Top 5 Best GTX 1080 Graphics Cards to Buy

Presenting You 5 Amazing GTX 1080 Graphics Cards. Links and deals to respective GPUs in-order-of appearance below:

Gigabyte G1 Gaming:
MSI Gaming X:
Zotac AMP:


RX 480/470/460 & Vega: Four Horsemen of AMD:

RX 480 AMD's Mainstream GPU REVEALED:

Best RX 480 $900 Gaming PC Build:

Best $1500 GTX 1080 Gaming PC Build:

Best $1070 GTX 1070 Gaming PC Build:

Which GTX 1080 You Should Buy: Founders Vs Custom:

GTX 1080: Pascal Gaming Expectations:

R9 480: Polaris Gaming Expectations:
  • Marvin Bettinger

    #pushthelimit 1080 ti zotac SLI

  • Temptør War Gaming

    EVGA FTW is truly a fantastic card. it looks the best out of all of these too... it has metal on the cooler, and metal is...COOL! ya!!!

  • Adam Leslie

    Me watching in 2018 : "Hopefully the price inflation subsides."I have a sad truth to tell 2016 you. :/

  • Super #Gang Yoshi #Gang

    Will all of these work with g-sync? Or only nvidia's brand?

  • McPato PC

    1080 Strix OC results

  • Honeyball Lecter

    Gigabyte? Really? You picked the one with the worst cooling? Yeah cooling isn't important in a high end GPU

  • Sergio Reyes

    I am thinking of buying this graphic card I heard its one of the best at the moment.

  • Alexandros f18

    I can't choose between Asus ROG and msi...

  • Stephen Nona-Mitchell

    Your face is way too close to the camera, back up.

  • Godz29

    What a weird camera angle..and so close...😨😨😨

  • sgomez8194

    Great video! So would it be best to chose the Asus Strix since it has the highest boost clock compared to the rest? I’m looking to buy an affordable 1080 now that the 2080s are going on sale next month.

  • DanielTheQ

    It´s ZOTAC AMP! Extreme not Edition.... nab

  • Shadow 1118

    I just bought one today for $550 with $30 rebate


    Hello I am having KFA2 1080 grafic card and i am mining with them.My overclocking setings are power limit--70temp limit-- 81Core clock-- +175Memory Clock MHZ-- +990Grafic cards are runing great and stable on about 61 Celzius with fan speed 71 % and diging about 570 SoulsMy question is are this setings safe that i would not damage my cardsThank you

  • inon elfasi

    how his the butter graphic card

  • Get Rushed

    Been with you (but on a different account) since you where at 230 subs still love the videos even tho you haven’t uploaded in a while. Your awesome dude🤘🏽😁

  • D Harlo

    Dang my Windforce 1080 NON G1/RGB runs at 1986mhz right out of the box without any tweeking.

  • edwarddd 21

    I can get a 1080 classified for $500 in 2018, is this a great deal or should I get another? I'm worried about the heat issues

  • Operaatio : LastenHyväksiKäyttö

    Is that Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Windforce good?

  • Noir Haze

    I am using Gtx 1080 Gigabytes extreme edition premium one.

  • Best Football

    I do not know how to do it. I'm really amazed. I'm in Thailand.?

  • Amir Sezar

    rog strix or g1 gaming? please help me

  • Hydra Beast

    so basically the evga one is the best?

  • Gigi B

    Next time put the Power Consumptions, this is very relevant !

  • Madelynn Harmon

    I am deciding whether to buy this graphic card or not because of the high ratings and reviews it looks like it's the best for the price.

  • CringeFest

    Wtf? You recommend this trash named as zotac? Pff Lmao

  • Franco Barreto

    Am I the only one without the 1080 (buying one soon)

  • acab boy

    who is best for gaming (for best fps level)? strix or zotac???

  • Ali Blablabla

    my friend proposed an exchange for my msi gaming x gtx 1070 +200$ for a palit gtx 1080 super jetstream, worth it?

  • Patroid

    you look like the german youtuber "crisby rob" xD

  • TmoneyTechnic

    Here I am 2 years later and I can confirm that Asus ROG Strix 1080 is still an absolute beast

  • Jnez

    funny that palit gtx 1080 super jetstream 8gb is better then all of them by a mile

  • Jango Fett

    I'm gonna go with the strix and install a v1 backplate

  • TheCsGoBosz

    Where is the gamerock?

  • Happy and single

    It looks like that MSI makes the most affordable GeForce 1080 graphics card out of all of the manufactures.


    is the asus strix rog 1080 a good card

  • Andye SetiaOne

    Please Help meProcessor : Intel Core i7-7700Motherboard : Asus Strix H270FPSU : Corsair PSU RMi 650WI confused for Graphic card beetwen Asus GeForce GTX 1080 8GB DDR5X Strix A And MSI GeForce GTX 1080 8GB DDR5Xwhich one is suitable Graphic card for my PC Please???

  • Kade Rumsey

    So is the original Nvidia GeForce gtx 1080 the best 1080? which one is the absolute best one?!

  • Don

    And what is with the gainward GTX 1080 Phoenix GLH ???

  • Vincenzo Vieri

    Get the fuck away from the camera! Fuck man!


    You had me at hello Mr. puppy eyes.

  • Madushan Randima

    Asus strix is the winner

  • Nimo Kali

    What kind of retard company puts orange colors on their GPU, along with an orange LED. Jesus Gigabyte, I can tell the people in your office that make these decisions are not really smart. The reason why your cards are the cheapest 1080 right now is probably because your sales are low. On the other hand, another company such as EVGA is studious and knows EXACTLY what the consumers want. A GPU that is pleasing to everyone. I mean this is 2017, and people have opinions. When they spend around $700 they would rather have proper aesthetics. Kinda ridiculous that other companies try to cheap out or just put stupid looking orange highlights without thinking twice.

  • Antonio Paladin

    Is the gtx1080 windforce oc good ? Im buying that

  • Peshan Rasanga

    Awe of Tech Best 1080 Card is palit, No want Rgb Fakes, ROG Strix Is overpriced.

  • Ricardo Gutierrez

    Is it just me or is this video entirely comprised of reading spec sheets off websites? There is 0 editorializing.

  • darknessviking

    evga card started to burn for me

  • KanarioRastafari


  • Cali Is high

    Building my first rig and honestly I don't know what damn graphics card to get still smh....

  • mohammad abdullah khan

    i bought the gtx 1080 gaming x its gettign too hot

  • Cryptic

    I came here to decide my 1080 but i just wanted to say only the zotac amp extreme 1080 TI is 3 fans. the 1080 amp is only 2

  • Javascript Kiddie

    All I want to know is temperatures from coolest to hottest. They are all 1080s, so cooling methods and technology are what set them apart.

  • Basil Ganglia

    I am an old man, but my 1080 says 4095mb on the system specs? Does that mean 4 gb RAM? This is supposed to be I said, I am ignorant about spec. If anyone could help ease my mind, I would appreciate it.

  • Barış BİÇEREL

    Gigabyte GTX 1080 AORUS

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