Antminer Z9mini after one month: Earnings & Costs (ZEN, ZEC, KMD, BTG) Equihash ASIC

Welcome back to Cursed Mining and today, we are taking a one month look back at the #Bitmain #Z9mini from batch 1. We list earnings, talk about what was mined (ZEN, ZEC, KMD, BTG) and show different overclocks.

Parts & materials used (affiliate supporting the channel)
Antminer 6000RPM Replacement Fan
1200w HP Server PSU:
750w HP Server PSU:
12 Slot Breakout Board:
Bitmain APW3++
Thermaltake Ring LED Fan blue:
Noctua Industrial 3000 PWM:
Noctua REDUX Series:
Noctua CHROMAX Series:
Anti Vibration Rubber Mounts:  

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Please note that this is a tech and #mining channel - this means that if projects are mentioned in videos, this is done because of their technical side or because I am sharing experiences. This is in not in any way financial advice (or a buy tip) etc

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  • Younzo

    Danke für deinen Beitrag ;)

  • surgedtwice

    Waiting for my Sept batch 🧐

  • The Corny Channel

    Is it safe to leave this mining 24/7 or it can burn down. Is it safe to power it off?

  • arnolds filipovics

    you info lie 0000$$$$ yeselectricity meter bill me pay zero 0000$$$

  • Super Comedy

    If I get the machine after 15 days, can I earn better?Total cost 950 dollars.I'll work with Nicehash.If you have a better pool than this, then let me know.antminer z9 mini, how many months can I earn? please tell me .....

  • Johann Fritz

    Bitmain = Bitscam. Do not trust them. You will loose money

  • pijush saha

    ASICminer Zeon 180,000 Sol/s how can setup, install & connection that is all information? Plz reply and you are buy?

  • Tucker

    Thankyou for sharing new sub

  • iammimic79

    I don't think over clocking these is bad because by the time you burn them up they have pretty much outlive d there productive life because they are being replaced by newer better models every year to 18 months

  • Black Vader USA

    Dislike for supporting Bitmain - the source of the evil in cryptoworld

  • papate01

    La vidéo a l'air très intéressante pourrais-tu faire la même en français s'il te plaît

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    I received mine at the same time as you. I set the frequency to 700 for a week and then went to 750. It's been stable and hashing over 16k sol/s. Happy mining!

  • Kaloyan Traykov

    Great video. Thank you so much. I have one question that I cant seem to find an answer to - I currently have a GPU mining rig that uses two Corsair RM 1000W PSUs and the 13 GPU mobo from AsRock. I've sold some of the cards and only 10xGTX 1060s remain at 85W. The idea was to keep the setup cool and at max eficiency of the PSUs, thats why the overkill. Glad that I did so because I have some z9 minis on the way without the PSU from bitmain. My question is - Is is a problem to hook ASICs and GPUs to the same ATX PSU? It shouldnt be, but I've been dealing with PC problems for a long time, and I know that there things run on magic, pixi-dust and unicorn tears - so logic sometimes is out the door :D

  • Yanina Lucía Payares Payares

    I was about to buy an Antminer Z9 mini, even with a discount coupon, however reviewing the difficulty has gone up 81.55% last 3 months and 44.57% the last month in ZCash, if I ask now and it will come in a month surely the gains They will be at less than 10 USD per day and I think it's not worth it

  • zdzislaw biesiedzin

    Btg is a scam Frombork Day 1

  • yankeezulu777

    Very cool video. Concise and informative. Good chilled background music as well. Keep up the great work.

  • Veron Mathongo

    Cool video and he is willing to explain the whole isue thanks man for kindness

  • Yorumcu Turk

    Stay away from digital currencies. It was OK before 2015. Now its too late. Don't spend your money for devices. They just rob the people. Just go work somewhere for 10 hours a day you can earn minumum 50 euro or more a day which you cant earn this with this type of miners.

  • Dmitry

    for $2k you could've just bought 0.34722 BTC at 5760, or waited till it hit the bottom sometime this year and buy even more. Home mining is finished.

  • Shivam Kumar

    Sir I want your no and contry code

  • john Cunningham

    .07 USD in Northeast PA.

