to that for a few years, and bytecoin hit a dollar.

  • Edwin Gutierrez

    I just recently got into Alt Coins and I had no idea about this until last week, this is honestly a very good investment! In your opinion what is the best coin wallet out there?

  • 3CoreGamers

    I get around 1,2kh/s and use on full load not more than 500W @0,3$/kWh, I would make profit but Its just a few $ a month ... But I think that I will build some solar panels or this shit because without electricity costs I earn over 100$ a month

  • Rajesh lj

    Hey man , I didn't worry about electricity , because, I have got an idea that we can use solar panels, through which we can get solar energy and mine cryptocurrency. Only thing is i want to buy solar panels

  • Juan Manuel

    Electricity is worth a shit here

  • harry lawson

    I just got my inheritance from my father and some of it were some bit coins I really do not know what to do with them. So I was advised to sell them , I am willing to sell them at $3800 , I feel I will get buyers faster through this medium. Mail me via if interested

  • youngsoldier93

    Well can you take your computer to a library or a school and use their power and internet?? 😂😂😂😂

  • Joyjit Chowdhury

    Can Anyone Please Send Me Some Bytecoin Into This Address... Please. 24EXUw2FzsEg3ftXBvY37KFUmW4k1H6QbUDf47u9kKAL1zMDQNHaARKfNCezqRpKfLJf5dmANoy6uA2bGtZ3uT5fJKJZ8Y9Thanks In Advance. :)

  • Tonu

    Here is better way if you want earn much more

  • cryptocurrency pathfinder

    say I get 500 gh/s how many partial coins can I expect to get ? or do they have a calculator on the website ?

  • Cheryl Spencer

    What GPU miner can I use to mine on Nvidia cards running in Linux?

  • alex cordova

    weird because I made around $6.000 a day of course I had solar panel and live in Miami.. from 7am to 7pm I had solar power after that run my solar cells and keep running for 24hrs..when it dry out I start using my fpl power... but from 7pm to next morning I never have to use my fpl power.. wuajajaj. I just paid $50 o $70 dollars in electrical bill and I had a full fucking house.. ^^!

  • Gautam Thapa start urself from here to get 75% of mine profit.

  • Ciprian Murărescu

    Hi! Guys I need some help, everyone who can send 1 Bytecoin please use my wallet at: 22X3bFqXyQYYZFRhVAtgB4gPGDTiRk54YK5kyo1RCpYpQjihJ9eeroffNCezqRpKfLJf5dmANoy6uA2bGtZ3uT5fJJ5pfLZAny help is much appreciated. I cannot buy it in my country..

  • TheBirchTree1205

    just freaking use nicehash and then send the nicehash bitcoin into coinbase then buy bytecoin with ur bitcoin

  • Atilla Mustafa

    MinerGate is pretty good for beginners makes everything easy, if you want to try it.

  • Attila Sipos

    3% discount for cloud mining at Genesis Mining with this code VxjJbB

  • Enchanting Boudior

    I live comfortably on $30 a day in Florida. Bytecoin is a small part of my mining portfolio.


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  • My Jomtien

    With the rise of bitcoin and all other crypto-currencies, mining becomes profitable for everyone. Me, I mine the Monero on

  • x Atlas18 x

    Mined 100 BCN in 4 days.... longest wait of my life.

  • jad nore

    imagin if you stayed mining , 205 bytecoin per 1 hour now is 2.05 usd , you were going to make 4940 bytecoin per day that now 49.2 usd bytecoin have a great future bytcoin will hit 1 usd in late 2018

  • C I

    Hey :-) please make a new Video of Bytecoin. New Developer Team! New wallet - The Price is increased over 100% in last month. BCN

  • Mr FX

    With promo code "mine01" it will be possible to mine a monero with a zero fee in minergate

  • Sunflower

    EARN LiteCoin (LTC) for free and get high payment for your work !Use your chance to earn at before the price rises further !!No registration required, enter your LiteCoin-wallet-address and have fun at work !!!You can create a new wallet-adress at !!!!!!

  • Wantingtofly

    Couple of clicks to start mining cryptocurrencies together with more than 1 million people from all over the world.

  • Michael Perry

    Minergate is a scammy site that keeps failing constantly and just brushes everyone off with weak excuses. If you don't believe me try using it for a while and open their chat and see how many people complaining about getting nothing or disapearing balances. Its the worst mining pool Ive ever used by a long way.

  • Toxiatris

    Hey guys! Spare bytecoins are welcome and will be rewarded with a free hug <326R9UkMg2FeSNHgEjnFbcFeWgHAZMXm4GiiJcuPQ1vFTBrjDUm5EcGy4D8NEgR7Koxj2AS7LkgaLqRnjXtSw9GNuAcHZUhP

  • Alex Neolit

    When you mine coins with Minergate you will never be bothered by the security issue, everything is thought through in the pool and your account will not be hacked by anyone as it was with other garbage pools

  • doyle larry

    My family and my humble self will forever remain grateful to you Mr Scott for your winning strategy which has brought back food on our table after loosing all i had to scammers and fake managers, thank you sir for your help, am proud to call you my mentor.

  • Babatunde Okege

    Bytecoin android wallet is now available on I need free bytecoin, if you are willing to give, send email to and will send back my bytecoin wallet address. Thank you all

  • Zainul Fikri

    Special promotion on the link below:

  • Millionaire in 6 months

    3 bester Bergmann Bitcoin

  • Kyle Sucks

    fuck, luckily i Don't pay my electricity bill, but Now my father are gonna murder me :) I've made 2 and 10 cents in about 15 days of mining :) lets hope the price of bytecoin goes up ahhaha wayyy up.

  • karl michael

    nicehash can cloud mining like genesis mining?

  • Akram Mokhtar

    what is the application that you are using to show CPU Temp?

  • Branislav SS

    Im from europe Macedonia, ive staeted using minergate on the gtx980ti and made some XMR, now what do i do? how can i convert those to real money? can i send them to paypal?

  • Boi

    Keep it in your wallet and just wait for bytecoin to increase in value

  • Tucker

    But you look at it as an investment, you are hoping that the price of the coin will go up even if you bought it with cash, but with mining you are paying for the coins over a 3 month period at a fixed price, you are not trying to enter the market in the dips, or when the coin is valued low, i also have an empty glass jar that i throw in $1 a day towards the cost of electricity for the mining


    sir plaese help me i cannot withdarw dashcoin for minegate in my wallet plaese tell me sir exchange

  • minimaljukie89

  • Name Is EQ

    this does make sense

  • Wolfgren 112

    I use a Mac to mine bytecoin, i can 't use gpu to mine, do you know how to do it?

  • Red Flash payment proof. .must have telegram. .trust mining robot free. .no lie. .make a deposit for fast mining. .Jom try main..byk org yg dh dpt duit malaysia btol. .x salah mencube

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