MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Gaming Live Unboxing

Before the NDA lifts, we thought we'd show a quick live unboxing of the GTX 1070Ti from MSI so sit back and enjoy the show. Sadly no benchmarks or performance figures but don't worry, they are worth the wait.
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  • Krypt

    The 1070ti should have been released later when the 1070 has came out first,I feel like that’s how it should work since there is no point of releasing the 1070ti at this time where you can get a 1080 or 1080ti for better performance

  • Irishgamer01

    Its priced like a 1080 was a few months ago......... :-(

  • Dank Meow

    Could this work on a 450w psu (and be overclocked)

  • levent ç

    3:21 as bayrakları as as..

  • H'yu Morzhoui

    Fake unboxing. It's clear that this box was opened before

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