GTX1070Ti vs GTX1070 Showdown - Gaming OC 1070Ti vs Aorus 1070

Today we put the Gaming OC GTX1070Ti up against the Aorus GTX1070, both at stock speeds and overclocked to see who wins!
Big thanks to for supporting me!
I thought this video would be fun to see if a highly clocked GTX1070 can beat the GTX1070Ti in benchmarks!

All benchmarks were conducted with my Ryzen Threadripper 1950x in Gaming Mode at stock speeds with an MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard.
My full PC specs are on my 'About' page!
  • hydra

    Nice video Kev. Do you know if the tech lounge is coming back anytime soon? I used to enjoy those streams

  • Robert Alexander

    Do you like Galax? Ive seen some factory OC cards of them that interest me b/c I dont want to OC myself. Do you recommend them?

  • David Castellanos

    wow, the aurus is truly a monster when oc'd.

  • Cyber Cat

    Wow this card is pointless for anyone already owning a 1070 card. A meaningless improvement of < 5FPS in most titles on stock

  • Enju

    a month and a half late, but I'm looking at Newegg right now, there is a $1 CAD difference between the these two exact cards, right now I'm running a GTX 770 as my backup card, since my 1080Ti had to be RMA'd, I'm stuck between the Aorus 1070, and the Gaming OC 1070Ti, would I be stupid to have bought the Aorus 1070 instead of the 1070Ti that matches the same price?

  • TheSinisterEyes1

    1070 OC = 1070ti stock 1070ti OC = 1080 stockwhat do you expect from the same GP104 it would have made sense to make a 1060ti cause there is a bigger gap between a 1060 and 1070

  • Jason Blades

    Forgive you for being sick? Man, we all get sick. Get some rest and flee better man!

  • CastAway_Dave

    Ain't no video without Teddy..Get well soon!

  • Mark Chambers

    :-) hope your better soon...

  • Tech Showdown

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  • Mandhatasinh Chudasama

    Not a major bump , would suggest 1080 rather than 1070ti due to ddr5x memory... Though at last decision is yours. 😄

  • Joseph Hechavarria

    Nice to see your Co-Host, Adoreable, "Teddy" standing in to help. Great GPU Showdown. Get well soon.

  • Hakam Hefny

    Get well soon Kevin :)

  • CasInbound

    So they will gladly bring out useless cards like the 1070 ti, but refuse to release a new 90 class card? I miss the ol' 590 and 690, they were the shizz.

  • Jack dN

    So basically if you melt your 1070 you might get 1070Ti stock peffomans

  • JonatDonat

    Did @Hardware Unboxed gave you the flu? If you know what I mean. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • airsftinator

    managed to snag a STRIX advanced 1070 ti from playtech for $800! looks like I made out like a bandit

  • Carl Wells

    Zombie Kev doing the hard yards for the channel. Get better soon dude

  • spud4242

    get well soon dude...

  • Hardcore Hardware

    Thumbs up for my Man Kev soldiering on!

  • Tomáš Bouzek

    Weird...In many other tests GTX 1070 Ti is much more faster than GTX 1070 up to 15%.

  • Darth

    Worth the watch just for the music 👌

  • Will Clausen

    I don't know why but was expecting more from this card. Get well soon!

  • perryinsanfrancisco

    Teddy did a good job on this one. Good to have a stand in :-) I think the 1070 comparison was the right move here. Usually the tech channels do the race with the 1080. This video gives a bit of a perspective. Get well soon, Kevin.

  • Nano Luciani

    I knew this day would come; Teddy somehow managed to get Kevin to think he has the flu so he can take over the channel. Kevin isn't even in the sceeen, how the FUCK do we know if he isn't locked up in a basement forced to do the voiceovers? I'd call 911, to be honest.

  • majorcritic

    I'm in the process of upgrading to a 1070 ti but not knowing much about computers, I was wondering if it is important to consider whether or not the GPU is from ASUS, MSI, EVGA etc. or it does it even matter.

  • lal alonsabe

    You should compare all lower priced GTX pascal cards, for example MSI armor, duke,duke oc Vs. Gigabyte Gaming OC, G1 gaming etc. temps,fps,oc etc. Get well :)

  • Nick F

    Teddy is rocking them gpu's 👍👍, get better ☺

  • Im A Jedi Brah

    Feel better dude. Great video as always man

  • Leon Pozo

    I'm still happy with my 980ti.. With my r7 1700 @3.9 and the 980ti overclocked to 1500mhz and 2k on the mem i get a graphics score of 20197 in 3dmark firestrike.. So don't need to upgrade that yet.

  • Dopin Tosh

    İ love your content keep up the good work i know im kinda late but just going to get a new pc with a 1070 so wanted to see this .D

  • CyberClu

    Teddy would be right at home with the "other mother," from the animated film, Coraline. Love those button eyes.

  • Chris Bullock

    People need to know that its more to do with MORE CUDA cores than clock speeds.

  • Jarrod'sTech

    Man that Aorus card is thick! Teddy did a good job ;) hope you get better soon.

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