Worst Graphics Card Ever! GeForce GT 1030, the DDR4 Scam Benchmarked

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GeForce GT 1030, the DDR4 Abomination Benchmarked

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  • Shadow_992

    Sry but seeing these graphics and framerates just hurts my eyes

  • Riccardo Rivi

    The gtx 750 ti is much better and cost less

  • WillSuperSaiyan

    This is why AMD is the best.

  • Albert Pallam

    This is ddr4.It also has gddr5 2gb msi.msi is better

  • Nexus Prime42

    Are the Galax graphics card that bad?.

  • Alden's bro

    Wanna hear a joke?GT 1030 SLI

  • Gordez

    that card should cost no more than 40$ honestly

  • Dakota White

    Yeah you got a gddr4 variant go get the gigabyte one it's $80 and has gddr5

  • Sam Hyena

    *why does this card even exist*

  • lolseagull

    The RX 560 is pretty good

  • M G

    That's why you have to read what's written on the back of the box

  • Navi Channel

    gt cards are for nothing

  • Jacob Lewis

    Despite that, it's still better than my GPU. And it struggles to run Minecraft at times.

  • BirdOx 96

    ryzen 3 2200g or better yet the ryzen 5 2400g would actually be soo much better

  • AsifTML2

    Bet 1030 or 1050 can't even beat my GT 210 😂😂

  • ErnestlolVEVO2.0

    I have a 1080 ti and I can play fortnite with all epic setting with and average of 240

  • BadOmen

    the gt730 was my first card lol


    ... if you have the idea of getting a gtx 1050ti... pls reconsider, just get the 1060/570/580 straight away. dont make the same mistakes i did... bottleneck is fine, ugh.. damn.

  • Vaywave - Road to 150 Subscribers

    "Worst card of the decade."cough geforce 210 cough

  • Joe Pinkerton

    You guys realize that the GT 1030 came out eons ago, right?

  • am i patrick_

    The title is a bit exaggerated, some cards dont support direct x 11 but that one does and i know many cards worse than this.But yes its a scam


    A have a gt1030 and i thinks for a price thar i got it its ok i can play apex legends pubg csgo overwatch etc. But only for the price that i got it for xd

  • The Hero No One Gives A Shit About

    That ryzen cpu is looking better each day 😂

  • Cheesy

    Subbing to everyone who subs to me and comment done!!! IM SUPER FAST!!! You must comment (important)

  • Mark Cucerberg

    Listen here , In country like Chile difference in price between ddr4 and ddr5 version is 100$+ and on used market 750 is even expensive, so if some kid wants to play lol,csgo,fortnite on 720p this gpu is good for him , otherwise if you live in USA,EU this gpu is pointless like white coloring pencil

  • Alex

    Why is Fortnite 1080p your reference!?!?!! 😡

  • Tranche de pain

    Just cette car graphique et pour LES PAUVRE COMME MOI tu sait nous les pauvre pas comme toi

  • Murder Doll

    Does it come with a Kangaroo, mate?

  • Yash Sharma

    Oh yeah yeahRtx on its way

  • Tc Osborn

    The only reason I am thinking of the gt 1030 is upgrading the graphics card in my htpc and not use it as a gaming card at all which I see the the gt series used for mostly for htpc type builds

  • JustAverage

    Damn that is better than my old gt730

  • Marilon Blues

    The problem is “why have to buy gt 1030 ? Nvidia do not force people to buy it !” Not a scam at all.

  • RothBaerd

    Just buy a used gtx 9 series. Why would anyone purchase bottom of the line new, when middle to top of the line used is roughly the same price. I got my gtx970 for 70 bucks and its 5 times the card a 1030 is.

  • Vinny Swinnich

    Good thing mine is the good one!!!

  • bo4.fnbr.sodareviews Content

    I do have a crappy RX 580 8gb gddr5

  • Richard Watson

    So is the zotac one okay? Not gaming, just tutoring online via skype and streaming

  • Roy Cohen

    My gtx750ti does better XD

  • Kaneki - Senpai

    is that a single slot? anyone know a good single slot card?

  • *VeryAss*

    I am playing fortnite on Epic Visuals at 300 fps. I AM 14

  • I'm Jonny

    This should've been called the GT 1010 and be given a 35 bucks price tag. Not... 1030.

  • 9_Frosty

    Get a Rx 570 for $130

  • Cioby

    For 30$ more, you could not eat pizza 2 weeks (I think it's actually expensive in the US) and fucking buy the 1050ti. Stop being a retard or a crybaby. Or just get a console if you're too stupid to do the math.


    can you give me any pc you donot need

  • SaatanaKettu

    I bet its meant for indian market 😂

  • ChargeRaid

    My 8gb ram costs more lol

  • Zoltai

    How about GT 710? I got that crap in my pc, but my new one is almost done, so its fine

  • Absurdem Tiefer

    just buy a used 970, you can get one for 100 bugs and it is a way better GPU for Gaming

  • Andrew Morris

    If I were Nvidia after this I'd be a little upset, but I'd ship you more because now you have shown you will call shenanigans.

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