RX 480 Aftermath: Power Issue & Over-Hyping

- The RX 480 is a great card for the price (unless you're being slaughtered by tariffs, import/shipping costs, currency exchange rates, etc - all of which I mention at the end of this video). So why are so many people suddenly upset with the card? Well, in case you haven't heard, the RX 480 has a teeny tiny problem with power allocation. Let's discuss that as well as the hype + let-down in this video.

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  • CK!SoundForDays

    I need help guys!My GPU which is the rx 480 keeps crashing mid gamePc Specs:Intel i5 6600k at 3.5ghzAMD XFX RX 480 XXX OC 8 gigs of 2133mgz Ramand finally psu: corsair 450 watt :(My gpu gets 10 mins into the game and then My screen goes a solid colour(Normally Green) With a very loud buzzing noise coming form my speakers. I have to force shut down my pc to get it to stop and when I reboot into windows it is fine at idle untillI a gaming load is put on it.I used to have a gtx 960 2gb which requires a 400 watt psu and I never had this problem. However the rx 480 requires a 500 watt psu but reccomends a 550 watt psu.Should I get a 550 watt psu??If so will it fix it??This is very stressing as I have had this gpu for 1 month now.Somebody please help me out.Many Thanks Adam

  • Iceflower

    eh yes, but ain't every PCI-express 3.0 x 16 slot designed to not pull more than 75W?As far as i understood the total maximum power draw of a component in the slot is 300W. Something the watercooled Vega frontier edition also exceeds with another 75W...I mean, it may be possible, but i am pretty sure the slots are quickly destroyed with such power hungry cards...

  • Dre

    I really need help my games have been crashing with this card. I don't know why I got this card for a better experience but lately its been a nightmare

  • Gábor Szitás

    Fuck i GOT the same probleem fuck me

  • daichan yuji

    1 week after the warranty expires.. my card now have problems, RX480 XFX random black screens, tried reinstalling windows, and crashes everytime I install crimson drivers.. (unlimited black screen) ugggggggghhh!!!

  • Shayan TheThief

    I have the same problem with my "asus dual rx 480 8gb" my computer restarts after sometime and this only happens when the monitor is on.I also have a 980 but nothing happens in benchmarking or putting it to load.all i wanna day is that dont ever buy Amd gpus for gaming.....only buy them for mining if you are in that kinda thing.

  • Dondolini94

    i got one in the december 2016.now i have a 1070ti....

  • dan020350

    my pc crashes everytime i play a game especially VR - do i have to underclock it

  • You Are Dumb

    MSI z170a PC Mate. same problem

  • Bon Charusorn

    I know this is an old conversation but very same incident happened to me in the beginning of 2018 as I did a used parts budget build for Boinc. I was using a pair of 480s on a dual xenon supermicro board with HX1200W and got it working for a month when a random shutdowns began. I could not figure out the problem until I tried with a borrowed pair of 980ti (I later on acquired them). The system have been at full load since with zero issue providing a day of shutoff monthly, It is just too bad that openCl is better on the 480 than the Green card which I needed for my specific application. Anyway, that my 3 cents

  • Taco Slayer

    I have been having host setting stopped working when i play games for the RX 480 4gb. Is there any fixes for it.

  • DamageJackal

    "It was in the 80c ranges, Perfectly safe" - I worry if my 460 reaches 65c. Lol.

  • Apoc Killipse

    lol my Gigabyte AM3--- GA-970A-D3P mobo /8320 fx ---is failing me now with upgrading to the rx 580... even though it has a 8 pin power supply plugin even though i do have a fairly reliable power supply 750 watt antec..

  • jamesrocks9060

    I'm confused, because I recently bought a RX 480 PowerColor Red Devil, and it works pretty well, playing most new games at max settings at 60fps easily. I'm confused because every so often when playing lower end games (Specifically those made with the Unity enginge) I get the crashes that he did. It's extremely confusing because I can play extremely high graphic games such as Dying Light and Assassin's creed, but I can't play small, bad looking unity games... If anyone could help at all I'd really appreciate it.


