How to get and use the new Monero wallet (Graphical user interface)

Note that the Monero GUI wallet is in beta, so it still has bugs, but it should work for most of you and now makes it so you don't have to use the command line wallet!

**To fix the connection issue I had in the video**:
My issue was my firewall was blocking the connection if you experience the same issue, be sure to add the moderod.exe file to your allowed connections list!***

More instructions on how to allow exceptions to your firewall here:

Disclaimer: Do so at your own risk!
  • General Upboat

    Monero is fulfilling Satoshi's vision


    If you want to avoid that daemon tool is not working..first go to hidden folders section and make hidden folders visible, then go to my pc, go to C and see for hidden folder ProgramData go to bitmonero and delete folder named lmbd and then run again from the beginning. That is how i fixed synchronization and now its starting and going on as i am writing this comment.

  • Hisoka Gaming

    Whats balance and unlocked balance? do they hold funds? and high % fees?

  • theunholysoul

    Just an update - the backup files are now located in your user profile Documents folder.

  • jack black

    can you transfer Monero from shapeshift without the deamon running..??thanks..!!

  • SSj Enforcer

    i get BSOD every time I try to load the daemon. only using nodes now

  • Lisergiko

    Please do not ever use FREEWALLET. Any of those (on Android). They are selective scammers, if you have a balance >$200 you probably won't see your money again, or if you are trying to withdraw for the second time, they will ask for ID verification and even if you comply with this, it will take ages before they let you withdraw (while the price might get lower). Let me remind you that the whole idea of Monero is private transactions, 100% anonymous. And the ID verification completely destroys the whole system. And most users will refuse to give away their identity, renouncing to their balances. They have not been taken down as of now yet, because every time someone makes his issue public on Reddit or else where, they usually comply and return the funds. But hundreds of people have organized into a combined lawsuit against Free wallet, they will disappear soon enough since the facts and evidence is there! If you need an Android wallet download Monerujo, it's backed by the Monero devs and community, it's simple to use and is perfectly compliant with the Monero system, the private key are held in your phone, so you can be a 100% sure they are not scamming you. Plus it has a really beautiful look. But if you want to have maximum security and usability with Monerujo, it'd be ideal if you had the Monero GUI wallet (your own node) and connect your Monerujo wallet through it!Just so you know, as of a couple of weeks ago Ledger has integrated the Monero wallet into the Nano S. You can send, receive and keep your Monero on the Ledger Nano S flawlessly. Together with Monerujo ti makes for the perfect comination. Ledger to hold and Monerujo to spend small amount here and there. :)

  • InnerKnowledgeSeeker

    @Tommy World Power - Thank you for this video. How do we know when to use the regular address vs. the integrated address?

  • Henrik

    So im trying to move my Monero from Poloniex to the GUI wallet, i input adress, generate a payment ID and input that and amount into Poloniex, then click send, but it says "invalid payment id" Any idea why? I have fully synchronized the blockchain, and no way to use QR code on Poloniex.Nvm, i removed payment ID and it worked. How long does a transaction take? I used the integrated adress, its been 5 minutes and i dont see anything in the wallet. 22 minutes now, think i fucked up :/ sent half my monero, 0.5

  • Soldier957

    Van you buy monero inside the app?

  • Callum van Heerden

    Why do you need to backup the wallet if you already have a seed, if your pc is stolen or something, can't you completely recover everything with the seed?I'm really confused.

  • FreakinJohn

    I've noticed the prices for many of the cryptocurrencies, alt-coins and especially Bitcoin are wavering. I found out why though: the servers are being overloaded. I got locked from sending or buying anything on Coinbase just after I converted 1 Ether into Monero, which at first told me went through, then it didn't show any record of that transaction, and finally it's been put in my balance again.

  • Jackson Martinez

    Hey there, I try to unzip the file, I click on monero gui.exe but it shows me this: I miss the libgcc_s_seh-1.dll file on my computer.What is the simple way to do this?Thank you

  • project10bball

    the monero-wallet-gui.exe is not in the zip of current version

  • Andrej Kovljenic

    Hi Tommy, I was wondering why you haven't made any videos about paper wallets or cold storage wallets in general?

  • maltatravel

    Hi, where is the blockchain stored? on your pc or online?

  • McFly

    Have you used Monero Wallet by Freewallet which is an app?

  • Ty

    Do you have to fully sync the daemon before it shows your balance?

  • project10bball

    1:03 official site says to run the monerod

  • Miami sands

    can you use this wallet to store monero classic?

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