  • pijush saha

    How can overclock Antminer z9 mini? Plz reply and answer my question..........

  • Krisztian5HUN

    Im a simple man: when is see bitmain.... 👎

  • cameron sheen

  • skydive maty

    Ohne Hintergrund Musik wäre besser...

  • MrHeksas

    OMG thanks youtube, finally something cool is recommended

  • TheBig Nig

    You are not making jack shit wth any of these worthless asics these days let alone getting you initial ROi

  • The Corny Channel

    can I mine BTG with it or is it too late? I just bought and I will get August 23.

  • jason h

    So this video is confusing.. no real numbers that it has made.. to many numbers thrown around..

  • Joseph Oxley

    Hi, i've got my batch 2 unit arriving in a couple weeks, could anyone indicate some 'safe' overclocking settings?

  • Ar Go

    28 october zec hardforck

  • nicholasscholten

    Oh, man, you got one at the original price before it dropped to $850? Ouch. x.x Hope you've ROI'd by now from first batch!

  • Nikhil Sharma

    How much does it cost ?

  • Hermanos Polar

    Hey bro you recommend me to buy it now? It is in 850$

  • Bashar Jarrah

    Hey bro. Thank you very much for your nice video. I am new to the mining field. And I really want to get some money. If I buy this machine, how much it will return for me every month without the electric cost?. And what is the best coin to mine using it??

  • Mike McCoy

    I like Bitcoin gold because I hate ASICS.

  • Aleksey Buleyko

    Для чого туди BTG вставили? Він на іншому алгоритмі.

  • Jonny Boy

    Only real winners are the people selling the hardware

  • Creators Effects

    Wait, should I mine ZEC or ZenCash ??

  • Mike Kovach

    Would you say mining is still something profitable? I've watched many videos from various people and have heard both sides.

  • Mond Ray

    hi... with regarding customs, how many percent..

  • Jaco Oosthuizen

    its only going to earn worse every month

  • Café Benissimo


  • Sunny Chaudhary

    Thanks for the video broWhich PSU are you using for z9 mini??

  • Happenise

    Did the 6000RPM FAN work better to cool off the Z9 mini??

  • prival fang

    ASICs are like prostitutes. Shouldn't be allowed to operate at home. Loud as fcuk when operating. Costly to operate. and Judged harshly by society

  • dzonikg

    Better sell while you can...when coin went to ASIC in couple months all profit will go to just one place...Bitmain...people were paying with customs 2000 $ for L3+ for litecoin last summer earned 20$ a is 10 cents a day ..and you cant sell it for 100$

  • Veron Mathongo

    One more question how much per month you can come up with ..!

  • Preston Jones

    I'm still pissed I couldn't get a Z9 mini two weeks ago. I could have got one fore $800. The stupid Bitmain site wasn't working for me for some reason and the customer service was horrible, they didn't even try to figure out what was wrong.BTC is impossible to mine now, you would have to have an insanely massive rig that uses up thousands of watts just to get anywhere.

  • CryptoKing760

    Very good info, thanks bro! BTG sucks, they had a huge premine.

  • Lee Houser

    Great update... just curious, I've been running at 750M for over a month now with no problems at all avg 16.4 sols. Are you pushing yours? Has anyone had a problem with long term overclocking?

  • Petar Stefanov

    Bitmain = Scam.......payouts drop day by day because they produce thousands of these crap cans and increase difficulty more than you can mine in order to return your investment...

  • Yajson

    How much did you earn?

  • B Rad

    Bitcoin fucked me, it sucks basically

  • TekTherapy

    Great channel !!! Randomly found you when searching for Z9 mini infos. Keep it up !! Subbed..

  • Pera Kojot

    is it to late to buy z9 mini???

  • Mike Centex

    Great video as usual! After watching your fan video, I mounted a 2.7amp fan on the front of my Z9 mini with zip ties and it significantly improves cooling. Can run under 69c in 95f ambient room. The bad news is it sounds like an S9 or a jet taking off! My profits went up last week with the BTC spike but long term I know I'll get my money back out of the mini. It's a great little miner.

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