No more blockchain drivers! Cast XMR 0.9.2 Electroneum or Monero

In this video, I will show you how to get rid of the blockchain drivers and run AMD Adrenalin Edition 18.3.4 with the newest version of Cast XMR and maintain the full hash power of the blockchain drivers... Without all the blockchain headache! With additional hash power over the old XMR Stak config. On Vega 56, 64, RX 470/480, 570/580 cards.

Powerplay Reg edit file used:
  • Larry F

    Have you tried using the OverdriveNTool.exe for voltage settings?

  • Arsene Radu-Nicusor

    Outstanding job.Thanks for all the info.If you don.t mind me asking,what is the power draw of your 5 Vegas?Thanks.

  • Jimmy vANDEKRUX

    nice video..its usefull...dankee

  • TC

    Save yourself a lot of time and use OverdriveNtool to OC , Wattman Lag sucks..

  • KYGamer

    I tried switching to the new 18.4.1 driver from the blockchain drivers... I get Radeon Settings do not match Driver version, this is a common problem people are experiencing with these new drivers..

  • Yiu Chung Wong

    i have a Ryzen 3 2200g as well as 4 vega56s. I always get TDL blue screen and I suspect it's the Vega8 on the Ryzen that's causing trouble. Is it possible to just not use the Ryzen (CPU + iGPU) at all in Cast XMR?

  • Marlon Bussey

    I'm getting "error unknown_error calling clgetplatformids for number of platforms" wjen loading gpu kernel.

  • cnapmak1983

    Liked, Sold video guide but so quite, my TV volume is at 80% to watch this.

  • TIhomir Pelov

    i have 6 rx 580 rig and i cant make all my cards work, the one the is pluged to the display is notmining can u help me how to fix it

  • ThePandaBeat

    Hey man, I'm using:4x Vega 64Cast 0.9.2Adrenaline 18.3.4 March 23Your SoftPowerPlayAnd your same exact settings in Wattman......but my cards hash at 1650-1750... :'(Any idea of what I may be doing wrong? I followed your video step by step, at least 6 times now. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Ian Yates

    So pleased I found yor video's... Great help! However, you don't cover a mixed array of Vega's... I shall be trying to setup my rig ith the v64 and v56 I've been mining with for a couple of months now...I decided to begin upgrade by installing new vega FE, into slot 0, V64 in slot5 and leave the v56 till later, which will be installed on a riser on slot 3 or 4. I don't really want to cram 3 Vegas onto my MB, as they leay only about 1/8th inch between cards... I have tried several driver/miner configs so far, but my fans and temps are all over the place...Do you have any recommendations for upgrading dual Vega system to 3 vegas including one FE?Afterburner does not seem to be able to appl settings to FE... is there a reason for this?Any help would be great???

  • José Pereira

    Hi put : -ratewatchdog --fastjobswitch for better performance ( i see outdated job in your video) :)

  • lazy gooner

    I cant seem to get the xmrstak to work, so confused with that miner. I can only get 450h on each thread. Dont know what i am doing wrong, searched all help but cant setup the bat file for it or the amd text files

  • Ryan

    After adding the power play tables my hashrate hash dropped over 400 hashes per card, any thoughts? 6 vega 56 asus strix hynix. It also freezes up constantly.

  • lazy gooner

    Please make a video of setup xmrstak for vegas. Thanks

  • Jeff Bowman

    your volume to low, man

  • Paras dabas

    pls help when i tries to run the bat file after the "loading Kernel..." program just close automatically no matter how many times i tried with different pool or changing wattman setting . ihave vega 64 if anyone you know the watman setting for vega 64 pls send me the config or if there is something else i should do pls tell ..thankeyou..

  • Vimi

    I have sent an email !! Please do check and slove my promblem bro (GPU 2 hangs in opencll)????

  • Andrew Tang

    Hi! Do you install Adrenalin drivers first? Follow-up by blockchain drivers to unlock the wattman or overclockntool? If yes, has your system been stable?

  • Paras dabas

    sir for some time my miner is not mining anything it is showing 0 accepted share and all others are errors can u help me thank you...

  • Yazan Alshawa

    Hi , can i use this guide for Vega 56 as well , i don't want to flash my cards to 64 . Thanks in advance

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