Worst Graphics Card Ever! GeForce GT 1030, the DDR4 Scam Benchmarked

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GeForce GT 1030, the DDR4 Abomination Benchmarked

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  • dat dat

    Don't forget the HD 7750 DDR3 version which is a scam by AMD. I have this shitty DDR3 card and it's terrible as fuck. I wish I had a GDDR5 card. At least, it will get a 60 FPS on a 2009 game. Fuck this card.

  • ZeArc Justice

    or idk do your research b4 you buy your stuff ? if you are buying those stuff you really should do some research

  • Bunnyraider Jye

    God damn it. I had a really garbage graphics card that was years old and could barely play anything at all with good FPS and my dad bought me the gt 1030 as a gift and I thought it was amazing until I saw this video...

  • flayy


  • 47Gigs

    For the first time, gt 1030< gt 1030. Amazing.

  • Dylan [Smith]

    Thanks YouTube for recommending I buy some of these.

  • Jamo 72

    GeForce is worse than even Intel Ingegrated Graphics...seriously, the cards are a joke. Intel woops all of them, spend the money increasing ur RAM and u can run anything on max graphics with basic i6 or i7...seriously...Dont waste money on cards. And u can do this on basic notebooks that permit upgrades. Run 32 bytes of ram and one wouldnt' need any external graphics cards


    i hav gtx750 and i play assassin's creed odyssey so good withe i3 and 10 g of ram

  • Las crónicas de GuiltyDarkness1313

    maybe is the hidden GT 1010 and Nvidia wants to sell it like a fake GT 1030 🤔

  • P5505PL

    my graphic card is worse

  • Clash of clans builder

    I have GeForce GT 1030 I have I6 Processor I'm getting on High settings 100fps on Medium 150-200 fps I'm good it's good for Fornite I play Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1(2016 Battlefield 1 is world war 1) So On Mediuem no lag on High to no lag so why you are saying it's bad it's good.

  • IMPc

    “unplug graphics card for better performance”

  • Petar93 X- Gamer

    Hmmmmm my old pc runs fs 17 my new with 1030 has some 3D init shit and dosent work

  • Madula

    lmao, I remeber buying this card last year with gddr5 and im happy that now I got an amazing deal for a 970 rig.

  • Jana b

    RX580 or RX570 are better alternative

  • Omar_Hopman

    i have a GeForce GTX 1060

  • Soufiane el Hammaoui

    Shhhh....we don't talk about the DDR4 1030

  • Cephachrome

    lol even intel hd graphics is better

  • Evo

    LOL I have this graphics card and I get 150fps on medium settings fortnite

  • Nate Jennings

    I'm cool with my Nvidia GT 730 (passively cooled), but, when I eventually upgrade it'll be a GT 750 Ti.

  • Martin Rayner

    Luckily, I got the GT1030 with DDR5, not that I was looking at that particular spec when I bought it. In view of the relatively low price in line with my super-tight budget and the type of games that I usually play, I’ve been pretty happy with it, but holy shit, would I have been pissed to have discovered I’d gotten swindled with one of the DDR4 models.

  • Echo1975

    I wonder how many people nvidia scammed with this

  • Golden Eagle

    happy with my gtx 645 oem gddr5

  • Sunny Ko

    Solution: Go with the gtx 1050

  • 200dollarbill

    1050-on-the-line-of-good-graphics-card gang

  • Arda Çalışkan

    im using it and its waay better than my old gt 620i can play destiny 2

  • Jopo FTW

    rough opinion its good for cs and league

  • Zeanox Haven

    i only have Gtx 750 ti i can only run fortnite on medium. which sucks...

  • Krystal Myth

    Honestly I can only imagine how many viable clients have been literally sold out of the market because this was their first graphics card as a replacement only to find the performance to be worse than the one in their machine. Add the confusing model names, and virtually zero marketing in the mainstream and the numbers just have to be tragic.

  • David Qebadze

    add another 30 bucks to your budget and you got this gpu power + a 4 core cpu, an amd ryzen 3 2200g apu for 100$ (currently 93$)

  • Paul Allans

    is fortnite the only game you play? Or is it that the average viewer of your channel is between 8-13 yrs old so you relate to them by referencing fortnite?

  • Nespresso Club

    this is a lowprofile card, U can not use benchmark or anything because you pairing it with others cards and thats now fair for it, low profile cards are design to fit into mini atx case, where you can not fit a normal side card. WORST REWIEW EVER

  • jamesryan099

    I just bought a PC with nvidia gt 1030 its being shipped to Walmart as I type this

  • David Clark

    that looks like a badass computer running in background behind you

  • Meaoqw

    OH YEAH FIGHT MY INTEL HD GRAPHICSwait that isnt a card.

  • Mohammad M

    Can even run minesweeper on that piece of shit.

  • Fog

    And the gddr4 version is still selling for about the same as the gddr5 ...

  • Knn B

    How is this new? there has always been a shitty gfx card in the low end of all the series.I thought it was common knowledge.

  • Wrong Enemy

    I bought this crap in croatia for 150 dolars holy shit fuck me!

  • Someone

    This graphics card was a mistake and shouldn't exit.

  • Ganz Bestimmt

    Probably even a chinese counterfeit card would deliver better performance. ^^

  • Charlie Harper

    I bought used Rx560 4gb ddr5 for 90euros. 2 more years of warranty. 3x better than 1030.

  • Wunn Sen

    I have a 1030 in my sons computer as it was a quick budget buid! But with an I5 16Gb ram and the card itself. It can play the new assassins creed odessy at 30fps on low everything.. cant be that bad guys

  • The Connector

    There's even worse!

  • Elvistek

    what the hell did you expect with a piece of garbage low end graphics card like the 1030? to run all the games at ultra settings 60fps 1080p?

  • Kha Nguyen

    Just buy a used rx480

  • gunawan gunawan santoso

    i think DDR4 version it for lower price and less heat not mean for scam people

  • Alexandru Dumitru

    1030 should be a 560 GTX in performance.

  • Foxlive Craft

    la 1030 no es para gaming por lo que no es estafa

  • The Green Paper lokololohug1

    Why am i watching this i have a GTX 1050 TI

  • Goldenhordemilo

    geforce 4 mx 440 spec

  • m6u3

    if you are buying an entry level system just go ahead and get any of the ryzen APUs. I few months ago I built a pc for my wife with the ryzen 3 2200g, and it works perfectly fine and it cost me only 100 bucks, the total was about $330. Also you can save the money you were going to use for the Graphics card, and keep saving for a couple of months, and buy something better (like the rx 570, 580 or gtx 1060 6gb) this apu can totally handle them with no problem. The perfomance of the 2200g is quite good, she plays Overwatch, minecraft and other titles and they are pretty playable at 1080p didnt really look at the fps, but they are running good.

  • It's BleX

    I played BF4 with a GT530 and im still playing sometimes on my Notebook with 630m some Games like Battlefield 3 and Retro Gaming.

  • D&D Channel

    GT 1030 IS A GOOD CARD!

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