Results using 3 GTX 1050 ti cards for Ethereum mining

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  • Mario Passendorf

    For mining ether or Zec waste of space

  • Williams Agcaoili

    Right now, those cards makes about $8/month after electricity at .12 cents, BTW, you have to use a wattage meter connected to your computer to get the real cost of electricity

  • Politically Correct SS

    So how much time would it take to pay of 3x1050tis while mining etherum or any other altcoin?

  • YoshiMints

    At least us gamers will win in the end when the bubble pops... I crave the day when you miners loose money, property, and life.

  • Marco Panzanni

    I'm not sure I understand how adding the 3rd graphic card will cut the ROI from 4 months to 2.5 months (unless you got the 3rd card for free) it still needs to be added to the total cost. It would remain the same wouldn't it?

  • Rolly Praise

    I only can get 1.2 kH/s on my GTX1050ti I have 2. Why?

  • playman the bard

    all I want to know is did you go for that 2 year protection bra? 1:06

  • MazdeN

    its weird, my inno3d gtx1050ti single fan can do max 15,2 mhs on claymore @@~

  • Pascual Lamon

    14.4 for 1 video card GTX 1050TI or For 3 video card?¡?

  • Ivars P.

    Any of these cards failed yet?

  • Ben Babo

    You should try msi afterburner. I managed to get my hands on some 1050ti evga SC. Some food for thought, zcash favors pascal base systems. I got my cards at about 175-185 sols using ewbf and temp are at 64. It has been going solid for 2 weeks now.

  • GGInfamous

    can you give us an update soon?

  • Camela Andersson

    when you said you get different speeds, check the memory type on the gpu's the DDR5 "Samsung" is the best, but it is random so you can have another manufactoy on the GDDR5's that means you will get lower speeds and they are alos worse to OC. im going to start my first mining rig soon to with 5x 1050Ti's 4gb cards, should be a great start :)

  • Dank Alert

    notice he has minecraft on his desktop

  • Pablo Rodríguez

    The intro is nice, but to long

  • Remho

    is it worth it for the 1050?


    your video is dark bro

  • 16vastraturbo

    how many watts does these use after the overclock? can you underpower and up the memory on these?

  • Mr Rooibos TV

    Do you think I could profit using this card with a 0.08 USD per kWh energy fee? Edit: I already have the card for gaming, I was just wondering if it was a profitable sideline or if I should just turn the pc off when I'm not using it. I have a quad core ryzen 1300x and 8 GB ddr4. I have just the one gtx 1050 ti, but would spend any profit on a beefier GPU

  • jos pets

    Hey AICvideo, Pls suggest me a Best Mining Pool Site for mining alt coins ex...(GOBYTE,ETH,MUSICCOIN) in GTX 1050TI for getting high hashrate.......Bcos neosrypt is best for NVDIA CARDS.thank u......... waiting for ur reply

  • Learning Bass Making Sawdust

    are u using a kill-a-watt to measure and subtract cost of electricity? I 'm getting 27mhs off a single rx480, overclocked in my pc full of drives and well under 400 watts.

  • neel bauva

    Boring explanation i slept during video wew zzz

  • Aymen Guirat

    Haw match you can ern with 3 gtx carts?

  • vRoyaL

    How much you pay for electricity?How much are you making in one month

  • Mario Passendorf

    What memory are used in your cards ?? Hynix ,Micron or Samsung ? you can check it using GPU-Z

  • M. Otto

    what is the average hashrate for each GPU?

  • videoviewer126

    So... 4 months later, what is the result? It's profitable?

  • Cheappy V

    Another question: when your PC is mining, can you still use the computer in any way (browse web etc.)? In other words, does the mining "client" only puts the load exclusively on your GPU's?

  • Gaming XP

    OK wtf is ethirium mining?

