Worst Graphics Card Ever! GeForce GT 1030, the DDR4 Scam Benchmarked

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GeForce GT 1030, the DDR4 Abomination Benchmarked

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  • Astralify

    If you are on a tight budged, YOU DON'T BUY NEW.

  • kekgames02

    you chose the bad version the good version of the card is the gt 1030 GDDR5 not ddr4 that is for multi media,videos,etc but the GDDR5 is more for games and that,my pc have the gt 1030 GDDR5 and with my 16gb ram i can play pubg in 40-50 fps normally,but if you can get more money buy a gtx 1050 like here in mexico the gtx 1050 is in 3000$MX,that is 155$ dollars but yes if you don't have so much money in my opinion the gt 1030 is recommended only the version GDDR5 that is good version,if you have a good processor,ram like 8 or 12 you can play normally games like fortnite,gta 5,the witcher 3,PUBG, and many games of 2017 and 2018

  • Heroninja112

    its not a gtx so itl suck ofc a GT 1030will suck a GTX 1030 would be good tho

  • Infinity 58

    when i was brand new to pc gaming roughly 2 years ago i baught a computer with a 1060 3gb i just saw 1060 and was like wow that must be good now ive gotten rid of it cause the memory really limits the performance upgraded to a 1080 ti msi which i love

  • Fariyan Ahmed

    First time seeing a galax GPU on a tech channel

  • Dan Ingram

    Just wanted to say thanks. I ordered one of these for a spare PC. I couldn't work out why it was performing so badly compare to other GT 1030s until I found your video. I've returned it and I'm now waiting for a GTX 1050 and a new PSU. Keep up the good work!

  • Alecxace

    can't they get sued for this?

  • swagamotherfr.

    I got a msi 1050 for $100

  • smash461986

    Rule of acquisition #239. Never be afraid to miss label a product. ;)

  • Matt Theriot

    Good on ya for calling out Nvidia for this dishonest bullshit. It really is a shame that kids saving up money for a cheap gaming computer will be most affected by this scam.

  • Brit gets rekt

    my gt 1030 can play fortnite 130fps med settingsi dont like fortnite. & i can play siege on medium settings 120 fpsso for a budget gpu its pretty descent as long as you know how to pick it.

  • Senyrar

    So this card makes your computer into a console 30fps ?

  • Preston Garvey

    I was 13 a few months back when I saved up by working 2 weekend and weeknight jobs to pay for my gaming PC and I was originally going to spend about 600 but you know what it's like. You see how much better an SSD is then you wonder if your CPU is bottlenecking your GPU. THEN you think "since I got that CPU i may as well just upgrade my GPU" etc. Anyway i ended up with a Gtx 1080+ 16Gb 3200 ram+ i7 8700k and ended up with a beast of a PC 😂. And no money for games.

  • asphalt

    Where the heck is M2 3:22

  • Clay[Almighty]

    Heres the problem with this video. You bought the 70 dollar 1030. That 1030 is a downscaled buisness model. The real gt 1030 is a great budget card

  • Jeremy Andrews

    Haven't GPUs been doing this for a while though? I remember seeing graphics cards with the same model number having "normal" RAM and another graphics cards with GDDR for a slight premium ages ago, but there was less of a difference in performance back then. Maybe they underestimated how much of a performance drop it would be.

  • I Dont Know

    is i3-3220 and gt 1030 good for csgo and league of legends and maybe fortnite

  • Darwin Chester Surban

    Thank you so much for the info... you saved me from buying these crap ddr 4 version

  • Luke Freeman

    The fact that the APU can beat a single discreet card is kind of disgraceful to the makers of that discreet card...

  • Tom A

    I see this as a Branding issue, they originally released a 1030 then changed their minds what a 1030 should be, maybe because off costs or wanting more profit? It's good people find the errors of their ways like this.

  • Kara Mamba

    you better buy geforce 250 gts lol it reaches 20-30 fps on all games with shit cpu and 4gb ram

  • OptimisticPessimist

    I wonder if it wouldn't have been so bad if they made the DDR4 version's memory bus 128 bits wide.

  • Crimson Harp

    Another reason to hate Nvidia

  • Amaneux

    The MSI GT 1030 is a decent graphics card especially when compared to the peasants card of the GT 710

  • Shadow 144

    My gtx 760 is kinda better... but if I were to sell it it would be as if not cheaper then a 1030...

