Live Episode 11 - BEST POWER to MH 2017 ETH Mining - 6x RX570 Modded

BBT breaks the boundaries with a all new RX 570 4G ; UNDER 850w at nearly 171mh!!!


6-Pack PCI-E 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card w/ 50cm USB 3.0 Risers Used -

6:35 EthOS
13:45 Simplemining
20:50 Windows10
28:40 Bios mod
40:20 Zcash
- snipped from chat, thanks guys!-

OS Stats:
MH: 167.6 Mhs
Watts: 835 Watts Linux
MH: 168.7 Mh/s
Watts: 865 Watts

Windows 10
MH: 170.7 Mhs
Watts: 850 Watts
** to get cards to work in windows follow this tutorial

ASUS Strix RX570 4GB Bios LOCATED HERE-----
Timing - 1500 copied over 1625, 1750, 2000 on both sets
Memory Speed bumped from 1750 to 2000
Core Clock settings adjusted to final state of 1112

Modding a bios could be dangerous. BBT is not liable for any damage or injuries that may occur from GPU bios modding.

Mining RIG Parts
IF YOUR GOING TO BUILD A LIKE RIG; DO us a solid and click link!
CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 -
Motherboard: Asrock Pro-BTC Rev. 2.0 -
Mem: Corsair Value DDR3 -
PSU: Corsair RM 1000x -
Storage: 128GB Sandisk SSD for ETHOS 120GB OCZ SSD for Windows 10 16GB Sandisk CruzierUSB Stick for OS

• Track Info:

Title: Buddha
Artist: Kontekst
Genre: Hip Hop & Rap
Mood: Bright


• Licence:

Buddha by Kontekst
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
Music provided by Audio Library

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  • MrPorter1983

    Hey how to set sapphire trixx to synchronize all cards with me changes the settings of only the first card

  • WacMilk

    Nice video man, it helps alot, it's still rocking

  • mohit nagpal

    hello sir i m a beginner i have 4 sapphire rx 570 4gb pulse with biostar tb 250...... but is only giving 18.5 hashrate per card. after modding with polaris it is at 22mhs....... what goes wrong...... please help me BBT......

  • Scott Carver

    I pretty much copied your rig, but out of the box without any mods, my gpus are hashing about 18mh/s on simplemining. DGA fix file doesn't seem to load correctly. What should I do to update my drivers? I want to remedy this issue before flashing bios and OC.

  • Jimmy Mueller

    how much shit you been putting up your nose man lmao

  • Teaching English

    I have rx580 Nitro+ 8 Gb hynix. I tried different drivers and OC settings but I have not gained over 21 MH ? How can I increase it to 28 MH ? I tried 512 KB ROMs from ANORAK. But I can only load 256 kb files to Graphic cards.Whenever I tried to mod with 512 KB mod , I get a message "Cannot Erase ROm" Which OC rom or settings should I use .. Please write it under my comment...Link please..

  • Robert Hurst

    any way you could re-host the "ASUS Strix RX570 4GB Bios LOCATED HERE-----" link?

  • Lazar Sekulic

    can you reupload your bios mod for the Asus Strix RX 570 the link is broken. Thanks

  • Aaron Smith

    I just rigged up my first 6 rx570 rig and I havent modded bios yet but currently stock cards are only getting 17-19mh/s, is this normal?

  • Canal do DIDI

    I have the same card but the memory is hynux

  • Kalmeki

    I did exactly what you did with the straps, but 2 out of 4 my rx 570 is getting a lot of gpu memory error, which crashes my pc. I cant get it past 2000 MC. Any idea what should I do?

  • Maikel Cutiño Fernández

    hello friend, I'm new in this mining, I see in your video that you have the modified bios of the graphics cards I have, I have an equal but in the download link of the modified bios is broken, you could be so kind to provide a link valid, thank you very much

  • behnad vali

    anybody have the moded bios? cant get it thorough the download link. thanks

  • Driver Dose Autoblog

    Anyone got the AMD Mining drivers to work with these cards? My hashrate is suffering at a loss @ 156 MH/S with Ethereum :(

  • Walsuan Miterran

    Olá amigos! Use o riser da versão 006 e da unidade de bloqueio amd, então todos conseguiram alcançar 28 Mh / s

  • Victor R

    hey can you send me the .rom file pleas HEEELP im a new miner, i have 4 strip rx 570 4 g

  • harrispurnomo

    can u give me mod bios for sapphire rx 570 4gb pulse dual fan thx bos

  • lammy12ninja

    Can you do this on a msi RADEON RX 570 GAMING X 4G ?

  • Andrew Pirate Roberts AKA Satoshi Nakamoto

    Can u do this. Mod with 570 xfx cards with same 4 gig?

  • Independent Press Project

    can you reupload your bios mod for the Asus Strix RX 570 the link is broken. Thanks

  • Vigos22

    With what drivers did you got 28 Mh/s ???

  • mohit nagpal

    Please solve my problem..... my rig restart by blue screen of death... error- THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER...... please help me BBT members

  • ArmouredSpacePony

    Nice video; got to very similar results with these settings. Seems to be stable for now

  • behnad vali

    hello, i got 2 new rx-570 with hynix memory, but polaris bios editor doesnt work(timing) ?? could you please advise. thanks

  • Wilfried Benjamins

    Really need to change to Windows.. ethos is hard to understand when no knowlodge.. thnx for video..

  • omgwtfimbausername

    I did everything and got a very nice boost in performance , finally i'm getting a decent hashrate.. only problem now is my power consumption and temp, i'm getting a 64c reading and 128w on power draw , 64c @ 90% fanspeed at 25c room temp is a bit high , the core is running @ 1112 ,

  • Lazar Sekulic

    I modded my bios and got these results:RX 570 Strix Hynix 4GB 29.93 mhs (1200, 2100)RX 570 Strix Elpida 4GB 29.75 mhs (1150, 2060)Everthing works stable!

  • Jyri Salminen

    That bios link not work. 😥

  • super thanks

    Uhm isn't there a way to undervolt in Ethos? Thanks!

  • Mikhail Molchanov

    Bios download link is dead - file expired and has been removed. Could you please post a working link for modded bios download?

  • Uji

    @bits be Trippin' Do you have the original bios for the Micron Memory version of these cards?

  • Fabio Serrão Prates

    You gave me the firsts steps. TY. My experience: I've tried a lot of drivers and a few bios bod. The power save bios mode "Anoraks_XFX RX570 4GB Hynix Elpida_powersave.rom" with "Crimson ReLive Edition Beta for Blockchain Compute" on Windows 10. This was the only stable configuration I could stay in 27.5 MH/s. TYYou should apply bios mod card by card!

  • Andres bracho fernandez

    Hey! Could you share again the BIOS please? link is expired :'(

  • Edmundo Dantes

    cuando el diablo no tiene qué hacer...

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