I'm A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire

18- year-old Erik Finman made his own rules when he invested in Bitcoin and left high school to start his own business
  • bangem andleavem

    kids a genius. worth 500 million today.

  • NitrooCS

    Well this aged well.

  • Goat Logic

    Amazing too bad Bitcoin is like 500 bucks a coin now

  • Lilly Evans

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  • Setsuna F. Surya

    1NnB7QR9MftJQpnAvaj2NbaVj1oiW34PJF Please give us some bitcoins for give some children’s food :,(

  • Richy

    today 2900$ milionares collapse

  • Andreas Nyberg

    I was A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire*

  • Mad Funny

    He had a lot to say, until there was a pair of titties next to him 3:12 - Then he could only manage to say one word 😂

  • Weird Flex but ok

    Should’ve gave them for real money now lmaooo

  • bitcoin hobo

    I'm the Bitcoin hobo & I need "CHANGE"https://bitcoinhobo.com/

  • Mazzex

    i love how he is rich but still a casual dude

  • Phasenwandler

    Could you donate some satoshi. I lost my Bitcoins due to a stupid mistake :-/122ayU3JUFzq1CbnkxFMWVNHm3mgJgSsnKThank you very much

  • Logan Paul

    He predicted power of querters back in 2017

  • Alana Musical

    Can this guy talk to my mother somehow??😂

  • Clickbait Vinnie

    and i just want 500 dollars for an htc vive

  • Francesco Girasole

    If some experts predict the death of bitcoin, maybe it is worth investing in new currencies? Many people are now looking for stable and transparent projects and their coins. I also, that's why I became interested in the FTO. This currency is well promoted. An interesting fact that I found: the FTO transaction time is 4 seconds and in the case of BTC... even 10 minutes!

  • Gunnar Marr

    I came from the bitcoin millionaire living in a shit treehouse

  • Karo Zagorus

    Cuddling on the bed? Is he gay? Seems like good cock slut.

  • 10 10

    Bitcoin is at 3600 which means he’s a thousandaire.

  • Sadegh Mirzaei

    Win upto $200 in Bitcoins every hour, no strings attached! just Click on my profile Picture and watch Videos!

  • Blyat Man

    He looks like a cuck whom hasn't discovered pol

  • TwistedSouL

    2018 UPADTEErik has now returned to school. And bought some pants.

  • PeeingEndermen MC

    Why get a Lamborghini when you can get like 15 2018 SRT8 Dodge Charger Hellcats?

  • Bogdan

    Bitcoin is going to die I am sorry for you!

  • Gringo Star

    Sorry, not anymore! Since Christmas 2017, this shite called Bitcoin have lost 80% of its highest price... and still going down to its vanishing point! Where are all the wise guys telling pinky stories about future millionaires? "Bitcoin will reach 50K till the end of 2018", "Bitcoin will reach 100K till the end of 2018"... "1 million till 2020". Yeah, bitcoin will reach 5 million till 2020... douchebags, in your dreams only! Where is your money now greedy "investors"?! 🎃🎃🎃

  • Golden Beast Legend

    Fuck you, I can't play games on PC on ULTRA anymore.

  • Omar Farique

    I bet warren buffett and all those guys who spoke and are speaking negatively about Bitcoin have secretly invested in Bitcoin just that they don't want to reveal now

  • DonPapi mo

    Im just hear to laugh at all the motherfuckers that claimed that this kid was some sort of genius. Look at where your bitcoin is now lmao

  • Nathan Hood

    Unfortunate about Bitcoin now, but still way more than what he paid for them. Still has good money.

  • Robert Chernish


  • Roman One

    Shit Coin or Poop Coin ? you decide.

  • pepe

    Wanna send some money my way?

  • The Worst Person

    Cool, I’m a karate master, millionaire, Pepe the frog.

  • 10 10

    He moved back into his parents house and his dad gave him a good ass whooping for not going to college. He enrolled in his local community college where he will begin in spring semester 2019.

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