Monero Mining with AMD Ryzen CPU - Worth it?

Just got an E-mail from AMD about how the Ryzen processor is good for mining - is it really good for mining? I don't think so, regardless which one you're using.

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  • Leonard Lim

    For sure you have configuration issue.

  • Its IZZY

    Cool..I like ryzen now👍

  • mr fool

    Ethereum miners on suicide watch

  • Ozzy Bogan Tech

    I am using a 1800x and am getting 731HS Cryptonight v7 and 2.7KHs on Cryptonight Light. Did an optimization video and if you follow my steps 1700 should get the same Hs well at least over 700Hs. And that's with Simultaneous MultiThreading still enabled as I game on it to.

  • smasherx

    Try using only 8 treads instead of 16 - this should improve claymore a lot. L3 cache size is too small to support all 16 treads.

  • Lord Junior

    no offense, you do not know how to turn off the mult threading ?????OMG! My Rysen 1700X 4Ghz memory 3000mhz = 670 hash.You also need to change paging permissions in group policies.

  • Gary Stinten

    You look like you were "given a swift warning" across the cheek there.

  • MiningPerfect [ MP ] i9 mining or ryzen 7 ?

  • xsover

    Moner becomes BOTNETcoin.These botnets now about 1/3 of whole monero network hashrate.Difficulty in one month jumped on 40%/ but price still in range 0.016-0.018 from March. PROFIT IN DEEP DEEP ASS. Say thanks to f*ng botnets

  • Jas B.

    Why do you let your wife beat you

  • Nugget Senpai

    goodluck on Nvidia malaysia thing. i saw your face on the voting poll lmao.

  • Hagel Salerno

    i feel like extra the cost over lowest cost ryzen is almost equal to the hash rate of a gpu in the 1060 area, so yea its worth it for another $250 (u.s.).

  • Night Shade

    Isn't Xeon the Intels best processer?

  • daniel najera

    i get steady over 500 hashes on my 1700x

  • gaogle censors

    It says you will make 8 Monero a year how shit

  • CVDINVEST Renato Silva

    I have one System with a R5-1600 non X version, and i can extract 520 h/sec on it at 4,0Ghz, tested during 2 weeks or so. Just for the record, i have several Rigs mining Monero, and one of them has Xeon 2683V3 14C/28T cpu and it hashes around 540h/sec. Conclusion, this video is no representative of real case scenario. It all depends on how configs are made, and other secrets ;)

  • Evan axm

    u can get up to 620 hashes if u set it up to 4.05 ghz and run 8 threaths in admin mode with the claimore cpu 3.5

  • Zhi Hong Gan

    -t4U know how to config or not?

  • Bonifacij Poloumenko

    money from workstation

  • Ram May Channel

    The price to build is not worth it. Except there is motherboard like supermicro which could handle 4-8 processor in one motherboard, so maybe it is worth it.

  • Jas B.

    do not use hyperthreading when cpu mining. Only use even numbered cpu cores. hash rate will double.

  • Sebastian Hakansson

    Sorry but you don't know how to do it.. Use the right program, set "use huge pages" and right amount of treads! Any Ryzen with 20mb L2 cache can mine with 10 treads (even the r5 1600) becouse xmr uses 2mb/tread. Use xmrig-miner and set 10 treads. I get 270h/s with my old i5-2500k@4,5ghz or a xeon e3-1230 (same as i7 2600-non K).A Ryzen with a overclock can get up to 600h/s if you don't use the computer and have no background services running.. Don't make review with lies or when you don't know how to do it please!But maybe not worth it or takes many mount to ROI..But if you have the cpu anyway, might as well use it!

  • Matt Dionne

    i don't really care what n e 1 has 2 say ... i'm building a machine with a ryzen 1950x threadripper 4 mining. i have a friend who just bought a dule xeon server and added 8 gpus and is getting about 6000 hashes/s. i bet him my ryzen machine will out do his xeon.

  • RepsUp100

    Error 404: Vega Not Found.

  • Lars Ericson

    i am using a AMD Ryzen 51600X and i get on nicehsh about 310-320 on base klock... dont have anny custom cooling so i am not starting to do some tinkering...

  • Aditya Singh

    The problem is that you're stupid at configurations!

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