ASUS Z170 CPU Installation Tool

An overview of ASUS's CPU installation tool that they include with their Z170 motherboards, more information on

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  • Daniel C

    I bought an i5 7600k and its not fitting, The box says its intel core approved and on newegg said compatable with i5'sI am not doing anything wrong can someone tell me

  • szivecske szivecske

    When handling a CPU, do not touch the CPU contacts at any time. Place a CPU on the antistatic mat until you are ready to use it. Store CPUs in antistatic packaging. And so the install the CPU in the graf and packet tracer .

  • The UnderBrony

    Will a cpu with this installation tool work on same socket motherboards from other manufacturers?

  • Steve Mack

    GOOD idea, especially given my recent efforts that may have damaged a board (or two)'s cpu pins !What ASUS SHOULD make clearer, is about how to click CPU into tool as you did also.Reason for my search was to double check that the tool remains in place with CPU (it does, as you show) Thanks :)

  • technological singularity

    piece of plastic for retards

  • nambinhvu

    Oh, so it's for idiots. lol I was worried, because I've been building my customers PCs and tossing that thing. lol I didn't realize you leave that shit in there either. The socket already has two nubs that stick out to ensure you put it the right way...

  • lebolyon 69

    lol good to have some dust,oil of finger in gold pins.never touch pins of cpu even new cpu don't have pins like skylake cpu but plane contact but have or not never touch itu can use film on your finger or use bomb cleaner special componant electric/electronic to clean after you touched gold contact

  • Chuck Smith

    did you really touch the pins with your finger? for real man?

  • Tim Cox

    This is a useless hunk of plastic. Any experienced or new builder should take special care when installing a cpu. This is not needed.

  • P.M. Sai Deep

    will touching the cpu on connecting side with bare hands will not ruin it??

  • Diego Garcia

    thanks for your video.

  • The Spear STL

    The GPU tool ENCOURAGES damaged CPUs

  • Rex Yoshimoto

    Not many hardware tech sites show how this is done. They just flop the cpu into the motherboard and clamp the booger in. Since I never used the installation tool myself, I wanted to see how this was done without reading the instructions (deliberately being illiterate). I was surprised to see the installation tool is left inside the cpu block. ? Duh. Anyway, thumbs up to you, bud. Thanks.

  • 42icee

    Awesome...friend had me read reviews on this. I saw a bent pin once on a 486 cpu back in the day (yes the pins were on the cpu not MB back then). Haven’t seen one since. Touching the bottom of cpus nowadays with clean hands wont do a damn thing, just be gentle. Unless your building your unit on the carpet next to your air ionizer, damaging something from ESD is rare as most manufacturers include some ESD protection into the components. Just pay attention, as you should, when doing your build and have some common sense. Our engineers are always interested in chips acting funny due to ESD, but purposely have to cause a significant ESD to cause damage. If the useless tool (yes it is useless) tool is melting then you have other issues. For all those doing a first build...yeah a little nerve racking, but slow down, have some common sense, pay attention, be vigilant and enjoy every aspect of putting it all together.

  • Ethan DeFrance

    Okay so I touched the gold part bc I was following what he was doing without looking at comments. Will it be all good? I went ahead and manually installed my CPU already

  • Kierowca Bombowca

    Use anti static gloves.

  • envyyouu

    i have installed around 40 cpus in my life time without any tools and never had an issue. i used this tool on the weekend for two builds and it bent pins on my two motherboards how is that possible if its meant to stop it from happening?

  • Bob Bobberton

    thanks for posting the video, I did the install exactly as shown and it works. (although it took an amazing amount of pressure to secure the latch)

  • Serj Star

    do u have a link to this board

  • Andrew Richardson

    What kind of screwdriver is required to unscrew that six pointed star screw?

  • Octavio k

    Hello great video:I want to comment my experience:I have Strix z270e GAMING. And was horrible to make the installation of this mobo with this $%&/()= installation tool. First of all installation tool doesn't fit correctly in processor (And i push down to ensure that fits on it) so when i tried to install in the soquet this %&/() drop my processor on the ground. But before this, BIOS and video was not available, i search this problem and several people have no BIOS and no Video with Asus motherboards. Ok after several attempts and one problem (without take off processor) I remove cooler and processor and result was....Bent pins and WORST Burnt processor because bad contact with pins. PLEASE DON'T BUY ASUS MOTHERBOARDS WITH THIS "ADAPTER" you gonna throw up your money (I have i7-7700k)

  • Brandon Brandon

    I have this motherboard and it is requiring A LOT OF FORCE to push the latch down I am scared to fully push it down how much force do you put on it?

  • Daniel55556

    I guess nobody knows about using gloves instead of bare hands...

