Stratis POS Review | Raspberrie PI 3 | How to setup Stratis wallet for staking!!!

Stratis POS Review | Raspberrie PI 3 | How to setup Stratis wallet for staking!!!

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Stratis POS Review | Raspberrie PI 3 | How to setup Stratis wallet for staking!!!

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  • Ints Krastiņš

    Hi, Great video. What would crypto wallet you advise to keep other currencies? Jaxx is good for that? Do you need to keep than the whole blockchain as well?

  • trebron9512

    Hello, really nice work :) as an expert, do you think its possible to stake 2 coins (Pivx and Nav Coin) at a time on the raspberry pi 3 ? Or should i buy the banana Pi?Thank you very much

  • Ugis Margelis

    Sveiks Gunti , vai vari ieteikt waletu prieks ethereum, nicehash isti nepatik

  • Kick Ass Videos

    every time he sayes "ahhh" take a shot of vodka :D

  • ylchongs

    You pronounce rasberry pi as rasberry "pie". Same way you pronounce the movie "Life of Pi". Anyway, nice series of video you have in this channel. Keep it up.

  • SafiSEO

    One Unit of POS with Rasperry Pi, how much stratis coin we get in 30-days?

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