GeForce GTX 1070 - 7 Card Review - Which should you buy?

UPDATE - NEW Version of this video has been published for 2017 -

7 Different GTX 1070 cards - Which should you buy?
What are the pros and cons of each card? Watch to find out!
Check current prices using the links below:


Link to all Founders Editions - -

EVGA SuperClocked - -

Gigabyte G1 Gaming - -

ASUS ROG Strix - -

EVGA FTW Edition - -

Zotac Amp! Extreme Edition - -

MSI Gaming X - -


Links to each review of these cards:
EVGA Founders Edition -
EVGA SuperClocked -
EVGA FTW Edition -
Zotac Amp! Extreme -
ASUS ROG Strix -
Gigabyte G1 Gaming -
MSI Gaming X -


If your power supply does not provide 1 8-pin or 2 6-pin PCI-E connectors, you'll need to replace it:

EVGA 500 Watt - -

Or for $10 or so more, get 600 watts!

EVGA 600 Watt - -


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  • Tim

    First of all, great video! I like how you went into detail on some of the things never mentioned from other YouTubers. Question: at this point in time does it make sense to stay with, or even buy a 1070 since the new generation RTX cards are released, and now even an rtx 260. How much better performance would I get with 2 1070's in sli? since I basically Just bought a new EVGA FTW a month ago and am a little pissed that the RTX 260 was released with more or less the same price as s new 1070.

  • Tech Deals

    UPDATE - NEW Version of this video has been published for 2017 - -

  • Mojo Witwicky

    I got about 30 sec into this video and thought "wow this guys weird." Now here I am 20 minutes later, subscribed.

  • c CC

    too much nerd talk all i want to know can this playt multi player pacman

  • Machine Gun Joe

    I got all the information I needed on GTX 1070 in this single video. 👍

  • WormDK

    Omg the way he pronounces strix...

  • Mr_Airport

    What about Gigabyte GTX 1070ti 8GB OC X3? Does it worth it? Should I choose another 1070ti GPU?

  • Trinity Compilations

    Who tf spends that on a card to play league of legends lmao

  • patrick schloen

    Irgend jemand deutsch ? :(

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