  • Ramon Quiles

    if your a system builder and use this .. then your not a system builder :P

  • Namdus

    very nice. I got the same mobo and the i5 6600k and I  overclocked it to 4.7ghz with  custom xspc water cooling of course. man this thing is flying. it has a higher single core performance over the i7 6600k

  • Nick

    I find nothing wrong with this tool; it makes installing the CPU a breeze and worry-free.If you want to install it without touching the contact points directly, just handle the sides of the CPU; that's what I did.I don't understand why others are feeling such urgency to despise this useful method.

  • Wallkar Wallkar

    Свистелка для раков.

  • allnamesaretakenb4

    Did he just do that?? Anyways, aren't these kinds of installation "aids" only making a simple process more difficult? You might do as this guy did, touch the nono part of the CPU........

  • fireaza

    Wait, the tool stays attached? The instructions seem to suggest that it pops out when you push the bar back in place. I was confused, since it appeared like the tool was somehow able to pass though the lock like it's a ghost or something.

  • MooTaters

    In my experience from looking at reviews, people often seem to claim bent pins upon arrival. How true it is, I can't say, but I've never bent a pin. I'd say you have to be rather foolhardy to bend pins, yes they're rather delicate, but not insanely so.

  • Dildo Faggins

    Isn't it bad to press the pins like that? I'm new to PC building.

  • Gunslinger 1

    the plastic peice melts don't do this

  • Ryan Sokol

    I put condoms on my hands when using the cpu installation tool

  • Frosty 4252

    you just leave that tool there forever

  • PetrocelliPete

    Make sure you apply lots of gooey and sticky hand cream lotion before pushing the gold contacts of your expensive CPU with your bare slimy hands. The extra grease will allow for easier removal and will double the CPU computing speed.

  • Zack Tobin

    I think this makes things more complicated. Wont be using the tool as its not needed

  • Justin Hart

    What about melting the tool that is now left in place?

  • Ishant Sharma

    Are you nuts? I mean the guy is literally touching his fingers all over the cpu pins....spreading oils, dead skin particles and what not. You're a great pc builder I suppose.😂

  • David Fernandez

    Also how to you clip the CPU to the Installation tool without touching the underside of the CPU ? is that even possible ? would latex gloves suffice if you HAVE to touch the underside of the CPU in order to attach it to the CPU removal tool ?? Could the latex gloves have some residual rubber chemical that is just as the oil on your skin for the underside of the CPU ?

  • xColIcex

    Did Asus say anything about how hot the CPU can get before the tool melts?

  • T1 FPS

    Oh my god use gloves you dumb ass.

  • Blaze Laurence

    this is ridiculous. the tool does not automatically snap on and therefore forces the user to touch the bottom of the processor. Why is this serious question not addressed here? furthermore the LGA 2011 motherboards come with a processor installation tool that includes a small piece of plastic that is placed on the bottom of the processor to prevent the touching of it. Are those missing in LGA1151 motherboards? Mine is the Z170 Pro Gaming Aura

  • Scott Kimbrough

    Don't touch the pins!

  • jared reich

    Dude u touched the gold contacts. You don't EVER touch the gold contacts on the CPU!

  • Makla Bouhlel

    So the tool stays on the motherboard?

  • John Qsak

    People saying "DON'T Touch the pins/contacts" are probably the same people that lay the motherboard on top of the Anti-Static bag when putting the CPU in the board.... only the inside of the bag is anti-static, not the outside.

  • Duckers

    HAHA xD Was talking with one on discord, and as the dude in the video pulls down the pin to lock the cpu, my buddy crunches on potato chips making it sound like the cpu pinds was all crunched xDEpic friggin timing! xD

  • osaka199

    Nigga this pretty much guarantees you BEND your pins, fuck is you talking about

  • BryantCivica

    LMFAO... How do you mess up on a LGA... Must be ultra stupid. Just bought Ryzen and i thought i was going to bent a pin and those AMDs have pins that can bent easily!!

  • ♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫

    touching bottom of cpu if you are not carrying static electricity is not going to do anything unless you have way dirty hands. Oil is not conductive you can see whole system working inside sea of oil. google mineral oil pc ;). other particles in your finger print that maybe conductive is also not enough to make short circuit or affect signals or anything. and plz stop making others worry.

  • Vitaliy Gyrya

    ASUS illustration steps are so cryptic especially when it comes to the protective cover.

  • BlueMoon

    Dont make cheap pins and they wont break or bend. Be careful and dont be stupid and you dont need this.

  • Chris J

    I used this tool and the first time I must not have placed it right because the cpu lock snapped. I thought I broke it but it looks okay and since then I've got it fitted properly with the cpu tool. Will this have damaged the CPU you reckon?

  • Chase Ryan

    I tried to use mine and it makes the tension arm way too difficult to press down. Like bending the motherboard... I havent attempted to do it with out the tool but I doubt that it would be that hard to press with out the tool... I am NOT using the tool. It seems like a great idea but on my first attempt it was the sketchiest thing ever.

  • F De Mascio

    I had to send my ASUS mobo back for warranty replacement & shipped the tool with the old mobo.New mobo did not come with the installation tool.ARG!

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