I tried watercooling an overclocked 8700k with a $19 waterblock

Waterblocks seem to get more and more expensive as watercooling moves more in to the mainstream... so what happens when I use one of the cheapest waterblocks available??

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Link to Waterblock featured in this video
► Amazon US - [Black[ http://amzn.to/2yFkpjf
[Clear] http://amzn.to/2kyz8r5
► Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/Zx813L
► Amazon Canada - [Clear] http://amzn.to/2j53mSk

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I tried watercooling an overclocked 8700k with a $19 waterblock | JayzTwoCents

  • Holley Ragnarok

    POM and acetal are essentially the same thing, its like saying PTFE vs teflon

  • Xuwen Chen

    I am looking for your all cheap component video you mentioned in your video. Could you give me a link?

  • Roof Camper

    ryzen is for poor people

  • Willum Povy

    The O-ring is probably Viton. Highly resists heat and chemicals.

  • TheSourceForMegadeth

    Jay lives within 50km of 6 different TJ Maxx stores? Where the hell?

  • Cayenne Pepper

    Sharpie, the CHEAP MAN's anodizing!!!

  • KVN

    Sad thing is i actually have a cheap waterblock with an i9

  • Applecake

    your UK link doesn't work, can't seem to find it on amazon anymore only US

  • MostHated

    Ahhh yeah, Corvair heater core for a radiator. Those were the good ol' days.

  • Yu Jay

    Those water blocks are about $10 or lower now if you get it from China.

  • Freziod

    4:45 And there goes my brain function for a few seconds.

  • Salman Ismail

    I bought a bottle of water but I DIGRESS!

  • Uria 64800

    When we consider that a good AIO costs 120€, how much do u think the block itself (not the pump) might cost ? And this kit will give you great temps so, this result is no surprise

  • Kaloyan Bankov

    Ive been running a trial version of WinRAR for decades now :)

  • bebo2112354

    Why do I get the feeling you were paid to promote this cheaper water block?

  • Adam Monks

    i run that cheap water block it works fine

  • Md. Tanvir Hossain

    lets do some water cooling on Intel Core 2 Duo with Intel DG31PR system board.

  • SLDKJH Amsterdam

    Requires some level of modification, that is neat. I have an Antec case with holes too small for all the cables so I had to make them bigger. Incredible, it was not workable whatsoever.

  • dizzious

    A friend of mine got one of these a while ago. It works great. I'd probably get the same one if I were building another liquid loop today. I'm still using my old Danger Den block though :D

  • Raj Singh

    Thanks JAY, I will not buy stuff from EK .....

  • Michael D

    All I care about is that it works

  • Jasper Beekman

    I once ran a cpu burner and the temps were fine but then i got a notification that my cpu had reached over900°c

  • WarpSpeedo

    JayzTwoCents you've inspired me to try water cooling again after i almost cooked my CPU last time. I've got much better parts this go around expect that I actually bought this block. To be fair you were right when you said the average user set up will include getting out (or in my case buying) a dremel tool. Love the content and cant wait to see more.

  • Ag0nY Gameplays

    I got 80c full load on my 8700K OC to 4.8 all cores with a H100i GTX

  • physx nathan

    Safety squints ENGAGE!!

  • Aaron Smith

    6-32 not 6/32. #6 size with 32 threads per inch

  • BackFire HDYA

    Taobao.com might open a new world for you guys←←

  • #BeWorship

    I believe that the microchannels are there to increase the actual cooling surface that the coolant flows over and evens out the flow over the chip. I may be wrong but that seems most logical to me.

  • President Sad

    Theres another $20 block that doesnt have the integrated am3 mount

  • Death Aggro

    yooooo fuck that file lol.

  • Eric McManus

    Interesting to see a long term test to see how long it lasts. No moving parts so I don't know how it could fail. Unless the recessed channels do something for long term use.

  • terrellma

    Red O-rings might be Viton

  • Nathan Olney

    Hey Jay, just a heads up on your precision camera ad, you're directing people to a parked domain, pretty sure they're at precision-camera.com, not precision-video.com

  • Clay Autery

    Red o-ring typically indicates Viton... but it could be dyed silicone.

  • Dave Marsh

    I know this is an old thread, but I just grabbed for fun a complete kit with this block for 65 usd from Banggood. Dual fan, pump 240 rad, fittings. Everything. Would love a demo eval of one of these.

  • Ilijas Ramic

    2-3c difference between EK. ok xx

  • Soyo YT

    lol i bought this yesterday and then noticed that i aleready saw this block in this video...

  • Albert Ofner

    do you think that a person that buys this cooler wants to buy a motherboard with such massive heatsinks ( because often those are so expensive ) ?

  • Shawn Minor

    That O ring is made out of Michelle Obama's foreskin

  • e_Dilbert Garcia

    looks like silicon o-ring

  • pospc2

    I'm going to buy one and put together a cheap loop on my media center. Seems good enough for that project.

  • BoomerKing 11

    You should use a motorbike radiator they ard smaller but do the same if not better job

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