CPU Mining Performance Boost - XMRig Tweaks - Followup to Previous Video

This is just a quick followup video for my previous one on mining with a GPU and CPU. I received some very helpful comments to increase the CPU mining performance with XMRig and thought I would pass those along to the channel. I hope you find these tweaks helpful.

Previous video (watch this first for full setup):

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Please like this video if you find it helpful; leave comments below to tell me what you think. Thanks! Happy investing and God bless.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser. Please do all of your own research. I am not responsible for any damage done to your computer. I am not responsible for decisions you make regarding how you spend your own time or money. I am simply a hobby miner who likes to share knowledge.
  • sharki11

    My xmrig keeps stopping after about 30 minutes, it just says press any key to continue and then closes


    You are back doing good videos again! Thanks Goose

  • Mindf Flush

    Hey Goose. Great video help a lot. have a question tho. How can i increase the number of core used my ryzen can use 16 but right now awsome miner use only 8. Thanks Again

  • hulk hoggan

    HI mate, hows you ? just let you know got my rig set up, 6x gtx 1080 .all going well with the help of you for your advice ..cheers

  • PC Gameplay

    Enable_ht=true in extra launch parameters at the bottom and 0 in less threads at the top is something to try if you haven't already. It gave me a good boost when I first used it but nothing seems to help much now. I'm down from up to £2 a day a few weeks ago to as low as £0.09 on CPU alone. My 480 has been getting even less than my CPU some times. As low as £0.06 today. I must be hacked or something because this cant be right. And Nicehash keeps switching to dead options that just freeze at 0 and stay there without even switching to something else with more profit than 0 like its supposed to.

  • r0y4l69

    Hello can you tell my why you are mining ZCL and ETN and not ETH and XMR?I am realy no pro but im interestet why you are doing this and if its more profitable thanks :)

  • Stefan Fahlberg

    Hi, I'm new to this and followed your videos and been mining eletroneums for a day now, but how/where do I see how much mined? I don't see any profit anywhere and wallet empty.... Expected to around 2 coins in wallet by now?

  • Imon Matias

    Works man! Thanks, how about for zcash mining, im using ebwf miner, however dsdt gives more hashrate but only works for me for an hour then crashes.

  • Peter Ras

    Why don't u show us how to setup the xmrig.... its so confusing here...!

  • Noidon

    You are the best. My i7 5820k boost from 210 to 400 plus H/s right away thanks.

  • trevor leonard

    Doesn't work in 64bit windows says not required

  • Garry Nutter

    Awesome video not sure what to pick for Intense coin. Could you help please ?

  • mark wayne

    i added the folder to exclusion but im still the same error message when I click start ......my gmail is wayne8430@gmail.com

  • wael reda

    Please your opinion about EXRNchain token

  • Pavel Jelínek

    My advice is go for an external miner and mine DIRECTLY these miners ARE stealing hashrate alot - not a nicehash miner but i doo not suggest him as well since yoo cannot edit the miner settings when mining at nicehash program.. Again, instead mine directly on nicehash pool and edit settings.. The same thing for minergate (also good pool)

  • Wak

    have a i7 7700k can't get it to go past 150hs >< but nicehash has me at 380 with an 18% oc must be doing something wrong on awesomeminer ><

  • M-4 KILL

    I have this program virus version, how uninstall? help

  • Nikky m

    Does this work with cast-xmr?

  • ahmed khaled

    i tried that and its still writing for me : Huge page : Unavailable , disabled iam using windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit , what is the solution please help and thanks.

  • Investo in Cripto

    Thanks man You are the Most Monster off Mining!!But in my bot dont start if i change ( --max-cpu-usage=N ) i had try like this --max-cpu-usage=60 to reduce the CPU using....but with this the program doesnt start....without yes like the firsth time.My problem it's than my CPU run at 100% and the temperature it's from 70 °C to 82 °CI want run less with CPU, because i'm mining in the same PC Wondows with 2 Invidia 1080 tooThanks Man

  • Scott Wissler

    Which version of the paid Awesome Miner do you suggest?

  • street35z

    I manually added the 75 percent to command line and it made the hash higher and more stable --max-cpu-usage=75 ,anything higher than that makes the processor use 90% and higher and not stable for using your computer for anything else at the same time. I read that CPU affinity settings in command line might make hash even higher but not sure what to put in there for my FX 8350 .This is what it says on Github --cpu-affinity set process affinity to CPU core(s), mask 0x3 for cores 0 and 1 .I also added --cpu-priority=5 to command line that brought up hash some and made it more stable. You can see all Options to set in XMRig CPU at this address -> https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/blob/master/README.md I have a few more things that seemed to help bring up hash rate /One was to add -i 3 to command line for mining anything that needs to use claymore miners and the number 3 can be changed to 2 or 4 and see which one brings up has rate and stable. I went from 80H/s mining zcash to 130H/s after the -i 3 added to command line. Another thing if anyone has AMD cards,look in Radeon Global settings and There is GPU Load which can be changed from Graphics to Compute and that might help stabilize hash rate changing it to compute since your using your GPU to crunch numbers and not play games.

  • mark wayne

    Great videos..... Can i mine on more than one cpu(pc)

  • KC Chen

    Nice hack, up from 80h/s to 150+ on an i7-4710HQ. THANKS!!!! But the --donation-level=1 did not work. Antivirus program won't let it run. I had it in mining pool hub sat as 0.1% since day one. Would that the same?

