Fix Dell Stuck in Boot Loop or Freezes at Getting Windows Ready / Preparing Automatic Repair

This video helps you diagnose reasons for your Dell being stuck in a boot loop. It takes you through multiple reasons and solutions for why your computer turns on part way and gets stuck somewhere in the startup process whether it be at diagnosing
your PC, a black screen, a loading screen, preparing automatic repair, starting windows screen or some different kinds of blue screens, etc,. This video teaches you how to diagnose your computers problem yourself saving you on costly repairs.

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  • Oscar Saavedra

    Okay so I did the diagnostics and my computer even loops in the diagnostics . Any help? Thanks

  • Wardexox

    Ugh it didn’t work. I hate the dell laptop

  • Jayden SweetPotato

    I have a question for you guys I restarted my laptop (even though it had to update) and now it goes to hp black screen and then the screen goes black and then it shuts down and like 2 seconds pass and it does it again how can I fix that? (I haven't even watched the video and I'm pretty dumb for this) besides that please answer my question I need help

  • Danielle Dove

    Mine is not allowing me to select anything in the BIOS. I am going crazy.

  • Latoya Jackson

    Thank you, this worked 🤗

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