I tried watercooling an overclocked 8700k with a $19 waterblock

Waterblocks seem to get more and more expensive as watercooling moves more in to the mainstream... so what happens when I use one of the cheapest waterblocks available??

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I tried watercooling an overclocked 8700k with a $19 waterblock | JayzTwoCents

  • Soyo YT

    lol i bought this yesterday and then noticed that i aleready saw this block in this video...

  • Willum Povy

    The O-ring is probably Viton. Highly resists heat and chemicals.

  • Vercusgames

    Doing blocks like it's 1999.

  • bebo2112354

    Why do I get the feeling you were paid to promote this cheaper water block?

  • VividPsychosis G

    So what we learned is that EK blocks are over priced? :) lol. 20 dollar waterblocks are all you need!

  • President Sad

    Theres another $20 block that doesnt have the integrated am3 mount

  • Plummet

    Thats terrible cooling tbh i get 20c lower than that at full load with just a 240 AIO

  • Albert Ofner

    do you think that a person that buys this cooler wants to buy a motherboard with such massive heatsinks ( because often those are so expensive ) ?

  • Salman Ismail

    I bought a bottle of water but I DIGRESS!

  • Tim Billins

    Would love to see another video like this for the super cheap GPU blocks

  • terrellma

    Red O-rings might be Viton

  • TheSourceForMegadeth

    Jay lives within 50km of 6 different TJ Maxx stores? Where the hell?

  • JXS nWp

    4:45 sigh goddamn it... I'm watching this almost a year later and I walked right into it...

  • Michael D

    All I care about is that it works

  • Aaron Smith

    6-32 not 6/32. #6 size with 32 threads per inch

  • De Recensent

    Requires some level of modification, that is neat. I have an Antec case with holes too small for all the cables so I had to make them bigger. Incredible, it was not workable whatsoever.

  • David Schumacher

    jay try to use peliter tec with watercooling block... to add to the aio loop video... theres someone made video about that... but not very through analyze... i wish u could do it for us... to give us pros and cons about that... thx

  • 101m4n

    Yup, products from western watercooling companies carry enormous markups. Tell us something we didn't know.

  • ApolloBladedX

    Aye jay has taste in shoes

  • Freziod

    4:45 And there goes my brain function for a few seconds.

  • Md. Tanvir Hossain

    lets do some water cooling on Intel Core 2 Duo with Intel DG31PR system board.

  • Tsvetan Tsekov

    I have a theory as to why the results are so close - it's a CPU with a shitty TIM and that may be what makes it almost irrelevant what kind of block you put on. It would be interesting to test both blocks with a soldered/delidded CPU. I remember that my i5-6600K temps saw almost no difference when going from a cheap 240mm Deepcool Maelstrom AIO to a custom loop with a 360 60mm thick radiator, Supremacy EVO and a D5 pump.

  • BackFire HDYA

    Taobao.com might open a new world for you guys←←

  • physx nathan

    Safety squints ENGAGE!!

  • Robert Seccareccia

    this is the distance to tj-max

  • Al James

    Almost sure as hell that linus would have filed the wrong corner!

  • WarpSpeedo

    JayzTwoCents you've inspired me to try water cooling again after i almost cooked my CPU last time. I've got much better parts this go around expect that I actually bought this block. To be fair you were right when you said the average user set up will include getting out (or in my case buying) a dremel tool. Love the content and cant wait to see more.

  • dxfxct

    Looks like it would leak very easily if it was tipped.

  • gecsus

    I think the o-ring material is red silicone. Very heat resistant and durable for a reasonable price point.

  • Z-jenrick Poso

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  • chris rawr

    Would be interesting to see how a cheap water loops performs compared to a normal loop and how much cheaper and lasting it is.

  • Ray Menchaca

    is he growing some fun plants in the back?

  • Silat the Medic

    My X would have made that "long blonde hair" a very very long conversation LMAO.

  • Kevin Sanders

    Engage Safety Squints! 5:57

  • DocdADeaD

    By 6/32" do you mean 3/16" diameter screws or a #6 diameter -32 threads per inch?

  • Nathan Olney

    Hey Jay, just a heads up on your precision camera ad, you're directing people to a parked domain, pretty sure they're at precision-camera.com, not precision-video.com

  • Shawn Minor

    That O ring is made out of Michelle Obama's foreskin

  • Clay Autery

    Red o-ring typically indicates Viton... but it could be dyed silicone.

  • BoomerKing 11

    You should use a motorbike radiator they ard smaller but do the same if not better job

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