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Please watch: "Nicehash Miner 2 - New Miner Update"

As Requested a Basic Tutorial on Awesome Miner. I will be making video's on more advanced setup's in the future. I hope that this video will give you a better understanding on how awesome miner works.

This software covers:
External Miner : example: Special mining hardware (ASIC), Antminer, Linux based miner

Managed Miners : GPU mining on windows

Mining advanced
Network configuration for remote miners
Configure Cgminer/Sgminer API access
Performance history
Performance tuning for large number of miners
Customize Progress field
Ethereum Dual mining
Rules, API and customization
Introduction to Rules
C# Script API
Awesome Miner HTTP API
Security and multi-user access control
Awesome Miner with ASIC's
Automatic setup of API access for Antminer
Change Antminer S7 and S9 frequency
Setup KnC Titan

Lots lots more. This video is on the FREE edition with 2 miners. If you want to get more miners and more advanced setups you will need to upgrade to higher level.
Here is the site get more info on Awesome Miner:

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  • Kenneth Michael

    HashFlare Bitcoin Mining Contracts still available here: break even within 2.5 months!It's the LAST reputable BTH mining contracts still available as Genesis is sold out and NiceHash got hacked.HashFlare SOLD OUT of DASH, but still has Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and ZCash available for limited time only!

  • SyncedCyberSoul

    When I launch it, (I'm also using ethereum.) It fails to authorize or something. Also, it's changed; you need to put the port in?

  • Michael Van breda

    come and join us on facebook and you can book an appointment with me to help you get everything setup correctly or join us and we can help.

  • creative planet

    I forgot to select the coin, so how do I remove that miner or change the coin, Can't find it anywhere :( !

  • Patrick Jones

    get awesome miner ultimate plus Edition 5000 miners here :

  • SNKRhead Games

    I need help ASAP please when I try to make a new pool can I put anything as the worker name or do I need a specific one help pleaseeee

  • franzb69

    i can't pick which gpu fshould mine. i want just one of the gpus to mine.

  • 4kUknow

    Thank you very much! You made my day 110% better! :D Earning approximately 4,8 dollars with 24 hours of mining with my dirty Gtx 1070 :D

  • razorseal

    Where's the audio???

  • Michael Van breda

    Hi all If anyone needs any help in setting up any miners or configurations. I have setup a booking system as I have loads to get through and this way you can choose a day and time to get my full 1 on 1 service. There are small fees for this service.

  • VeryUkeWow

    For some reason I can't start the mining software. It always prompts me with an error message saying "Failed to initialize logger". I can't find anything on this issue on the web, can you help me please?

  • Clickbait

    Why do you opt not to use Wallet Address? What if I have a luno wallet address?

  • movie plate

    do i need to have ETH in my ETH account before i could mine?

  • Michael Olaniyi Jeremiah

    Thanks for the video, i have been having issue setting up new pool, i'm in Nigeria and i tried using Europe host but i didnt work, it's saying failed to start mining process. Please help. thanks.

  • valentino alonso novillo

    when i start to mine it says BTC donation address: 1AJdfCpLWPNoAMDfHF1wD5y8VgKSSTHxPo (tpruvot) does that means its donating everything or its actual mining?

  • Ben

    That cough keeps giving me a heart attack as your voice is soooo quiet. Ouch

  • nevil alex

    which is better now,nicehash or Awesome miner?

  • dylende

    still cant start mining I dont know what seem to be the problem...

  • Lord Kalvin

    I’ve got a miner working and hashing, but my earnings still show $0.00/per day, $0.00/hr etc... do I have to wait for a block to be found before I see some money?Or maybe some other adjustment needs to be made...?

  • Ayman Mabrouk

    I just started using that miner after the shutdown of nicehashYour video was very helpful..but i rely wish you could help me setting up the balance option where i could see what i have mined before transferring it to the wallet like nicehashi tried using the default api url in coin balance properties window for blockchain ...but i don't get any info regarding what i have mined during the last hoursthanx in advance

  • chris hohenwald

    I'm a total Noob to this mining. I tried to set up awesome miner, but when i go to start, i get errors. In the diagnostics it's telling me that "Failed to start miner process: InvalidApplicationFailed to start miner in Diagnostics mode" Any help would be appreciated...

