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Instructions on how to connect USB risers to motherboard and GPU.
  • Michael D

    im wondering since it has usb why cant you have where the video card adapter comes off into a usb hub and add more than one video card and off the hub into the pci-e adapter into the motherboard

  • MJ1 Productions

    You didn't mention the power cable

  • Dan Korpen

    Is that it?

  • Alex Mods

    do these drop performance/stability in any way? also this technically means you can have an external GPU....interesting

  • Charlie Cooper

    How come you haven't put a riser in the x16 slot?

  • xd allie

    Can you plug the cable into a usb slot

  • eshedu1


  • Paker

    Can you use USB risers with any motherboard or you need special?

  • Andrew Hajjiri

    Jesus...Why is is so impossible to find a video showing how the POWER is connected to POWERed risers? Everything shown in this video is the obvious stuff.

  • Scenz

    can you tell me if i can get an video signal through  this adapter?

  • Jon Doe

    I know what Bit- and other coins are - but what is this? What are "powered risers"?

  • Aminlv

    good video, but what about people like e don't have that many slots in our mainboard!?

  • chubber911

    What did you do with the molex connector? You make point of saying this is instructions for powered usb risers, but don't talk about molex??

  • EdeRVisS

    Hi. Can you connect the riser to PCI slot?

  • Mario Z

    You dont ground your riser? That could be a expensive experience...

  • SienHack

    wtf that gpus is 6 and use for mining lol

  • bryangoggin

    could you plug the usb right into a usb port?

  • Ricardo Cervera

    Hi.I been looking into these riser to use with my laptop, is it possible to once i got the graphic card plug to one end just plug the usb to my laptop usb port and use it through it?.Thanks.

  • Technical World

    Can I use it for gaming in my PC with gt 710 ddr5 2gb graphics card ???

  • Charlie Cooper

    How did you power the risers? 

  • Matt

    Instructions weren't clear enough, I got my dick suck in the PSU

  • MChan983

    you can play games  in the x1 slot?

  • william webb

    for some magical reason if I try this in any port of my computer at home or at work the computers do not recognize the graphics card it just appears as if nothing is plugged in at all I could use some help

  • ahmes ceanga

    Please help, is it safe to directly plug the PSU molex into the riser card ? Is that better than using those cheap molex to sata connectors ?

  • Dino Mars

    a quick question please. I just made my first rig. I have 4 cards installed, but when I go to my PC, manager, I only see 3 cards connected. I checked all connections and that seems fine. Any idea what the problem could be please? Thanks in advance

  • emad aslam

    Crossfire doesnt work by doing this

  • munra Aguilar


  • Reisha

    Is it ok to daisy-chain the molex connectors? I don't have enough 4-pin molex connectors on my PSU for a 6 GPU setup.Edit:Nevermind. Your video is useless and you don't reply anyway.

  • Ali Abbas

    Finally someone who shows properly how to use the risers! 👌

  • Dakota House

    What motherboard is that? I've used a Asrock 970 extreme4 and it does NOT like 5 cards, much less 6. How did you manage to get that motherboard to boot with 6 cards? Also what operating system did you use to mine with all 6? Last time I checked, windows 10 doesn't support more than 5 cards.

  • Amish Seth

    +LinusTechTips Please make a detailed video on this stuff.

  • Dark Void Infinity

    hey bro if you got time please help me out . I have Gigabyte mother board it have 2 x pci express , 1 x pcix16 and 1xpcix4 . doesn it mean it can support upto 4 gpus?

  • Almir Fiorio

    you know how many watts. this adapter use of power supply?? The another adapter can be used too (cable flat like ide card that dont need energy ). ???

  • Tudor Renegade

    Do I use the molex to sata convertors or directly plug in the pci If I have the option ???

  • Wertun84 perevertun

    Plase help. Will I be able to boot the computer with a bootable USB drive if I insert it in this device? Motherboard model - G31M-VS.

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