GTX 750 Ti with OEM HP PC NOT Working? What to Do?

When I bought an OEM HP 3300 SFF PC, I thought I got a bargain that would be good for gaming. However upon adding the Galaxy GTX 750 ti into it, it would encounter boot problems and wouldn't start properly and would just get stuck at the VGA Bios Boot Screen... so today we are going to try and get this to work, and if we can't then... perhaps we can do something else..? Issues that to go through arise from secure boot state support, bios updates to changing power supplies.

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  • Björn Glasare

    I put an MSI 1050 Ti LP in a Fujitsu Esprimo P900 E90 - i5-2500 - 280W TFX 80+ Platinum PSU. No problems here.

  • Vikash Kumar

    gt 1030 would work or not.?

  • Kevin Dowling

    anybody have a url to that list he mentions?

  • khalina

    do the bios update anyways... could be a bad/corrupt bios

  • Rosalie

    You ever get this thing to work? I've heard of a few solutions. Some of these GTX 750's apparently have a Legacy Bios switch on them to change from UEFI to Legacy? I've also read from a few ppl online that you have to disabled Secure Boot first using another card then trying the 750 ti after.

  • jeremiah hembree

    May I get a link to your compatibility list?

  • Bloy-182

    I have the same problem. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1030 wouldn't go last bios boot. Why do you think a zotac would work as they're the same hardware but it's only the cooler that's made my zotac ?

  • ExTaCiii

    So what other cards would you recommend for this hp pc?

  • Carl Johnson

    Did you try turning off secure boot in bios? Watch a youtube video on how to turn it off.Use iGPU first or another supported GPUSadly, HP locks to what GPU you can upgrade to. HP themselves said that disabling secure boot would turn off that restriction. I have not tried this as I do not have the money to waste trying to upgrade my HP Pavilion Slimline. However, people on the internet claims that this method works. I hope that you read this. I will comment this on a new video of yours just in case...

  • smackers1514

    Had this issue with a hp pavilion had to turn off secure boot and turn on legacy mode, pc works perfect now.

  • DayMoniakk • Edits •

    Same problem with the gtx 1050ti

  • BossySmaxx Hex

    Can I install gtx 750 on hp dc 7600 pentium4

  • Tò Mò Studio

    this think will work with res 1.x GPU,i have the same trouble with a lenovo pc

  • SysPowerTools

    Why don't you just call HP? they can usually unlock it with their support tool. Dell has done the same for me at my little shop when either upgrading components or just changing the os when the bios is password protected. Make sure your doing something else though so you spend that 30 min on hold efficiently. Like editing a video and eating.

  • Surendra Kumar

    Can I run gtx 750ti grafhic card on my GA H61MS motherboard with 8gb ddr3 ram please suggest me hurry up because I purchase after your suggestions

  • monkins1010

    HERes how to fix it, put in a card that does work e.g. old AMD card... go into the bios and enable the on board graphics. save and boot into windows using on board. then turn off the computerThen, swap the old amd card for the gtx card then make sure the monitor is plugged into the onboard graphics and power up. go into bios and make sure onboard is still default. save and boot. you should then boot into windows.the pc will use the onboards grphics bios., then eventuall you can swap to the gtx, and you wont see any windows booting screens but windows will kick in

  • Blazing Hardware

    Hi Brian, if you are still interested here is how i got it to work...I got an R9 280x working(without this trick,it just worked fine no hassle, and a Quadro K600 with this method. I also had the Cupertino2 (HP Pro 3300mt)Enable postcodes in your bios(so no splashscreen)reboot, (now youre stuck on postcodescreen and now you see press escape to enter setup)then wait for the 2 beebs the press and hold escape after 10 seconds when the 2nd beeb has beeped, you should now boot into windows.Have a good one mate!

  • Leo R

    HP model HPE-170t works flawlessly with my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750ti. Had a Customer in a big box store that was just gonna toss the PC. I told him it was still good and just needed a new Video Card since the On-Board was out.. he was impressed with my honesty so he let me have it after buying HP's new model.

  • Andy Bradley

    having the same issue with a Dell Poweredge T110 2, latest BIOS, strangely BIOS was released in March 2018, GTX750Ti not working, stuck on BIOS screen.

  • Omar Faruque

    can i install gtx 1050 ti on my HP PRODESK 400 G2 MT (j8g85pt#uuf) pc?? i have pci express (v-2.0). my motherboard model is HEWLETT-PACKARD 198E, H81 CHIPSET.

