How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With 6X 1080 Ti Beginners Guide

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Nviddia GTX 1080 Ti -

6X GPU Mining Rig Case -
PCI-E Raisers -
1000W EVGA G2 Power Supply -
SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB Solid State Drive -
4gb DDR4 Ram -
Asus 6 PCI-E Motherboard for LGA 1151 -
Intel BX80677G3930 7th Gen Celeron CPU -

Total cost: Around $7000+
Profit: $45 - $55 per day.
Electricity Cost - $120 Per month.
Profit per month after electricity cost $1230
ROA in less than 6 months.

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  • JordanPlayz

    6x 1080 Ti's Uses celeron

  • Guillaume Thibaudeau

    that’s a really shitlygiveaway: i prefer not share than share and win 1050ti

  • Tom Tech Talk

    Bitcoin price bump is something that helps those gpu companies advertise their products. After they have done, bitcoin price go down and down. Even at it highest price in 2017, you made very little profit. The thing is, people started to mine bitcoin when it was 15000$ with a hope that it would go 50000$ at the end of the year. Like no one would sell it at that moment lol. Are you an idiot? Why would you sell something that will double its price in the next few months. It’s been two years and now bitcoin is 4000ish. Unless you’re lucky to bought bitcoin when it 500$ and sold it at 15000$, your profit is negative. Everyone I have ever known, seen, heard,... about who related to cryptocurrency are fucked at this moment Guys. Please get a fucking job. You can make 100$ish a day without any degree. Don’t waste your time on cryptocurrency. It’s a scam. There is no such easy money.

  • mike hunt

    This another HOW NOT TO BUILD A PC. So many basic errors.

  • Jack Loveridge

    But can it run crysis?

  • Chilongqua

    6 1080ti miners make 5.33$ worth of raven coin today1/3 that after electric bill

  • vRaiins -Fortnite

    You should buy me 1080 please

  • Faisal mustafa

    What price of all things

  • Vincent Lederer

    But can it run crysis?


    in 7 months or more if the price of the btc will get higher you will get profits gg :D

  • 2-SpaZ-4-U

    Should be banned. Lets show how to take a huge dump on the invironment to supply the energy for this kind of stupidity.And also like others have have mentioned, prices are now so hi that gamers cant get cards to a decent price, and use them for what they are actually meant to do.

  • Denzal

    How much would a Vega 7 make instead?

  • Gamesta

    $41, thats without the eletrical bills.

  • Can Saruhan

    I wish you make a lot of money in the future, nice video.0x4e59be0369365be0e4c12e709d0da6b024bb83ad

  • Carlos Alvatado

    Till this day he hasnt recovered his investment.

  • Hazmate ]

    Your channel ruins gaming I hope crypto currency falls out over night

  • The real Dennis Pr0ud

    6x 1080ti's but a Standart 1024x768 6Hz Monitor lol

  • Sten PlayZ

    Yo I’m getting a gaming pc my first one my minimum is nvidia GeForce GTx 970 I’m 11 lol my first gaming pc and you just bought a nvidiA GeForce 1080 ti!!, 😱😱😱

  • Cooper Bailey

    Thanks for helping out the gaming community know we're broke whenever we try to buy a gpu

  • SoulReaver

    This build is wrong in so many ways

  • Jerenator

    Where are the sli decks?

  • Royal Eclips

    YouTube recommendations tryna provide me with a future

  • Heenessey

    a celeron running 6x 1080ti? thats some serious bottleneck

  • 何俊烨

    Why you choose that stupid CPU?

  • DigitalPlugged

    i wonder why people these days still mine with graphic cards you dont get a shit of a hash from these things. asic rules

  • Astro

    1st step to cryptomining, but mining specific cards

  • Jess Not Litmit

    Nobody:This channel: 6:33*Everybody commits suicide

  • dylan stout

    but can it run crysis?...

  • Waleed _12

    motherf***ers like you made them tooooooooo expensive

  • Blacklightning

    10 bucks it can't run Minecraft over 60 fps on medium settings

  • kancerous keemstar

    RIP dual channel ram.

  • Gucci Ghozt

    You put the ram sticks right next to each other... it’s better to run dual channel.

  • Alan Khalili

    6:32 the ram sticks☠️

  • superconscious

    same power as a grow room and the grow room will out preform the mining rig

  • How Much?

    Guys! Subscribe to me and get the newest news and more mining setup videos!

  • Ather Ali

    Subscribed ... Awesome setup ... Thanks for doing this...

  • Tiffanbrill Draco

    how much is your bill for power ? :P

  • vidio si diks

    Faster where is graphics card or antminer?

  • PenguinCS

    The Issues With This Build 1) The RAM is in the wrong slots, E.g its Both In Gray Or Both In black if you only have 22) The CPU Fan went into a chassis fan header meaning you will get a CPU Fan error on bootOther Then that, Good Build

  • zara moharm

    6X 1080 Ti makes me $36 everyday is that not slow? or is there something am not doing right

  • Hazard 202

    Lol, delete this vid, its over dude.

  • Vicious Lover

    don't use nice hash you potato!


    and also read to pay huge bill too

  • 望月千

    dont be this guy. buy dedicated mining gpus and dont ruin my day with expensive gaming gpus.

  • Tanuj Dargan

    the celeron would bootleneck the 6x gtx180ti oc editions performance by a large sum

  • Kayle Daniel

    got $13,000 from trustedfamilyhackers,wordpress,com they are really good at it

  • Jack Loveridge

    Spends thousands of dollars on 1080ti’sAnd now there’s 2080ti’s

  • Redneck Ricers

    And this is how I can't buy a graphics card. Miners only made em 4x the price ya know

  • Hi there!. Great video. Can you tell me what upload and download speeds you need to operate a rig like this? I haven't been able to find much regarding this.

  • sunburstsun

    Excuse, please, my suggestion (or question):...if there is only 1(!) PCI-E 3.0 BUS with 16 lanes at all - and: if only with 2 gaming-cards (@then 8 lanes each (then please share 16/6))and: there are already then 'micro-interruptions' to synchronize those cards......which has already lead 'gamer magazines' to advice 'not to install multiple gpu-cards' to achievethe best experience.........if i take into account, that the 16 lanes are and have to electronical 'who' is profiting from such a 'down to 4/2-lanes' set-up with a single motherboard???But: shurely i'm wrong, synchronizing computational tasks within graphics are shurelymostly different within cost- and accuracy-dependent computations for synchronizedmoney-computations. Isn't it?By the way: what about the supporting e.g. feeding main-cpu - here its one of the worst publishedever ('celeron').Is it: 'everyone' can mine electronical (pre-deter-mined) anything with a cheap cpu and a multiplehighcost array of under-feeded mid-high-end-graphicscard, sharing 1 PCI-E-BUS?Please have a look at 'real high-level mining' e.g. from China, compare that to this's video-presentation.Sincerely

  • Guang Ming Ten

    Hmm I wonder what I can do with 6 1080 ti nasa computer

  • Marmurel

    speccy does not even show the right temperatures lol

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