GTX 1050 TI - Which Card Should You Buy? 6 Card Review

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Acer Aspire T Desktop PC - $450 - This is what was used for the testing on all 6 cards -

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ASUS --- @Amazon --- @NewEgg
Gigabyte 1 Fan --- @Amazon --- @NewEgg
Gigabyte 2 Fan --- @Amazon --- @NewEgg
MSI 1 Fan --- @Amazon --- @NewEgg
MSI 2 Fan Low Profile --- @Amazon --- @NewEgg

Time Stamps
0:00 - Intro
0:26 - Who Should Buy GTX 1050 TI?
1:58 - No 6-pin PCI-E power required!
3:33 - What is the same on each card?
6:05 - What is different between the cards?
12:20 - Which would I buy?
13:13 - Additional Cards Not Shown
15:00 - GPU Boost 3.0
16:01 - Summary Before Benchmarks
16:40 - Benchmark - Rise of the Tomb Raider - Each Card Shown
25:16 - Results
26:56 - Final Conclusion


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  • HIgHtMiTcH 23

    core 2 quad with a gtx 1050?? hell nah man thats a big bottleneck.

  • Beyonix

    He makes me want to blink 👀

  • Jan Nathan

    Hi there. Very detailed and excellent job on all your reviews. You mentioned you placed these cards on an old pc. I have an old office hp workstation xw4600 core 2 quad that im playing around with. I know, very old and very outdated. Ive upgraded it with a 2TB hdd and corsair xms2 8gb. I wanna be able to play CS go, Call of duty, battlefield etc - basically fps games. Would the GTX1050 TI be a good graphics card for my setup? Or am I wasting my time?

  • The flying parrot 528

    After watching this Video I decided to test my Low profile with & without my OverClock ( added 183ghz - Core & 723ghz- memory ) with my HP sff with stock 240 Psu + i5-2400 + 16gb Ram & Msi Gtx 1050 ti 4gb low profile with Rise of the Tomb Raider benchmark at 1080p with high graphics settings 🎮 Without / Regular = 58 fps average ( Four Runs each for both ..... 8 total ) and 66 fps average with OverClock 💻 that's 8 more free frames & of course NO Voltage 🍹and I must ask if HP_Carlos is related to you as he mentions you alot in his performance videos in a good way, like a teacher & I can see why 💬 that's how I found your channel. Ty for hard work ✨

  • majed saoudi

    i got the i3 2100 should i buy it?

  • Mangmin Thang

    Will this graphic able to run far cry 5 in ultra setting?

  • Vukasin Meseldzija

    Did you heard about the geforce gtx 1050ti manli card and what is your opinion about it should i take a pc with one inside??!!

  • Sreeju R

    Is he a animated character or I'm playing too much games??

  • Tech With Dhruv

    totally depends on budget

  • rian.drawss

    none, buy the RX 570 lol

  • Goutam Kundu

    Anyone noticed that only in gigabytes 2 fans rpm is showing...

  • Thomas Pap

    what a helpful video, thank you sir.

  • Chong-ma tsuki

    cover his Fcve except for the chin. ace ventura is that use

  • Sebastián

    Thanks! Your videos are great

  • it'sFckinRaw

    I am planning to buy a 1050 ti is it alright with my i5-3470? thanks!

  • Aurora

    Gist: It all comes down to personalization.

  • Ultra Reflex

    This a really helpful and informative video!

  • Khaleesi Romaerys

    I have Palit brand and it can play GTA 4 and GTA 5 on high sometimes ultra without lags

  • JungleHeat Innovativ

    I only buy used cards they are a lot cheaper ... never had a bad one

  • Ronnie Alvarez

    I got a Dell optiplex 780 and what graphic card I need?


    why there is no palit brand haha

  • Tennis Files

    Great review, thanks! :)

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    I bought the palit version

  • Kitari

    I can't stop looking at his teeth, they are so perfect.

  • Inflame5

    None of those. Buy a 2080 ti :D

  • BlockAhs

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC Low Profile 4G 4 GB GDDR5Is $309 cheapest I can find on TradeMeNew ZealandI assume you mean American dollars when you said you could get one for $100?I'm amazed...NZ must be a huge rip off, and I am talking second hand too!

  • jenzell mabagos

    Do you have a Video about NVIDIA vs Radeon?

  • Nate Cheng

    just get a used 1060 for about the same price

  • Prime Gaming

    WHERE IS ZOTAC !!!!!

  • Guitar Heretic

    I really like your videos. You demo stuff that I could possibly have. Or at least imagine having. Thanks. Linus and other creators just don't make content for the real world. I don't even know who they are marketing for. Rich kids with an allowance possibly.

  • The Random John

    can it play minecraft ????

  • Mark Pineda

    hellow its compatible hp i5 2400 3.1 ghzram 4 gb and i need to add ram which ram?

  • Jambo TOP

    Hey bro still work this card? Zotac work good with this 1050, afters 2 o 3 years you used not drop FPS? found like the first day? Sorry my inglish

  • Batman The dark knight

    I have just bought a low profile 1050 ti for my dell 7010 just happy there is no difference

  • Tech Deals

    NOTE - The NewEgg link is listed above first because it is pre-sorted priced lowest to highest, Amazon doesn't allow that sadly (or they do, but it doesn't work right), which is why I put the NewEgg link first. The prices are pretty close to each other on the day this video was posted, but check both, you often will find one on sale or with a mail in rebate!

  • Lonnie Beal

    Or buy a gtx 960 or 970 which are cheaper used.

  • Nayeem malitha

    Can I install this gpu card with Intel i3 4130 4th gen processor ...?

  • John Kazixis


  • Lightning42

    I recommend the GIGABYTE GTX 1050ti OC as it is around £160 and can be easily overclocked. You also have good control over the card and it's got a nice program you can get which is easy to use/understand when you want to manage the card better.

  • Panklake G

    A gt1030 and a gaming chair has more fps than a 1050ti with a wood chair

  • Usamah Fagehe

    Does it work with optiplex 7040 ? it has 240 watt only

  • shishyupal

    Apart from aesthetic marketing reasons, there are important factors affecting the price, like fan cooling effectivness and noise level. Any benchmarks on these variables ?

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