ASUS Z170-A Motherboard BIOS Overview

BIOS Overview of the ASUS Z170-A motherboard, more information on

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  • tom smith

    Does anyone know were the EuP is option in your BIOs

  • FunGuyDie

    how to open this menu??

  • Kasper Mogensen

    does it hurt my pc to turn ez system tuning on "performance mode"? :)

  • shad manigat

    can i add a bios password??????? thanks

  • William Lu

    Thanks! Great video for introducing the ASUS BIOS. Just what I needed.

  • ComputerTechMaster19

    having trouble overclocking this i have an I5 6600K need someone to give me hand still learning to overclock dont wanna mess up my system i do have the tweaker program in the BIOS i just wanna overclock to 4.6ghz ????

  • Glen Teran

    I have an asus Z170-a is it possible to have a BIOS update from a USB drive so I can use the intel core i5 7600k? I do not have a previous CPU this being my first build. Thanks for the help.

  • Lex Lutha111384

    Wtf? I don’t have the Pump Control option?

  • Georg Pöllath

    How i ca boot per usb.. pleasr help me

  • Evelisk

    I have the z 170 k model and I cannot view the pcie slots like this one. I need to change my speeds as crossfire doesnt seem to be working.

  • Marcelo Maurente

    I cant install windows 7 in z170-a ...

  • Lester Arguiñano Jiménez

    MY RAM are 3000. but in the bios 2133. Can you explain why? I saw that it was in automatic and changed to 3000. It's okay like that . or I leave it in automatic. Thank you

  • Terry D

    I set my dram frequency to 3200 mghz now the it won't come on.

  • Abhinandan .K

    Hay i too got this MB, I need a help. my MB is not auto powering on when ever there is a power outage. I'm unable to find the BIOS setting can you help out with this????? Thank you

  • momoscalper

    This video is hella old but pleassssseee respond someone, how and where do i find my gpu settings in the bios? I want to revert all the overclocking i did back to how it was and i was told to do it in here. Thing is i cant find anything about the gpu in this bios! (p.s, my games are micro stuttering and sometimes just straight freezing, they play perfect and then bam it stutters)

  • Nicholas Murrietta

    Under tool/GPU configuration/ why is GOP/VBIOS status... why does it say select a valid gpu?@ 8:13


    how do I set my computer to automatically turn on. Ive read that it is in the bios but I didnt see that option

  • Voltage controlled Ovulator

    But can you fu*k it?

  • Meca

    hello thinkcomputer. question how do i turn off the light of my mother board. i turn off my pc but some light inside still on. my mother is GAMING -- 4x PCIe x16, 2x USB 3.1, 4x USB 3.0, 1x M.2 - Aura RGB LED illumination is asus and windows 10 pro

  • Barry Price

    Hello: How do I set security for the bios, that is, a password requirement in order to make any changes to the bios, to prevent students from making changes.

  • Guilherme Muniz

    My BIOS is not saving my (X.M.P Profile1) from the 2400MHz Memory, when I turn off the PC from Nobreak, as soon as I turn the PC on, it displays (Press F1) My Motherboard and an Asus Z97-K, does anyone know how to solve this?

  • Pravin Gaikwad

    thanks for reading the bios in english

  • Max Mayer


  • Preatomic Gold

    how do i reset to default settings

  • Arnaldy Laureano

    Were the power on PC with keyboard setting???? Like crazy looking for that setting to power on my pc with a keyboard usb wireless controller for my media center kodi and that stuff. Plz help me bro . My sub if you help me with that ;)

  • Billy Jean

    Hello, is there a way to change the M.2 settings from Sata to pci-e ? Because I just bought the Samsung 960 evo (M.2) and pci-e is more faster than sata! Thanks

  • Artist 1

    How do I make my Bios read/find my SSD drive and DVD drive? Bios is only listing my 2 sata drives and that's it. Since it can't find my SSD my computer only boots up to the Bios page.

  • Corey Callais

    This video was actually really cool.

  • idan124

    all important information are missing

  • elias el khoury

    always my pc with motherboard asus z270e start at the bios F1 i have to choice a hard drive to open window please i need your help

  • Luca Steinel

    How can I leave Bios?

  • Kevin Enegren

    but how dafuq do i install windows

  • Salman Maskati

    My friend i have a quick question, am having a problem with my Windows 10 how can i format my pc from this system ??

  • JB95

    I have Asus z190-P and I already updated it but when it reboots is stuck in bios

  • Özcan Yaylalı

    Dont buy this mainboard. very very bad

  • XxMiNkRaPht_GemerxX

    My mobo is reading my ssd, it detects that it is there, but when I go to boot priority, it doesn't show it, it only shows my hdd.. any tips??(Btw all of the ports are connected properly )

  • SeaLlamas

    my bios looks way different and has by far less options. how do I get to this?

  • cadetgusv

    I am looking to run 3 monitors from the integrated graphics. Can you tell me what to enable in the bios to do so?

  • niya diba

    B250 mining expert recognizes my RWDVD and shows there is a bootable dvd in it but after I exit it nevers boots up!!! Please help tnx.

  • Reaper

    I keep getting locked out of my Bios and it's fucking annoying as hell! I can't bypass it or update a password to prevent this. Every time it restarts it requires password and wont accept the password I gave it.... Asus wants to charge me 60$ to fix a problem they created

  • L U X

    I have my EZ system tuning on optimal. Is it safe?

  • Meer Sta

    can you use the motherboards hdmi/vga ports instead of a graphic card's one?

  • MrRawrCEO

    How do I turn off Shadowing option?Also, how do I make sure Onboard Video is off?

  • r3un1on

    you ignored Tools\SETUP ANIMATOR ! or you dont know what is it :)

  • Salted

    How can I set ot so by default it uses my GPU as opposed to wanting to boot to onboard graphics?

  • Lex Lutha111384

    I just installed a custom loop and my front rad fans keep ramping up and down at random times. There are two fans on a splitter connected to Chass Fan 2. I set it in the bios to D.C. Mode and to monitor CPU temp. What am I doing wrong?

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