  • Fieryjoker236

    Literally the nvidia gt 1080 came out like 2 years ago

  • Axel Reezus

    Honestly I think all the 'lowest end' cards like x30 / xx30 series are utterly worthless regardless if they're 'scam edition' or not, I used to have GTX 1050 Ti and it was an awesome relatively cheap card and it wasn't all THAT much more expensive than 1030 and it was running all the games I've thrown at it really well at 1080p mostly at medium-high settings at perfectly playable 60fps, it's such a waste of money to throw at anemic card like 1030 if you can save up a little bit more dosh and get 1050 or better yet Ti version and get sooo much more performance out of it.

  • Influence 1

    I have gt 1030 ddr4 and I am happy I don´t give a f what he is saying but I am not going to lie it would be better to have ddr5 version.

  • Schulze Designs

    Thanks for sharing this! Now i get the 2400g untill i have money for a good GPU.

  • Cephachrome

    lol I bought the gddr5 gt 1030 and my friend also wanted to buy one as his r7 integrated graphics weren’t holding up. So he bought the ddr4 gt 1030 cause it was apparently like £3 cheaper. When he used it, he said it was very slow and also said that his intergrated r7 graphics were better. So he sold it and bought a gddr5 gt 1030 and got scammed 😂

  • Björn Johansson

    I would like to get an 1080 but I don't have the funds but hopefully it lowers when the 2080 rti or what they are called gets released!But so far I am still happy with my 970!

  • TechWizPC

    Nvidia is at it again. This was the same company who sold a graphics card that was advertised as 4GB Video RAM but only had 3 GB.

  • Miyu Iona

    Every Budget gamer should buy gtx1050ti.

  • Ed Jackson

    Proud owner of a dad who thinks that used means shot to hell, and that cards with fans are ridiculously noisy, and that cards with 2 fans are noisier than cards with 1. So, I have a passively cooled 1030 sitting in the pc I use to play OW and TF2. Dads will always be dads I suppose.

  • Senku Go

    I have a geforce gt 720.. what would be a better card but has the same size?

  • el alsagon

    How can i contact you via Email?

  • Rusty Mustard

    I know compared to other cards, the 1030 gddr5 isn't much, but i'm on a power budget as i live off grid on solar. I'm looking for a GPU with EXACTLY the kind of TDP wattage that this card has and i'm leaning towards this. My monitor is only 720/60 and i'd be happy if i could run most games at 20-30 fps as i think doing much more on my power budget would cut gaming sessions very short, especially on cloudy days. It's for a laptop with an expresscard pci breakout slot.Is this a good reason to buy this card or are there other cards (like gtx1050,rx560 or 750ti?) that i can underclock to similar wattage and get similar (or better) performance?

  • Adrian Koch

    I hope NVIDIA will end up with an expensive class action lawsuit for this shit. Naming both the same is beyond stupid, its evil. It's like the VP responsible for the whole misableing of mobile CPU chipsets of some years ago really needed and outlet to fuck somebody over again. NVIDIA had done so good this time with the mobile and desktop GPU being mostly on part in each bracket and then THIS. Really, WTF?!

  • Shawn Burton

    I think this graphics card is ideal for an old Dell optiplex 740 that I'm fixing up which has a PCI-e slot. This may be a very unpopular low end card, but I think it's good at a cheap price for upgrading an older pc like this that's from 2007.

  • Ben

    rip me casually got the gigabyte gt 1030

  • Tabitha Z.

    I got the DDR5 on sale for about 70 bucks. Honestly for the price that little thing is pretty good, too bad the DRR4 one tarnishes the name.

  • Laurens Debonnet

    You used Squishy's gameplay video for rocket league??????????

  • Plain Fitness

    I feel like he's done this topic before..

  • Tyler

    Marketing like this is why I now run a Ryzen/RX 580 system and it's performing excellent so far

  • Hanro50

    My next GPU will probably be AMD...Unless they can bother to release some open source driversP.S: I am on the GTX 960...so that'll be a while...

  • Victor Tan

    Disgrace piece of shit

  • Rubik's Skewber

    I have the food 1030 and it runs Skyrim on medium 50 FPS average and csgo ultra 120 average

  • Nikola Pajevic

    I had this frame rates with Intel UHD 630.... my God.....

  • TheRandomVideo Maker

    I was just about to buy the GeForce GT1030.

  • TheLegendOfBacons

    i thought the worst gpu was intel hd graphics

  • David Arel

    Ah, pc gaming, not even raid can kill all the bugs

  • Robo

    i got this card for 40 bucks so im not really mad


    So the GT 1030 GDDR5 is the best choice for a low budget gaming, i prefer my GTX 1060 3Gb :3

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