Surfing the DARK WEB | Taking a Tour!

Tonight I dove head first into what some of the deep web has to offer. Tempted to buy those PayPal accounts xD
  • Grazer

    Do you actually know what you're doing?

  • Anonymous GT

    these comments make me cringe

  • Johnny Takisawa

    But can i buy counterfeit coach coin????

  • Moto Land

    Can u get me a new xbox

  • spirit walker 81

    The erotica section is very intriguing, wonder what's in that section 😊

  • Matthew Crosby

    Can we hire the hackers and the hitmen of the dark web and have them collaborate to kill all the pedos on the dark web?

  • Alexander Vassios

    Deep web and dark web are two different things, they're not just interchangeable terms.

  • CGI Future

    Yo WTF every phone everything I dreamed of is so cheap here damn just scared I might get caught by the government or get hacked and rip me damn $300 for iPad pro 😯😂😍

  • Leonardo Da Capris

    I just want to buy cocaine on regular google... fuck it

  • Ahmad Farah

    zqktlwi4fecvo6ri dot onion

  • MrMusic

    You mean taking a TOR?Ok I'll stop.

  • Night Owl

    thats not the dark web, thats the clear net, but on tor / duckduckgo or whatever

  • Yi He

    LOL, he did see that was 1080 & 1080TI

  • Trust nobody Trustsnuthin

    Thank you was very good

  • Pixelata

    Just use tails instead next time 😊

  • TheRangeControl

    Very educational. I had no ideal that such activities took place. I am researching a lot about network security, OS, and Online Activity right now, and this was truly illuminating. Thank you for taking the time.

  • Casey 3-P-O

    what virtual machine software is he using?

  • fulanitoflyer

    why sell the carded apple products on dark Web when they could get more on ebay.. etc..



  • KucfLol

    I don't like guns... I hate them... Except for Video games

  • Stanislaw II

    What about gore and bizzare stuff like child pornography, snuff videos, cartel executions and so on. Is it also that simple?

  • Zyco 26315

    Holy shit.... Fucken an IC i5 which is a pre-2012 model.... fucken hell no wonder it's cheap. That's a complete trash CPU.

  • jessica thorpe

    Can you get free games

  • Arsharaj Chauhan

    That was informative

  • HeatherLoves

    Now I’m on a watch list but it’s cool

  • Highlighted reply

    I ordered a nine year old Indian boy and was never shipped. Its a con!

  • CGI Future

    Thanks for the tutorial

  • AngryFisherman

    thanks for this video. very interesting

  • samuel corleys

    LOOOLLLL this man is bullshitting I go on da deep web all da time this guy don't know what he doing😂

  • ClankyRochet

    So how could you trust these seller would send the items to you.

  • Jesse Moore

    Welp this is great O_O you just gave people drug webs greaaaat yeah it was a stupid idea mate dont make vidoes like this like howmany people will have became drug addicts after video man ye dumb. Take an L

  • Tech Tips

    Is it mandatory to buy a VPN for accessing The Dark Web

  • Noob 1

    How do all these dark/deep web sites work?

  • A V

    Free cheese is only found in mousetraps. If it's cheaper on deep web, no one would sell there. There's no guarantee that they aren't scamming you.

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