Asus ROG Strix GL502VS Review (NVIDIA GTX 1070)

Lisa Gade reviews the Asus ROG Strix GL502 15” thin and light gaming laptop with the new NVIDIA Pascal generation GeForce GTX 1070 8GB DDR5 dedicated graphics. Thanks to Braintree for supporting our channel: to learn more about them, and for your first $50,000 in transactions fee-free, go to

Read our full written review of the Asus ROG Strix GL502VS here:

This is one of the most powerful 15.6” laptops on the market, which is particularly impressive since it weighs 4.93 lbs. (2.2kg) and is 1.2” thick (30.1mm). The notebook has the Intel Skylake 6th gen Core i7-6700HQ quad core CPU, 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM (32 gigs max) and a 256 gig PCIe NVMe SSD + 1 TB HDD. It has a bright 1920 x 1080 matte IPS display with G-Sync (4K option coming in the future). The notebook has an aluminum lid, a red backlit keyboard and passable stereo speakers. This config sells for $1,699, and lower priced configs will be available. Our model is the GL502VS-DB71.
  • Cris Garcia 6

    can you replace the battery. to add more hours of battery life? how can you extend more battery life

  • Nikko

    Please do a review of the new ROG Strix with the Kaby Lake CPU 1060/1070 GPU. I'm planning to buy one I hope I could get some input from you :)

  • K

    DVD drive? Any way to play games tat r on discs?

  • Stevie Boy

    It's pronounced AY SUSS or ACE USS like "making a fuss" not ASOOOOSE.

  • zGamersNetworkz

    It would be nice if they could make this kind of performance in a sleek laptop, not all those flashy lights, paint and shapes. Just a plain black thin laptop. I would like a laptop like this for university but I don't want it to stand out, it looks childish. This is nice on a desktop or something or a laptop you use at home but not one you take with you in public.

  • Hard Core

    If I manually turn off the dedicated GPU [Control Panel > System and Security > System > Device Manager > Display Adapters > Right Click video card and click disable], will it save some battery life? If so, how much roughly? I'm looking to gain 1+ hours above 3.5 hours doing productivity work. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

  • Isaiah P

    should I get this the one I see on amazon has an i7 6700 1tb 250gb ssd and the graphics card she mentioned

  • Charles Balliet

    im curious about the G702VS specifically GL702VS-AH73 does it have the 3erd fan? does bing 17in improve thermals?


    is the monitor 120hz capable at gaming?

  • Ioana - Alexandra Toma

    It would be really nice to see a review for gl503vs or a comparison with this model

  • Lance Mclaren

    The 10 series does not have m variants

  • Blood for Mercy

    This is my first time watching a woman doing a review

  • MrTacticalinuit

    Gotta put a company logo on the back lid. The orange accents are acceptable but not that huge logo.

  • kinglouiexx

    Can you use the usb c to connect to an external display? (Or can the usb c be replaced on this machine?)

  • Stephen Pacholick

    I have this laptop but with the 7th generation i7 processor not i7 6th generation and its an amazing laptop I have to say. I have been able to run all my games on ultra well over 60 fps. I'm in college and I'd say its a super portable laptop given the power this thing can dish out.

  • SpykeTutorials

    please review the Gigabyte P37x V6 !

  • Myronas Koulas

    I stopped watching when she said gtx 1070 M

  • adel AL-JRY


  • Bryon Feliksa

    My biggest frustration with this laptop is that the USB-C port is not a Thunderbolt 3

  • pawellochowski

    Got the laptop because of the recommendation. The first unit I bought was completely dead, the second one is overheating like crazy. Take a look on Asus forums, eveyone has heat issues. Skip this one, waste of time and money

  • Marts Forrell

    and what about the audio card? is it good? i am a new subscriber!! :D

  • MrTatouA

    I have a question for you MOBILE TECH REVIEW, can i upgrade the integrated battery on this asus gl502vs for a higher capacity for more hours. And yes i know, this is suppose to be a stationnary laptop and not a mobile one but i just want to know. thank you

  • Jon Stock

    Anyone know if the 4k UHD is available? The only listing I have found is from Amazon Denmark. is claiming 98% Adobe but the other panels don't have that only the 4k.

