BUYING a $10 GeForce GTX 750Ti from eBay

We found a "totally not fake" NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti for the low low price of about $10NZD!

What a steal!
  • Unity Twins

    So, did you even get the card, I know the ones that cost around $30-50 from china actually ship, which are just 550 Ti's but for $10, a 550 Ti actually could be worth it, that's if they shipped it lol.

  • PCPlaceNZ

    Comment for everyone asking about it. No, we didn't end up with a card and yes we did get a refund.

  • Tuna Yücer

    Voices of yours are not balanced at all. Fix this in your future vids please

  • MR IAU

    GTX 750 TI With 192 Bits? haha

  • Jay

    umm does this look like a scam?

  • Beylover _ AMINO

    well i am in some deep trouble right now, after i ordered a fake gtx 750ti thinking its real, I saw this video just few mins after odering and it came to my knowledge that it is a fake product. So i cancelled it in that moment. The seller just said that pls give reason for ur cancellation and we will confirm it. so i told them that "it came to my knowledge that this product is not originally from nvidia" and then the seller just said ok. The next day ebay messaged me ur product has been shipped and u cannot cancel the product right now!! I have already paid for the product. What should i do now?

  • Jean-Pierre Radu O'Callaghan

    PCPLaceNZ It's weird. How come I can't find this video on your channel, yet it here I am after watching it !!?? I went into your videos section on your channel and could not find it. I was looking for it to see if there was a follow up video to it.

  • Miles Routledge

    I bought 12 at £35 each, came the other day, proved to ebay they were fake and got everything fully refunded, then I said it'll be too much to return(shipping costs) so they told me to keep them. I then went to cex (second hand buying selling store) and sold all 12 for £15 each at different locations, made £180 that day. I treated the same thing on a different account, instead i picked out the in store credit at cex and got £275 and put it towards a second emulation system. Profiting off the scammers

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