Gtx 1050Ti vs Rx560 Eth mining

Gtx 1050Ti(gpu1) vs Rx560(gpu0) Eth mining. Stock vs stock and Oc vs Oc/biosMod .
Claymore dualMiner 10.2
  • artemis peralta

    buenas una pregunta donde es que minas que te da 14mh, o si puedes poner ese minero que solo aya que cambiar la billetera por favor

  • Tens of DU

    It's hard to see the text. Can you simplify this and tell me which of these pays itself off the fastest? Thanks.

  • DimoN84

    pls help me , how u manege to mine with nvidia and amd same time same pc ? i have not 1070ti and old r290but i cant make them work together

  • Imran shah

    Is that true 1050ti and rx 560 manage to give 15mh/s after overclocking? And at stock - 12.5

  • Muhammad Syachrial

    please add result by text on description. thanks.

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