RX 560 4GB vs GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

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Song : RetroVision & Domastic - SICC [NCS Release]
  • Evgeni

    одни графики. ни единого пруфа честности теста. фейспалм...диза за донный тест

  • Pedro Flores

    Doesn’t matter what you choose. My best advice is pick the one that is cheaper in your country.

  • Muhammad Shuginubi

    RX 560 clearly favors DX12/Vulkan

  • Roberto Patricio Calamardo

    120€ a 1050ti? OMFG this cost now 180€

  • PotterFixer

    Jajaja, after a long time, in Ecuador actually the Gtx 1050 ti is $300. I go to cry :'v

  • SimpleGamingF2P

    Rx 560 cost 80 dollar while gtx 1050ti cost 200 dollar here sooo rx 560 win.Edit: in my country malaysia.

  • Peter Redmond

    Currently you can get an RX 560 and an ssd for under the price of a 1050 ti. Not bad...

  • Peter Theotokatos

    Gtx 1050ti 125$ ahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah

  • Radni Team

    in my country (serbia) gtx 1050 ti is about $250

  • Direktor RF

    помогите не как не определюсь что лучше (( Radeon RX 560 AERO ITX 4G nVidia GeForce GTX 1050,говорят радионовская сильно греется,так ли это? и как сильнее джифорса?

  • Antonio Aragonex

    This video si bad how the gtx 1050 win on doom with vulkan

  • The Amazing Time

    И чё это блять за циферки где нормальные тесты

  • jonathan v.g

    y lo mejor en hd 1080 es la 480 nada de la serie 500 demomento ay tienpo para todo

  • TheHeartyBanana

    For RX 560 medium- high settings is beast

  • jonathan v.g

    me rrio mi msi rx460 4g ddr5 128 b casi las iguala jajajajajaj

  • LeztGG

    in our country, GTX 1050Ti $199RX560 $150

  • jonathan v.g

    al no ser que os guste pirar el dinero claro de tontos esta lleno el planea ????

  • Genç Maker

    213 Dollars For Rx560 I love My Country

  • mouad Pbl

    where can i buy gtx 1050 ti 4gb plz

  • * HarrysGamer *

    112 radeon rx 560 in mi city 245% $$$$$$$$$$

  • reda falhi

    gtx 1050ti is a monster

  • Igor' Est'

    Ну понятно только у меня 1050 ti показывает fps выше чем на видео на i5 4690k

  • David Martinez Morante

    Here GTX 1050 Ti $189 USDRX 560 $150 USDBut you can find rebates or discount coupons that left GTX 1050 Ti at $169, and I think is gonna worth it.

  • Pala Pentz

    why gtx1050 ti here in italy it cost 200+ fucccking euros!!! that is even on SALE!!!

  • Đgєađwing

    In europe RX 560 (2GO) 129€GTX 1050 (2GO) 139€RX 560 (4GO) 149€GTX 1050TI (4GO) 179~200€I going to buy rx 560 4goOr if i want a make a crossfireI CAN!BUT!Nvidia can make sli? No!

  • Dark Wulf

    Now the Rx 560 in UK is 130£ and the GTX is 165£ second , hand the Radeon RX560 is 90£ and the GTS 1050ti is 135£

  • jonathan v.g

    el alto no en ultra que consté

  • roppoqi

    so, in my country, 1050ti is about 213$ and rx560 for 127$should i go with rx560 then?edit: it's actually the D version of 560, dammit

  • watching rain

    Go for Rx 560.. this 5/10fps difference is invisible..

  • MikaAV

    miners need to be put in jails

  • lonely planet

    Fuck my country its almost 185 dollars price for gtx 1050ti

  • Yustin J.

    The prices went up beacause of bitcoin mining! That's why there is a big difference

  • อานนท์ จอสูงเนิน

    Compared to the price tag, AMD would take my money.

  • Du5 Power

    lol at my country 1050 ti 220e rx560 145e

  • Crusher Rakib

    In my county gtx 1050ti 230$

  • Chino Maidana

    In argentina : 1050ti $325 dollars. RX 560 oc $254 dollars

  • TheHeartyBanana

    RX 560 cuz right now 1050 ti is 190$ minimum 😱😱😱😱😡😡🤬🤯


    My gtx 1050 ti costs about 250$ i am from serbia

  • Bob Vagen

    fucking terrible music

  • Şehmus Bingöl

    In Turkey just gtx 1050 400 dollars.And you are still crying for 80 dollars.SHAME ON YOU!

  • Itzzben

    Meh gtx 1050 ti is 250$ in my country

  • Neeraj kumar

    hello admin please help me with a doubt all this results are with intel processor, my question is if we switch core i5 with reyzen 5 1600 hexa processor, the results will opposite?

  • TeZa Talks

    Where is the core clocks ?Did you put the RX 560's power limit to %100 ?RX 560 is actually %7 better than 1050 ti.

  • Noob Destroyer

    1 year later, and the 1050ti costs twice as much lmao. On Amazon there is not a single 1050ti for less than $200 US. The RX 560 4GB is no better either, at like $150 or some stupid bullshit

  • Arko Biswas

    Laptops having rx 560x are much cheaper...and i can make do with 720p......

  • Erenay Aykurt

    560 850 turkish liras 1050 ti 1300 ....

  • ScottishBawbag

    Lol in UK I got rx for £20 used and it works flawlessly


    thanks.. great video

  • CruCiFiX Offcial

    is 10$ worth the buy ?



  • Zhang 1502

    ahora la 1050 ti vale un 30 % mas

  • Jüri Paberit

    Idc still using a gtx 1050ti

  • Dragonzer

    $200 more for 10 fps? No tnx.

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