Monero Mining on Nanopool tutorial. Fix for "all pools" error in Description.

Quick guide to get you mining Monero on Nanopool.
If you get the all pools error like I did go into your epools file and erase everything and paste this into it (but with your info from start_xmr.bat)

Shout out to Christian for the info!
  • Christian Caspers

    I just finished setting up Monero using nanopool and got it mining without issues. I than decided to search YouTube in case folks had more information. Initially, I had the same error you described where it set the flag to all pools. To fix the error, I edited the epools.txt file and added the address, worker, email, etc. information to the pool to match the pool I['m using in the start_xmr.bat file. Once this was completed, the error went away. Give it a try and let me know how it worked out for you. I'll Subscribe to your channel. Thanks!

  • Gerard Mazi

    Hey man, I've tried to reduce the min payout but I'm getting the "incorrect password" error message in account settings. Have you had the same issue? How did you fix it?

  • Guillermo Arana

    Guys I just got $6352on my paypal from this tool without paying anything:(just go to) ~>

  • The Weight Loss Project

    How come when I mine monero, it doesn't reflect on my monero wallet? Any explanation to this? Just started btw and I am using freewallet as my monero wallet. Hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance!

  • idoudi channel

    hi man i mine monero but after when i put my monero adresse in searsh i have a message like this:Remember: to add your account to the database you should find at least one share no bady answer me thanks


    Does this one work's here int hte philippines?

  • Huy Pham

    I got a mistake : Cannot convert blob data. How to fix it, sir ?

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