  • gaibi gangmei

    I have same problem with ecs a55f2 motherboard and gigabytes gtx750 oc.

  • fatal system error gaming

    had exact same/board issue...but with gtx 760ti simple fix. HOLD F12 (on boot/power on) as that will start up network boot..... that will fail then windows boots :0

  • Duke DownSyndrome

    Look for a cheap GTX 750 TI here:

  • eEds35

    Little bit about writing different VGA bios - its possible. You have to compare power delivery controlers and memory whats installed on gpu. I have flashed 780ti EVGA ACX SC bios on 780ti reference board and mounted ACX cooling with modifications. Works like a charm with 1100Mhz+ .

  • SoKmoK TV

    GTX750 TI two fans can be?

  • gaibi gangmei

    Can I flash gtx750 to 550ti so that my motherboard will accept it

  • Aymen Rhb

    I have Intel g41 motherboard and E6580 3.00ghz can I get the 750ti ? Someone help

  • Crouton Crusader

    What keyboard is that?

  • Graham Johnson

    IMHO the problem is GTX cards need UEFI BIOS and won't work with legacy BIOS.The MSI GTX 750 ti has a switch on the graphics card that can be set to legacy BIOS.


    HAve you had trouble with HP branded GTX 750 TI Booting on a ASUS mother boaRD>?

  • thetylife

    I couldn't get my MSI lowprofile dual fan gtx 750 TI to work on my used HP Elite office PC either .Coincidentally my Zotac gt 430 runs on it fine..., For some reason I didn't think it was the card's issue even though it was a refurb from Newegg ...I was thinking the issue lies with the PSU...even though it's not weak at 320w's one of those cheap ones , I tried switching it out with 2 of the same model evga 450w PSUs ....both I thought were DOA...finally I returned those and got a cheap $15 Rosewill 400w on BF sale ....AND THAT DIDN"T WORK....I thought it's DOA too! 3 in a row...that's impossible ....!So I finally decided to build myself a brand new PC seeing the deals are good for Black Friday ..( i3 8100, Gigabyte Mobo...,16gb ddr4) using that 400w PSU to see if it works..and sure did!!! And so did the gtx 750 ti!!( thank god, cause I would of been out $75 since I'm wayyyy over the return period lol )...Even though I just picked up a new gtx 1060 6gb to go with the new build too. So the 750 ti and any newer PSUs didn't work on the HP PC....One thing I didn't try to do is update the motherboard I realize now...but there's no guarantees that it would work. I think Imma gonna try the method 'Chris Overton' down there is saying to do if updating mobo doesn't work. I'll update on my progress. Thanks for the video, I wish saw this sooner !!Edit : I ran into some complications trying to update I jumped to Chris Overton's method of running the card in the pc without connecting the monitor cable to the card..wait for it to beep and then put the cable back in(while it's still on) . And voila... It worked like a charm!!! And works even after I shut it down. Everyone try this if you run into this issue..

  • SENPAI 先輩

    Um I have a problem before my 750ti was able to run most games on highest settings and able to get 80-120 fps but after an update I can’t run any game without getting more then 10 FPS any help and I checked my settings and all my settings are the same

  • Bige4u

    Well that blows... i have a DELL Inspiron 530 that was produced back in 2007, updated the BIOS many years ago to the latest(last) one from the dell website, dropped in an EVGA GTX750Ti around 3yrs ago and it worked right off the bat, also with an upgraded E8600 cpu, 4gb of system memory and an antec 430w psu, but still using the original motherboard.

  • love kush

    GTX 750 ti need UEFI Bios .

  • Jeley Garcia

    Having a similar situation here. bought a hp z420 and trying to pair it with a gtx 1050. issue is the screen keeps flicking and doesn't move past the boot screen. it was working fine (got into Windows 7 and could play games) a couple days ago

  • budget gamer2017

    Try holding f8 right after you start it? My old hp sometimes didn’t boot up and that’s the only way I could get it to boot

  • Renato Locop

    why my mobo asrock a780gm-le is not detected nvidia gtx 750 ti 2gb my integrated graphics only detected on PCI Express in bios my pcie 2.0 x16 only my mobo.

  • MegaFason

    hi broo i have dell 755 sff wiz xeon mod last bios 6gb ram and kfa gtx 750 works perfect mid setings the witcher 3 45 fpsgood videos man

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