  • bfhcorp

    i was about to buy a 1050 ti lp tomorrow and after seeing the benefits it's barely worth it and in the future might be worse

  • Jonny P

    hey I am a miner I have 1 1050ti but looking to add a second how were yo able to use your second one?

  • Abdesslem Dellagi


  • Alain Roux

    HelloHow to have 14.1 mh / z ?? I have a 1050ti and I am at 350 to 400 h / z maximum .... can you help me please.I mine on minergateRegards,

  • MrKenski12

    Hey great vid, are you using a rack for your 3 1050ti setup? Can you share a pic of it?thanks!

  • Alexalex Alexalex

    I'm having 2x1050ti (30,6Mh/s in total) în overclock The memory with +950 mhz boost . My graphics cards are having a 6 pin connector. 50C to all cards

  • endorphin_2x steam

    You probably rich now TBH

  • Cheappy V

    Can anybody tell how much money does 1 x 1050ti gets you Right Now?

  • Maik Müller

    hey man, you could easily get 14.4 to 14.6 MH/S with your 1050s...bring the clock to 1911 or 1898 and see the magic, doing this for a while now and my cards are still good...

  • FsimulatorX

    How much do you get now?

  • Probridz

    I dont want to let the big secret out but you can easily get 15.7 mh/s with this card

  • Auriym

    +900 on memory and get 14 mh/s

  • exptr

    Im running 1x gtx 1070 at 29,7 Mh/s with dualmine ETH/SIA (not overclocking too much). Not making too much sound or heat aswell. Thanks to my R4 tower.Fanspeed = 54%Temp = 73 celcius. Keep in mind with only 1 card, it doesnt make my room that hot. 3 x GPU at 60 celcius is far worse in that matter.

  • ItsKapow

    It's strange this is the only card that hasn't increased in price, anyone know why?

  • VA3DLO

    How much money you make in one day using of these three cards ?I'm using one single of this type card and making little money in my workstation hp xw8600...

  • VA3DLO

    How much money you make in one month mining monero on miner gate with 3 gtx 1050 ti gygbite 4 gig ddr5 thanks...

  • Gempot Molina

    Can i use 2 1050 ti's with 2 1060 in one system?

  • VA3DLO

    hi im using the same gpu just one single 1050t ..I want to know what should I overclock the memory to on on one single gygbite 1050ti thanks..i wanna over clock my memeory so I get better hash rates but don't want to kill my gpu thanks..

  • Nine Percent

    Don't over click your core You need to overclock the memory

  • Jeff Bain

    hey man, how did you get the 1050TI's running together? I have one on the way and want to entertain adding another. My available ports are: Two low profile PCI full heightOne low profile PCI Express x1One low profile PCI Express x16any help is appreciated


    I get a stable 15.8 and highest 16.15 on my 1050ti cards for eth. Put core to +180 and memory clock all the way up. Also Set the priority to real time in tsk mngr details FOR YOUR GPU MINERS ONLY. Will crash cpu mining

  • TheCartoonCritique

    I have 2 msi gtx 1050 and i inly gething 1kH/s some one can tell me why.

  • David Grave

    You guys ruin life for gamers

  • Evian Penge;

    how many watt does those 3 cards use togheter ?? . i want to know if a 500w evga will do .cuz i have a 460watt bronze psu and it keeps restarting when im mining .i dont want to buy a 600 or 700 wat cuz its more expensive

  • Arthur Arcayan

    how much do you earn in each 1050ti today?

  • myantispambox

    Get 1060s, you can get 22.1 MH/s instead of 12.

  • Marcel

    is it worth to get cheap 1050 ti's (13 Mh/s each) like 5pcs instead of 1x 1080 ti (35 Mh/s) formining? 5x 1050 ti cost like $30 more than a single 1080 ti and powerconsumption combined is the same like the 1080 ti. I dont know how overclocking/undervolting is changing this calculation

  • Adrian Lau

    if i can get a 1050ti for $120 USD each, do you think it is worth it to build a mining rig?

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