I'm A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire

18- year-old Erik Finman made his own rules when he invested in Bitcoin and left high school to start his own business
  • Chris M

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  • Denki Ryota

    Did y'all also see that hot girl in the ads?

  • dsp

    give me your money dood

  • Nerkec

    This could've been me if I was ever given a decent pc

  • Mat Haye

    Imagine the flexing power this lad has.

  • wolf3 3

    bet hes back in his moms basement now

  • Creative bangla channel

    Dude your bathroom is classic 😂😂😂😂

  • Greek X

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  • vip1ooo !

    @ 0:02 Such an unnatural smirk...

  • Keaton Moore

    Bitcoin crashed lmao

  • Sadegh Mirzaei

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmUEMQzLWkA&t بیت کوین رایگان

  • Alex Galvan

    Can anyone help me get started with bit coin like donate me just one bit coin to get started I want to start a business Cash app me redemptionflexx7

  • Boom

    Aaaaaand he can work at suoiboiway now

  • XPRocket 13

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  • Sebi

    dudes lost 800k since lol

  • john morell

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  • Mr Barathurm

    If hes good enough then he already sold all the chip for 20k, not 5k

  • Craig Mackey

    Tron and monero, take me to the promise land.

  • Moc12321

    Where do you lose in bitcoin? Confused


    Why u flexing on us u son of a bitch I hope u choke on ur money and die

  • Dan Mac

    As soon as he talked about lamborghinis I closed the video.

  • Javier Gomez

    Damn I’m 18 and jealous asf rn

  • Guillee

    haha this dude broke now that bitcoin dropped so hard xD

  • Matthew Zaw Bawk

    thats i am good i going to into it

  • Chris Malcon

    BUY a whole lot of Bitcoins now while prices are low and invest it

  • Adam ghost 22

    Bitcoins are pretty much dying now

  • The SuperHeart . Org Foundation

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  • Hani's Experiments

    How many of you got a bitcoin ad

  • Alen P

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  • midniteman 1095

    Hope he paid his taxes. He should still get an education. He got lucky. Like playing a $30 scratch off and winning $10m.

  • Fortnite Raven

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  • M Morse

    Lucky boy . Whatch pure luck

  • Clara Jones

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  • H Willetts

    He looks like a typical nerd 🤓

  • noobkilervip

    love how this guy is just eating cerial

  • Aquiniax

    Does no one see that he made his own company? Sure the Bitcoin investment helped. But they think he's smart because he made a company at the age of 16. Not because of his investment.

  • questionable man

    2019 not anymore lmaoo

  • Deandre Riggs

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