Surfing the DARK WEB | Taking a Tour!

Tonight I dove head first into what some of the deep web has to offer. Tempted to buy those PayPal accounts xD
  • PhAzeD

    you should never maximize the window!!! It makes to more vulnerable to attacks

  • Poop Scooper

    Why are some of the sites not loading?

  • Adam Farrell

    should have named the video "taking a Tor"

  • DucksSchool

    Wait why is there a picture of my Debit card?

  • hhh xhi

    ur a rude little nerd aren’t u

  • ARTX

    this is not the dark web this is the deep web the deep web is full with scams and shit but the dark web is so serious

  • Squrd YT

    Yeah but if you buy the graphics cards will you get them? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Rob Bleeker

    What can you do against a seller that is not delivering the item you did buy from it? Lets say, you pay $200,00 for that Motherboard but you are receiving something completely different worth $50,00.. IF you receive anything at all in the 1st place

  • Morgan Otto

    About that loaf of bread...can I get a loaf of whole wheat and a loaf of Hawaiian...but a half price?? 🤔

  • InsectiGaming

    how secure is this with windows 10?

  • chaozkreator

    Does blurring the URL in the address bar even help? You can seem them in the status bar at the bottom left anyway....

  • Abu Qital

    Sir can u give me the links to the money counter fit for education purpose only thank u

  • Usman Ghauri

    why would you sell counterfiet dollars when you can use them for yourslef lul?

  • igot2poop

    This video is making me fear for my credit cards safety

  • Jojo iz Supreme

    Time to buy nuclear materials now lmao

  • niksn

    You cunt, do something else than finding links to deep web sites

  • John Hunter

    How can one use TOR if you have to use VPN?

  • krombii yo going on the deep web legal long as u don't do nothing sketchy I on a watch list now

  • Tim Lempicki

    What's the point of blurring the address bar if you still show the status bar on the bottom lol.

  • Benson Hedges

    people use their phones to buy drugs off this hahaha

  • Lily11M


  • ARTX

    don't use windows if you want to browse the deep web

  • VastoLord Varun

    I got unlimited v bucks for $1 kids!

  • Mehmood Ali

    Dr shahid is right about qsur dark web and money making activities of politicians

  • MilitarybuckleGaming

    Have u got anything on there

  • Supastar Mann

    This nigga does herion 🤔

  • Wotiknow Now

    Buy a credit card and pay with credit card.... credit card details stolen... for sale on Tor lol

  • chill

    Hello don t run Tor in fullscreen ;)

  • Rob Bleeker

    I'm a bit weary of buying electronics via this way.... China is producing replica's so I guess there are chances you are buying a cheap knock off because its not a legit item...Also....Would you not run the risk of having to pay import TAXES on big items like a PS4 or Xbox?..... This would mean you would not be much cheaper in the end, I reckon.

  • kris b

    invest a small amount in one of those money transfers - then use that money to invest in a slightly bigger transfer & keep running with that strategy for a month ~ then hire a team to do these transactions for you 24 / 7 / 365 while you go shopping/traveling... motherfucker ~ i think that sounds like a plan!!

  • Arnel Brown

    I'm too pussy to get involved with the dark web. I just watch YouTube videos about it. Fuck what you heard

  • Being Reality

    Humanity is as dark or as light as you all need be.

  • jahfus

    😆😆😆 these comments. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♂️

  • MilitarybuckleGaming

    What about windows vista

  • Ron McDon

    i just use taobao and google translate *shrugs

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