I tried watercooling an overclocked 8700k with a $19 waterblock

Waterblocks seem to get more and more expensive as watercooling moves more in to the mainstream... so what happens when I use one of the cheapest waterblocks available??

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Link to Waterblock featured in this video
► Amazon US - [Black[ http://amzn.to/2yFkpjf
[Clear] http://amzn.to/2kyz8r5
► Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/Zx813L
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I tried watercooling an overclocked 8700k with a $19 waterblock | JayzTwoCents

  • KVN

    Sad thing is i actually have a cheap waterblock with an i9

  • Roof Camper

    ryzen is for poor people

  • Sima Simson

    A copper plate, an oring, cover for the copper plate, one inlet and one outlet. That's what every waterblock is and any of those(that include just these parts) that cost more than 35$ are just paying for a name. Nothing more, nothing less

  • Riding Nerdy

    I'd like to see a loop made entirely out of the cheapest possible parts available from Aliexpress.

  • lawtherkid

    Wondering if you'd be able to rotate the block itself within the bracket to make the outlets horizontal?

  • dizzious

    A friend of mine got one of these a while ago. It works great. I'd probably get the same one if I were building another liquid loop today. I'm still using my old Danger Den block though :D

  • Jimmy The Powerful ! FU

    This particular water block comes coated with special chemical compounds ready to optimally interact with loops using antifreeze, so if you want real results on your temps use ANTIFREEZE In your loop :)

  • Ruckabu

    late to the party, the o ring in orange is usually silicone.

  • Shawn Minor

    That O ring is made out of Michelle Obama's foreskin

  • Raj Singh

    Thanks JAY, I will not buy stuff from EK .....

  • Death Aggro

    yooooo fuck that file lol.

  • BigDaddyFlipFlop

    4:46 rip earphone users

  • pospc2

    I'm going to buy one and put together a cheap loop on my media center. Seems good enough for that project.

  • Adam Monks

    i run that cheap water block it works fine

  • Jasper Beekman

    I once ran a cpu burner and the temps were fine but then i got a notification that my cpu had reached over900°c

  • Ilijas Ramic

    2-3c difference between EK. ok xx

  • Emulation Everything

    6/32 = 3/16 FFS did you even go to school cause thats grade 6 math...

  • Dave Marsh

    I know this is an old thread, but I just grabbed for fun a complete kit with this block for 65 usd from Banggood. Dual fan, pump 240 rad, fittings. Everything. Would love a demo eval of one of these.

  • e_Dilbert Garcia

    looks like silicon o-ring

  • Nathan Olney

    Hey Jay, just a heads up on your precision camera ad, you're directing people to a parked domain, pretty sure they're at precision-camera.com, not precision-video.com

  • Brandon Smith

    6/32 (3/16) is not a standard for anything. #6 x 32tpi is a standard size and thread pitch. I'll let myself out

  • Yu Jay

    Those water blocks are about $10 or lower now if you get it from China.

  • #BeWorship

    I believe that the microchannels are there to increase the actual cooling surface that the coolant flows over and evens out the flow over the chip. I may be wrong but that seems most logical to me.

  • Randomness Calls For Randomness

    Hey Jay, what watercooling parts do you recommend for a budget CPU loop, soft tubing, on a Ryzen 5 2600?

  • Abbey Kat

    But Jay... did you test it for 50,000 days?

  • NICKydex01

    Redish orange o ring is high temp silicon

  • Eric McManus

    Interesting to see a long term test to see how long it lasts. No moving parts so I don't know how it could fail. Unless the recessed channels do something for long term use.

  • Holley Ragnarok

    POM and acetal are essentially the same thing, its like saying PTFE vs teflon

  • Cayenne Pepper

    Sharpie, the CHEAP MAN's anodizing!!!

  • Uria 64800

    When we consider that a good AIO costs 120€, how much do u think the block itself (not the pump) might cost ? And this kit will give you great temps so, this result is no surprise

  • Xuwen Chen

    I am looking for your all cheap component video you mentioned in your video. Could you give me a link?

  • physx nathan

    Safety squints ENGAGE!!

  • Fenix Lolnope

    I have this block dad!

  • Applecake

    your UK link doesn't work, can't seem to find it on amazon anymore only US

  • Ag0nY Gameplays

    I got 80c full load on my 8700K OC to 4.8 all cores with a H100i GTX

  • James Holbrook

    Its not 6/32 it's 6-32 (6 by 32)

  • Taylor Starcevic

    Still waiting for that budget water loop Jay.

  • nieves vega

    Contact contact not impact!

  • Salman Ismail

    I bought a bottle of water but I DIGRESS!

  • tanner goodwin

    "some of you might of noticed earlier.." = "i know you f+ckers are gonna point this out so here ya go"

  • Kaloyan Bankov

    Ive been running a trial version of WinRAR for decades now :)

  • Craine 69

    I can make a water cooling system for cpu with only +- $25

  • MostHated

    Ahhh yeah, Corvair heater core for a radiator. Those were the good ol' days.

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