  • aadarsh prasad

    Don't get this laptop it's to loud also it over heats this is very misleading

  • MorT

    Should i get this or the Clevo Prostar P650RS-G?

  • Christian Martin

    smackdown Rog GL502VS vs Predator 15 1070 please :D @mobiletechreview

  • Koma

    Hey Lisa! Would you still recommend this laptop?

  • Hugh Mungus

    btw, there's some models of that laptop that have a 120Hz refresh rate

  • Myronas Koulas

    I stopped watching when she said gtx 1070 M

  • BrandonIsLost

    Its not a 1070m. Its just a 1070.

  • skater15153

    There is no 1070m. This is just a 1070. Same chip you get in a desktop...

  • Mario Varfi

    So is this guy worth getting in 2017 ?

  • NomaDz2K

    Now I have the ROG GL502VS, a Decent ASUS 24" low input lag , decent razer keyboard, a nice G502 maybe I should return to some PC gaming ]-)

  • Kewei Zhang

    Where can I get this model? Bestbuy only offers the silver one. I like this black one.

  • blacksunaccounts

    so if i turn off gsync it will use optimus right?

  • Dark lord

    "A shuush "

  • Ivan Savelyev

    Hi, is it worth waiting for the 4k version? Will the HW be capable for 4k gaming on this system?

  • Mark Wood

    Great review review 🤘I've just shortlisted the "newer"? GL502VS-GZ392T  (spec at end)I've always been very biased that 'laptop' and 'hi-spec gaming' don't belong together ! Jaded by the early gen gaming laptops always being an extortionate disappointment... Now I have need for a powerful laptop that's capable of running drone navigation software and controls, video editing and handle new age games for some years to come! Without melting through my car bonnet or grinding to a halt when i try opening Word in 18months time?Games such as fallout4, the anticipated fallout 76, ESO, ES, EFT, WOW, Prey, Destiny, Battlfield etc. Oh, and Flight sims to boot 😁Will it rock my boat or sink my ship (again 😞)?Spec:i7-7700hq24Gb ddr4128Gb ssd 1Tb GTX1070 Argh, pre-builts... Why so many slight variants of of the same damn model 🤪

  • Lina De Smet

    Precisely aspect automobile Islamic welcome guidance look.

  • Harvey East

    So I just bought this laptop but Idk why there were no lights in my speaker and logo(like it was only printed) in the corner of my keyboard. And my keyboard has no orange color too. What's the difference between your ROG GL502VS and my ROG GL502VS? Now I think I bought a fake one. But the specs are still the same. It just bothers me that my touch pad also has no lights.

  • Brooks

    Something weird, i did benchmark on far cry primal and i have same laptop, i got 68 average fps also you're vram usage is 35% but mine is 28% also less frames rendered, why?

  • Waseem Khan

    best reviews from Mobile Tech Review!

  • D0d.

    Is it still a good laptop to this day ? I'm kinda of worried about the plastic bottom shell, looks very flimsy and not very durable.. Is the Alienware 15 R3 still having the infamous overheating issue ? I'm torn between those two :(

  • Zeyad Aqeel

    After two days been looking for reviews of this laptop ive finally landed here. You really give me the feeling of the product as much as possible with your videos! No fancy lighting and camera angles stuff and you work it!Thank you and keep it up!

  • SoftieFTW

    where can I find this?

  • andrew black

    The new Razer Blade (late 2016) vs Asus ROG Strix GL502VS PLEASE!!!!

  • Jacob Bilek

    The 1070 has around double the power of a 980m, and the "m" in "1070m" should be dropped. It is treated as a full card rather than a mobile one.

  • techno.tut

    can i output more than 1080p with external monitor.

  • none of your business

    Can't they just make a matte black gaming laptop without ugly, flashy accents? I don't want bright orange rubber feet, logos or wasd keys. It looks ridiculous.

  • Marek Minda

    you DO feel 60+ fps on a 60Hz panel...

  • Coffee Break Hero

    That add though wow lol


    my 1gb ram intel pentium will hammer this laptop by miles

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