    /// SOLUTION /// = RUN AMD CONTROL PANEL= WATMAN = GPU / FREQ = SET MIN -5% = AND PROBLEM SOLVED WITHOUT BUYING NEW MOTHERBOARD=================THANK U DUDE but i was expectiong sme real solution since after updating drivers this asholes didnt fix this unbelivable u pay them 400EUR and they cant give good product.

  • Shah Zaman

    I have an strix rx 480 8gb edition.My mobo is gigabyte z97x- ud3h-bkPsu thermaltake 650 watt gold certified modular psu .Still this problem is occurring. Can anyone plz suggest me what to do...🙂.

  • Nathan Walsh

    Could I get an alarm in place of crashing? That's my issue and I haven't figured it out since Nov. No idea where it is even coming from for sure. Pretty much same issue just with an alarm.

  • Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside

    it worked on that board because it had extra power from a connector for the pci-e slots

  • Cristian Sosa

    same happened to me with the R9 200 series... but it got fixed with an update from amd or windows... it may be a program problem.

  • randomguy8196

    Overhyping of AMD product is becoming a problem. First the RX480, now the Ryzen CPUs. I really hope "fans" realise they are doing more harm than good in the long term. People do not like being taken for a ride. You are damaging AMD's reputation.


    Thanks for the video. FWIW - My RX480 (PC Red Dragon - 4 gig - 6 Pin) is matted to a Gigabyte 970A-D3P. It runs at 1426 MHz with max power draw of 142 Watts courtesy of a Corsair TX650 . Fans at 100%. It's got some overclocking headroom but I'm already approaching the 150 watt limit.

  • Batcai Reimond

    fuck that piece of shit !

  • Patrick Nelson

    is this still an issue?

  • Kurt Daniels

    I really like the information you're giving, but would it be a good idea to make an update saying that the power draw issue has been fixed with a driver update?

  • Serj Star

    Rx 580 fixed all the issues

  • limpack1

    "unfortunately politics plays a big role in it"???Are you a libertarian zealot?

  • zabriel velazquez

    having mine returned on amazon, wish i viewed this before adding to my build, wantend a full red build since i purchased the ryzen 1700

  • André Luís

    Does the driver crashing saw in the end of the video happen with the high end mobo? I'm having those driver crashes and its quite annoying to the point you can't play some games.

  • Linto J

    Good review. Amd fixed the the issue with a driver update and tweaks.

  • Hans get zhe flammenwerfer

    so imagine that, they now sell the gtx 1080 for 500 bucks and still make money... you've been conned people!! that's why you should go with amd, even if its shit

  • Petiniaris

    i hate HP because my computer wont let me upgrade graphics card

  • Carlos Hernandez

    what was the point of this video? lmao of course the card will shutdown if u have a fucking 10 yr old motherboard from 2000 or a 400 watt power supply smh

  • evo emperor

    whoa i never thought reference coolers have that ugly heatsink.

  • DanSavesTheDay

    I ran into this issue even after getting my ASUS ROG Maximus IX Code which is roughly a $300 mobo. I loved this card for a while but with this issue and the stress it caused me over the last few days, I think I might be switching to an NVIDIA card. Also great video btw

  • Lovre Lj

    I Have xfx rx 480 gtr black edition and its fine but it have huge 85c on games like pubg

  • Dr. Oid

    Shweew because this is the best in class for my budget build since it's my first rig I'm building so thanks for the info , now I can buy this and not feel bad since all others for the price are 2g at best and don't benchmark well or even get any attention so yah off I go , tho this card is just the default for now since it's a budget build and my games will remain mainly as 2k17 so it won't be high fps demanding say as battlefield 1 , tho that's a game on the list I don't demand Ultra settings across the board just something as decent as the PS4 I am replacing this with not to mention the PC will be used for Android Repairs Development and Testing on Linux for around 75% of it's daily chore.

  • Pc Gamerboyz

    Hey guys thanks for watching my video and please sub for more vids and happy thanksgiving

  • Mikey Larsen

    mine doesnt do this imma put it in a different budget pc and see if it worksthe motherboard is a msi h110m pro-vd

  • Marinolix

    Can anyone tell me the best website where i can buy this for under 250 $ ? Please...

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