Nicehash is Back - Bitcoin Miner Test - Nvidia GT 1030

Nicehash - Nvidia's Zotac GT 1030 Mining Test (Tested After Overclocking)

Previously our Earning was around 33 INR per day without using the CPU
Which means we can earn around 990 INR per month.
Now in december 2017, we are actually able to reach 54.4 INR (0.89 USD)

After using 4 hours i saw that my estimate earning per day is just increased to 1.01 USD.. I'm like wow... finally i believe that this budget gpu has lots of power in it.

My review - Well This card is not made for mining
If you want to start mining then choose GT 1070 will be the better option in Nvidia and RX 570 / 580 in AMD..

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  • Maks May

    Using old algorithm, and using nicehash v Good luck!

  • ŞaHin ŞaHaN

  • ŞaHin ŞaHaN

    Bitcoin madenciliği(mining) kendi bilgisayarınız la yapa bilirsiniz yapmanı gereken öncelikle 64 bit bilgisayarınız olması sonra atım linke üye olup girdiniz sayfada doWnload krytex bölümünü tıklayıp prOgramı indirip kurmak.Not pc niz acık kaldıgı sürece btc üretir.işlemci ve ekran kartınıza göre kazancınız degişir

  • fahmi last

    please my rig is exposed to water when it rainsthen i can not wd to external wallet  0.004 suport me for 0.005 get to wd external wallet 1LwtuiGUJXJmgmVsNnjRXrPvUHa2aczFBTMy wallet nicehash

  • Duncan Pereira

    could you test this card on winminer please and make a video of it

  • Joms F

    2 gpu GT 1030 will earn much faster than 1 gpu gtx 1050ti? and gt 1030 still much cheaper and less power even for 2 gt 1030 right?

  • HaFiZ

    nicehash 2.0 wont benchmark my gpu thus lead to my cpu working on mining instead of cpu , any ideas?

  • Gijsbert Westeneng

    If my power cost 35 dollar cents for a kwh, get i any profit? It uses 30 watt isnt it?

  • Pavel Jelínek

    Can you mine on this version with AMD card??

  • Pohodacik 007

    current profit per day pls ?

  • Brian's Republic

    Hi my nice hash does not see my gpu any ideas why this is?

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