Fake GTX 750 Ti graphics card scam on eBay

Searching for Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 cards on eBay, most of the results are fake graphics cards from China! They are older video cards like GTS 450 or GTX 550 and these scammers modify them to appear as GTX 750 cards. EBay will refund you for fraudulent transactions, so you basically get a graphics card for free, scam the scammers. But what are we getting, how does it perform in older and modern games and are there any issues?

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  • James Rodgers

    I am wondering if you cloud get a mining rig going from scam parts

  • haz939

    They will probably stop selling these soon as it's real easy to get your money back with Paypal. They always side with the buyer, Can take a while to get a refund.

  • Lil Norto

    hi do you think this is real i really want to buy this gpu for this price https://m.ebay.com/itm/MSI-GeForce-GT-1030-2GD4-LP-OC-Graphics-Card-Fan-Heatsink-Low-Profile/253573994722?epid=6018316543&hash=item3b0a3018e2:g:6pkAAOSwUP5a2j~M

  • MrBonami2

    Well am running 4k 60 fps with the rgb tweak 4;4;0 or something.. Do that mean i did get a gtx 750 or the nvidia driver allow the 450 or 550 to run 4k as it think it a 750?

  • iAm

    38 fake gpu cards sellers disliked this video...

  • ChrisGo

    original prey i loved that game.

  • abrahamstechnology Official

    Speaking with eBay right now, hopefully the'll refund me.

  • Coleção Nintendo

    Hey Phill, Caution ! Mafia Video Card Fake kill you !

  • Jonathon Doig

    Hello, I’m pretty sure I have a fake GTX960 but, I’m struggling to find out what I have actually got. This is what I know...GPU: NVIDIA LA12B098 1049A1, S TAIWAN, N3F010.M3VThere are 4 ram ic’s (I assume they are anyway)Elpida EDW1032BBBG_40_FT 1210A9A0DE121CBB09447Once I know I can then raise this with eBay. Thank you

  • DeStrafe

    omfg i got scammed i never did now this and i had this graphics card in 3years now.

  • Moe'S Mo

    Hi friend, do you have a full modified BIOS for this video card? Thank you in advance

  • Kscott McCauslin

    will ebay refund me my money for these. counterfit cards?. just bought 10 gt 730 cards a couple months ago claiming gddr5 4gb 128bit the cards show all the specs i tore one down to identify chips. there are 4 different pcb versions i have out of the 10.

  • Quimerateck

    How do you identify what really is, im confused, also my gpu has those symtoms so it's clearly a knockoff

  • Yaniv Zilberman

    can someone can help me get refund on wish?

  • Pop!Kulture

    I came across this on eBay, and don't know what to think... https://www.ebay.com/itm/163149745781

  • ExELITE Gaming

    I just ordered one off ebay and i took it apart and it was gtx 550 ti really sucks gonna see if ebay will refund

  • aguja

    We got now a gtx 1060 out there lol 😂 I sincerely ordered one but I need to know what kind of card really is?? 😆👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Nerve

    Hey,I just received a "750 Ti" off ebay and I don't have the rest of my PC as its my first build. Is there a way to tell if its fake without GPU-Z?

  • iAm

    Fake GPUs actually perform better cause they're made in China and China is well known for their high quality products.

  • Ákos Rutai

    "From China"

  • Joe Bird

    the gpu on ebay is brand name but ive been looking at simaler fake gpus and they have the same pic as this one fake?https://www.ebay.com/itm/GTX750-1G-128bit-DDR5-PCI-E-HD-Video-Graphics-Card-HDMI-For-NVIDIA/282926857739?_trkparms=aid%3D555019%26algo%3DPL.BANDIT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20170105155410%26meid%3Dfb6dadbebe384e84b658ff6fba729609%26pid%3D100705%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26%26itm%3D282926857739&_trksid=p2045573.c100705.m4780

  • Avalanche Productions

    Ended up with the same card -_- however my problem is windows won't even pick up the card even being added to the system have tried changing bios options etc. Curious since it will have a 750ti bios on it where its a 550ti will the fact I only have a 400w psu mean the card thinks hey I need more power and not work or should it not make any difference? Link to the chip I got - https://i.imgur.com/gMg3Pfz.jpg

  • Yaniv Zilberman

    great thing for free GPU. gonna buy and refund! thanks

  • Marimo

    if u use msi afterburner then you can change the max use of the videoram

  • Mihail Markudov

    Why do you use windoes xp for the gpu

  • Tim Smith

    I've got fake gtx 750 ti 2gb. Actually it's gtx 550 ti 1gb. Can't even install any driver windows 10,On windows 7 can install drivers, but just need to open google chrome browser to crush driver

  • Ryan LeFevre

    I wonder if these could be used with nicehash miner, since it would think its "750 Ti." GTX 550 isn't Cuda 5 but the 750 is.

  • Genz Gie

    my gtx 750 ti 2gb from china not work at all and crash after run game on steam..how to fix that?

  • Einfach Yannic

    So that means that i can get e gts 550ti for free?

  • Ambrose Killpack

    did you flash the fake cards to what they are supposed to be so they are seen as the gpus they really are?

  • Commander Data

    still ranks better than my AMD Radeon HD 5770

  • WillysLhead134

    Thank you for this video. Confirmed what I thought was a 750ti is actually garbage. Funny thing is, it worked great for a short amount of time. I don't run games or anything needing much in the way of a video card, so it makes sense now that it lasted as long as it did.


    I've got a "gtx 970 1gb gddr5" obiously a 550 or 450 i dont really care at least its a 1 gb card so wont crash at 1.1 gb and it works, the computer identify it as 970 and all of the crap, i installed the drivers that came with the disk they sent (as they r the only working ones) and windows 7, got full refund meanwhile, and since it worked okish, as a 450 will do this days, i also got a "core i7+4 gb ddr4 +mobo" wich turned to be core 2 duo e7400+4 gb ddr2 and a cheap hp office board, so got refunded for all.. then got a "Samsung 960 64 gb ssd" wich as expected scam and full refun, and just bought a psu and case and voila, "gaming" pc for 30$ (dont get scam psu as they might catch fire to ur house) and scam cases... do not exist, anyway for a nearly free pc it ran games ok, newest aaa not recommended but 2015 games, enjoy

  • Tech Dunk

    Do you need to sent it back if you make a claim it's fake?

  • Accio

    how to make ez money

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