Surfing the DARK WEB | Taking a Tour!

Tonight I dove head first into what some of the deep web has to offer. Tempted to buy those PayPal accounts xD
  • Emmish

    If I keep watching dark Web videos... 😂

  • skweedroll tres

    surface web:not scary but normaldeep web:getting scary and inappropriatedark web: now god damn it now this is the scariest web in all of the three webs you could ever imagine...

  • cheryl voss

    Haha didn’t think I would find another kiwi here

  • Brayden Paddock

    You can letiterly buy people on here

  • mythz legendz

    Next video: "WHY I GOT ARRESTED!"

  • Theps Theps

  • Blue Sins

    You had a chance to name your video “A tour on Tor”

  • Elaye Casey

    Nice video my kiwi brother!

  • Hayden NG

    What VM program are u using

  • James Fitz

    People:Use Incognito Mode:*i used to be a hacker *

  • sajjad hussain


  • Intergalactic Studios

    can u find sponge-bobs schizophrenia

  • my last name isn't froyo

    i definitely didnt download a vpn and tor browser after watching this vid

  • xzero cam

    Hahhaha no ones uses these sites there a pile of shite use markets half of these are fake trust me. And use a VPN or something to protect your IP address this is something you don't mess around with .

  • Better2Vape com

    btw, those apple laptops may be chinese counterfeits. it's the dw, so what guarantees do you have? people are getting ripped off on legitimate channels (ie: ebay), so what do you folks think the chances are on the dw where you have no recourse?

  • Origami and pubg Kk

    Are you not even one bit scared of getting viruses

  • TriggaDesigns

    Some quick tips when browsing the deep web: Make sure you don't forget to lock your door so Lucas doesn't come busting through. Switch your dongle every 10 minutes or so otherwise the S.W.A.T will break down your door. Lastly, don't stay in the dark too long otherwise the Noir will beat you senseless.

  • barrelroll38

    but where's the bread?

  • T. Zappa

    Why would you hide the URLs for illegal sites? We can all access the dark web using the Tor browser.

  • jack corleone

    A big thank you darkwebinfiltrators101@gmailcom for helping me catch my cheating wife

  • Manuel Hung

    Maybe s*** has changed but three years ago I got on the dark web and I didn't see s***. And believe me I was looking for it all just to see how dark it really went. I saw guns there were about the same price as you would pay in stores. I saw drug stuff but who cares about that? But everything else I didn't find at all except a bunch of broken links or did lynx. It was actually no fun

  • michael sullivan

    I use to buy 12 £50 notes for £40 back in the 80's, they were indistinguishable from the real ones. Even the numbers were different, although it was better if you left it in your jeans pocket for a couple days to take out a little of the newness. Unfortunately I got raided by the Regional Crime Squad for something else and they found the notes too. I ended up getting eight years of which i served five, did it standing on me head, plenty drugs and booze in the slammer.That was in my old life, we didn't have the internet back then let alone the Tor browser (which i do have on both windows and the android version).

  • Vlad Mushroom


  • I NappyMichelle

    who else paused the ad to come to the comment section first??? Just me? oh ok...

  • Michal Krasnodebski

    question: hypothetically if i want to search some sick shit , like drugs , explosives etc ( i really don't) how long it would take to put me in jail :D ? im just curious of the safety limit

  • MicaLotro

    Why does this feel like bait for the masses to go and try the dark web? Get a bunch of idiots that don't know what they're doing craving for those paypal transfers and iphones so some hackers can grab their info...

  • Manuel Hung

    Also if you want to buy something how do you get it sent to your home? You're going to allow some stranger running something to know where you live? This is absurd. Also people are getting arrested by the FBI left and right even in chat rooms explaining their fantasies on the dark web. I'm really think the dark web is b*****

  • WhoTheF AreYou


  • Christina Awesome

    Should probably not use your own computer for that...just a recommendation. If they find you, and they’re like he mob or someone dangerous, you’ll be in trouble...

  • Miss Fedora

    Yeah, never visiting the dark web. It’s a thing I don’t wanna gamble with

  • EvilFookaire

    Most (if not all) of what's on that Hidden Wiki is just scammers. They make money because they make a sparkly page with a sparkly offer, then you hand them your money, and then they are gone.

  • Holli Bucher

    sorry if he said this, I'm posting this before i finished the videothere's a difference between the deep web and dark webthe deep web is basically anything that can't be found with a search enginethe dark web is even harder to get access to, normally needing to "hack" into it or have codes and what not

  • Brandon Peters

    If you want to watch the most boring video ever made, watch this video.

  • Hunter May

    What a moron. Why would you concern yourself with your OS and not having a proper security software? Then ignoring recommend to keep ur screen partial. Hope the FBI finds your ass.

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