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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm FINALLY posting my FULLY DECORATED 2019 HOUSE TOUR! I moved in 4 months ago and am the happiest I've ever have been. I'm so blessed to have a home for my team, friends, and family to come over. I've been working non-stop but I finally worked with Mr. Kate on the house transformation. I hope you enjoy!!


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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula


GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
  • Carbunkle

    Absolutely beautiful....very sofisticated for your age.

  • tomas Azevedo

    he forgot the outside area

  • Jodie Thomas

    Take a shot everytime he says 'last but not least' or 'my favourite room' lol

  • hi thx 4 checking in im still a piece of garbage

    I need James as my uncleOr aunt?

  • Alanna Ball

    15:04 Wii remotes and xBoX cOnTrOlLeRs its only wii remotes...

  • Omar Tovar

    I have subed to you, dólan twins, and Emma Chamberlin and i followed you on snapchat but my mom deleted it but could i please get a shoutout in your next video but could you please say as iris t if youdo

  • Niamh Seren

    Woooow you’ve done incredible to achieve this house!!!! I’d love to see the behind the scenes of making your cideos

  • Ester Becerra

    for the wine cellar, you should remodel it into your awards closet or something with the glass doors so you can see through your success!(i hope i made sense lol)

  • Madison York

    Put Sparkling grape juice in the wine cellar, it looks like wine and is really good.

  • Ragluvvulgar


  • Precious vlogs80

    I am sister shook,YOUR HOUSE IS SO BIG.I am just a person living in a single floor house ... I WISH I WAS YOU

  • Phoebe Zhu

    I love that video idea. Also, what are the foam things on your makeup closet for?

  • Bella franco

    Please do that video idea !!

  • Shannon McLaughlin

    please make a sister studios behind the scenes video!! I'm currently a film major and am still learning everything about camera equipment. And I look up to you so much, and I'm hoping to start a youtube channel one day! btw you're house is my dream house.

  • Mica Lakis

    Congratulations ur crib is beautiful!! But u speak so fast 💨

  • Nelsy Cordero

    I was waiting for the backyard 😭

  • indie henry

    Don’t get me wrong it’s nice but not homely :/ I couldn’t

  • gianna h

    i think in the wine seller you should take out the bottle holders and hang up the sisters merch so you can see all of the beautiful clothing like if you agree

  • hi thx 4 checking in im still a piece of garbage

    4:56 James literally looks like an angel lmao

  • Agata A

    James I have to say that: your fridge is full of junks!

  • Dana Alhellani

    Your so lucky to have a big nice house bc my family is strugeling bc we need to pay a lott of money so my hole familey can get a pasport so i live in a littel house but i am graetful

  • Lane Crutchfield

    james showing off the fact that hes a rich sister for 20 minutes straight making me feel poor

  • Johnny Latimore

    PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON THE VIDEO MAKING PROCESS! I have no clue what lighting or equipment I should use

  • Psyduck

    It's a little too long for my liking but I can just put the play back speed to x2 it's going to be the same anyway

  • Leah Rizzi

    Do the behind the scenes video

  • mackenzie’s tutorials

    i still love you thou

  • Kristiana Noel

    you should put the large Perrier bottles in the wine cellar

  • mackenzie’s tutorials

    it’s kind of sad that james doesn’t focus that much in makeup anymore, like his content isn’t the same. it’s just with famous people and about the fame

  • Jo Moeke

    First of all you house is beautiful. I am here from Mr Kate!! And 2nd I am impressed that u don’t drink alcohol!! Great roll model you are! And your wine cellar could be a green room. Lots of live plants hanging from the wall and buy yourself an assistant to keep them alive or add that ur assistants calendar Lol

  • Solar Eclipse

    Always feelin poor watching these videos but this one is for 34 minutes and 3 seconds

  • Just Me

    Literally my room is the size of his shower

  • Sebastian Larosa

    I love how the theme is black and white it looks so classy. SISTERS FOR LIFE.

  • Marley Hutchison

    yes a BTS youtube video!!

  • Beth Mansfield

    Can I have your house. It’s so cool and just like I would design my own house. I also adore the quotes and would buy them myself

  • Jaylin Hennessy

    We love a sister house tour😉

  • jairoo alvaarez

    Show us what goes into making a YOUTUBE VIDEO I need new tips 🔥

  • Rose Myrick

    The head and shoulders in the 🚿 I was like yassss queen yassss

  • Jessie Schmitt

    Please show the behind the Scenes!!!!

  • Lexi Chiancola

    Sure is a lot of pictures of yourself

  • Megan Buller

    I would LOVE to see how your videos are made!! also ur house is ABSOLUTELY B E A U T I F U L ❤️

  • Êclipsèèè Gåming

    When his house is bigger than your future.

  • Broadway Boss

    The inner kid in me wants to run around his house and play a long game of hide n seek in all the shelves, closets, or secret passageways...

  • Its Steph

    I’m 20 Nd still live with my parents...

  • lucy b

    Please do a behind the scenes

  • Cantasara xx

    You can actually buy a Mexican coke bottle that are really big (the same size of a 2 liter bottle) that’s all glass and plastic top. I don’t know where you can buy them online but they come straight from Mexico and they are normally in a Mexican meat shop like la michoacana. The more Hispanic the shop the more Mexican imported stuff will be in there

  • Que pasa?!

    Can you kidnap me,thank you?

  • Niamh Seren

    Love that so many of your things are from IKEA and target and actual place people can shop!!

  • Christina LaRose

    Who else smokes weed while watching his videos even though he doesn't like it💛

  • Gabriella Day

    This is absolutely amazing omg 💕💛

  • Wendy Carr

    You look great in white

  • Ghena Tamour

    Omg sister beautiful ❤️💖💝💗🥰😍😘🌸💕

  • MayaMaranz

    You know your living well when your fridge is stocked w Fiji water

  • Chasity H

    Anyone else sad that we didn’t get to see the pool and grilling area?

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