  • Brophanity

    Open mcafee antivirus and open real time scanning - excluded files and then add the program file to the excluded files so mcafee doesnt try to block it from doing what it does

  • Brophanity

    Open mcafee antivirus and open real time scanning - excluded files and then add the program file to the excluded files so mcafee doesnt try to block it from doing what it does

  • Ivan Trezvyy

    dislike for dumb cough

  • Kwee

    Thank you, Do I need to install others Claymore miner and others miner please ?

  • Ruslan Zheleztsov

    HI,system requirement Awesome Miner ?

  • กีรติ ไสยวุฒิ

    Do You have pool dogecoin?

  • Phillip Crawley

    Awesome miner shows HMQ1725 as the most profitable coin to mine but i just can't get it to mine this algo on my 13 card AMD rig, anyone got any pointers? In fact i've struggled to mine anything but ETH reliably.

  • Jan-jan Fire Fighter

    What wallet should i use for equihash?

  • Escape3000

    So i have 2 rigs of 8card RX570, i'am ok with te free edition?How to get the ethereum you mine if you don't put the wallet number in the setup(new miner)??

  • Samuel Bednár

    can u help me pls ? what is the Weblogin you have to type in when u type in the worker name ? i did exactly the steps like u did but in the end when i start to mine, it says that its an unknown coin or something like that..

  • Tim Swoveland

    The example you gave from Mining Pool Hub to mine Ethereum with Awesome Miner, Normally the worker name is the wallet address, where do your mined coins end up?

  • Sotyka94

    Can youhelp me with this?: "Stratum authentication failed" when i start to mine.

  • Mini Marina

    Awesome miner is legit or scam ?

  • Michael Van breda

    So I have created a new community for you all to join. Its still in the works but u can sign up for free. Share your advice or post questions and the community will help you.

  • BigPaco213

    Do I need to put in a pool?All I’ve done is just plug in my wallet and start mining. I’m using Copay as a wallet.

  • Michael Van breda

    Everyone that needs help please come to our Facebook page and I will help you guys out. If not I will do a live stream to show you how I can setup fiffeeent miners

  • Belekas Belekur

    Yo bro how them miniingpool works can you explain more clearly and put move videos, we could make some business together.

  • htc zeggis

    Smoke more ganja you never sick again

  • Boemtie

    Thanx, this video was really helpfull, i have a nvidea 1070 is it possible to expand using AMD cards and using the same miner? for example a 1070 + 580 on one miner and the cpu on the other miner? or do i have to upgrade to 3 miners then?

  • mark angelo Garcia

    mine is asking manage profit switching configuration?????

  • Royal Gaming

    i always got a troubleshooting

  • wolverine1981pl

    nice video but would love to know how to use custom mining software for like hsrminer for neoscrypt which is much faster then ccminer (3800 vs 5800 hashrate)

  • Ayman Mabrouk

    so do i get paid in bitcoin after a mining sesion

  • Kwisclub TA

    Do you really have to cough RIGHT into the mic?

  • savcob

    keep getting "Stratum Auth. Failed"

  • Mista Nista

    I've found the crack of awesome miner and it's works!

  • uiqbal11

    Hi I have 3 570s set up getting 29MH/s when working one at a time. I have plugged them all in and patched the drive and cant get them mining in awesome miner. Im getting an error saying NO AMD OPENCLGPUs found, exit. Cuuld you kindly help please.

  • Nikky m

    Sorry for off-topic Right now I’m mining Electroneum that connected to nanopool. How do you actually put the email and password for your worker on awesome miner since there is no field provided?Thank for your help

  • Clinton Kane

    Id like to schedule an appointment with you for fine tuning Awesome Miner with MPH.

  • Tim Swoveland

    although I added Mining Pool Hub as a Pool to Awesome miner. It still only shows the Electroneum Pool and not the one for Monero in Mining Pool Hub. What do I do?

  • Arno Grobler

    he didnt pu in any port remeber port add and the port to the back of url :**

  • Timo Kimo

    Is There any software version for MAC OS?

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