  • German Rojas

    Hi Goose. I downloaded Claymore's CryptoNote CPU Miner v3.9 and configured it as User defined software in Awesome. I observed an important hashrate increase (220 H/s vs 150 H/s) in relation to Cpuminer. May be a special case of my CPU (Xeon E3 -1240 v2 l 3.40 GHz) but I think you may be interested in test it.

  • Michael Burgstaller

    thx a lot - from 130 to 275 !!!

  • BlazinBob Childress

    I been trying to learn how to mine but I can't get it figured out for some reason. I started with minergate on my laptop (i3-7100) and get 49h/s on xmr so o then downloaded claymore for CPU and I got it connected to the minergate pool and it gets 42h/s, so then I watch a mining pool hub video and connect claymore to mining pool hub and it just says invalid shares Everytime so I try ETN instead and it won't connect. Then I try awesome miner and can't get it connected so I try jce CPU miner and can't figure out the batch files and stuff in the folder so I am just about ready to give up. Currently just running plain minergate for 49h/s

  • Alexandre N

    --donate-level 1 Just helping :D

  • Magik

    Can this be done with Windows 8.1?

  • Kamal Taylor

    I have a question, When I check task manager I show my GPU% is never goes by above 5% shouldn't it be closer to 100% if I am crunching numbers?

  • TheFarix

    My version of Windows 10 (which part of the free update from Windows 7 Home in 2016) does not have "local security policy". Is there another alternative?

  • Henrik Vester

    This was very helpful – good video

  • Wasp0

    Wow great Find Goose....From 434 to 559 (AMD 7 1700), although with the vertical fall in Crypto currency, i can't see it is now worth running a CPU miner (Returns v Cost to run the damn thing). Lets all hope Crypto starts to rise again, and FAST!!

  • chuckguy17

    Thank you. It worked for me. My Cryptonight hash on my i7 went from 170 H/s to 215 H/s. Very interesting! This is with Nicehash V2 too.

  • Khabib Mubarak

    how abou gpu miner xmrig NVidia contain virus Burs!t ?

  • MalRekkie

    hi goose..how to set the gpu miner to 1% also..or wghat is that default %/?

  • lickcarpet

    Thanks a bunch. Went from a 700h/s to around 1100 with these tweaks on an out of the box TR1950x

  • beg4mercy

    You must have windows pro to have the local security policy.

  • cccalhoun

    So thanks for getting me into mining. I started off with Awesome Miner via your guide and noticed the same hash increase when switching to XMRig.You can also set up XMR-Stak (and not have to use awesome miner) using the same information you had us create for MiningPoolHub — it will automatically utilize your GPUs and CPU at the same time. You can even set your own affinities for the CPU (which tells the program how much of your CPU processing power you want to mine with).I went from 750 h/s on your original guide to 820 with XMRig to over 900 on XMR-Stak on a, i7-6700k and a single GTX 1070.XMR-Stak has a 2% dev donation that you can remove if you want to, but 2 minutes out of every 100 is nothing. That's 15 minutes every 24 hours, so I just leave it.Also, if you have Windows 10 x64, you can enable "lock pages" in the group policy in Windows. This allows the mining algorithm to not have to write to the hard drive (page file) and can keep what its working on in RAM memory. Since the Cryptonight algorithm is designed to work in memory, this will drastically increase your CPU's hash rate.

  • Walid Moussa

    Thanks, man that was really helpful.

  • The GhastlyGamer

    i tried this on my laptop and it worked and my temps are fine actually and i like tripled the speed. my problem is i have a i7 7700hq in my laptop and and i5 3500K in my desktop and with both of them using this trick the i5 gets about 70 to 80 more hash/sec than i7. how is this possible?

  • arjun kathait

    After moving bitcoins, activate your windows.

  • Sergio PALACIOS

    Another great Vid Goose. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete any of the things you highlighted. Thank you for posting these easy to understand Vids though.For some reason when I enable XMRig CPU Miner and then click start, I get the Antivirus message and it won't let me start mining. I don't know why I get that message since I already Added the AM folder to my Windows Defender like you stated in the video. Maybe I need to add a very specific file(s) to Windows Defender.I get the same Antivirus message when I type in the command lines. The one for donation and the one for CPU % usage.Finally, I do not have access to the Local Security Policy thing you did. I was going to try the suggestion you typed in another comment: http://awesomeprojectsxyz.blogspot.com/2017/11/windows-10-home-how-to-enable-lock.htmlbut I think I need to have XMRig working first.

  • Mass Affected

    what is your power usage?

  • Randy Carriere

    Thanks Goose again with a amazing video my hash went up from 160 to 260 Thanks for taking the time to make these vids.

  • james smoth

    I have gone threw the steps for lock pages in memory along with restarting the computer But it still shows as disabled/unavailable. Using win 7 64bit pro. Also, what are all of the coins that can be mined with the CPU that are worth mining.

  • CryptoWarrior

    Thanks. I'm mining on an itsy bitsy too. IBM Think Center M92P. i5 processor 8GB RAM. Power supply is from a laptop @ 19v 3.42A. These tips bumped me up from 14 cents per day to 37 cents per day... !

  • mdmeyerpfa

    What CPU temp do you think is too high?

  • Goose-Tech

    For anyone with Windows 10 Home, you may consider following these steps to enable Huge Page support without the use of gpedit: http://awesomeprojectsxyz.blogspot.com/2017/11/windows-10-home-how-to-enable-lock.html

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