Mining Ethereum with 6 GTX 1060's . 145MH/s 600 watts

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  • Mekaveli.

    is your PSU actually capped at 600w?

  • Sindha Saburdeen

    I'm thinking about getting x6 1060 3gb and building my first mining rig. How much do you make a day / per card / month and what's the price of 1 kwh? Thank you


    hi brother wich GTX 1060 is? MSI, NVIDIA, Gigabyte or ASUS? tx

  • chaba72

    how do you know what 1060 3gb has samsung memory before you buy?

  • Alain Mottaz

    Any problems getting your cards recognized by the motherboard with those risers? Was it plug and play for you?

  • javier granados

    what model of gtx 1060 are you using 3gb or 6gb friend

  • Mark

    Hey man nice stats, what are your overclocking settings?

  • TwoTon Hasher

    Thats a really good hash rate for 3GB 1060. Good job.

  • DanielSanSensei

    I have the same cards and similar set up but only stable at 19 Mhs on Nanopool ETH. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

  • kostas moure

    I am mining with 6 amd Asus Radeon ROG-STRIX-RX580-O8G-GAMING-90YV0AK0-M0NA00 at 1000w/h and 177mh/s

  • Brad T

    That's quite a bit of HD's...

  • shadow run

    LET IT RAIN! ha ha kidding. awesome setup. do u have miners? im looking for more coins.. Canada

  • Ilham Suhendi

    About to start mining using 1060. Is it better to go with 3gb or 6gb version?

  • robert fidelis piedad

    These are samsung memory, right? Got any 24Mhs for Hynix Memory?

  • Aquarium Samurai

    How do you avoid getting the Hynix chips? I can only get 15 out of the box and 18 with an OC. I want to buy more but worry I will keep getting the Hynix chips.

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