How long it took to earn back my money spent on GPU mining

"How long it took to earn back my money spent on GPU mining" no description available.
  • LOOLGam1ng


  • James Winsoar

    How is it now the bitcoin price dropped?

  • Brandon vargas

    Fuck you your the reason why gpu prices are so high

  • brian van der werf

    if ur even talking about earning back your investment this thing aint gonna make u rich i rather talk about expending the goal is to make that daily earning more and more and more but that take's sweet tears and hard work the machines always have a value so my money is not realy gone so what is there to earn back on the day that thing start spinning it starts making profit because the system has a pretty stable price in the markt but i am rather more bussy with other things these days just let gpu spin and work on project black box. our secret 🤫

  • K Wang

    Wondering if it's still worth it now.

  • DeadPistolsBrainGerms

    The salty gamers in the comments section are fucking hilarious. "Yeah! Fuck these lazy fucktards driving up GPU prices! Us gamers are saving the world using GPU's for what they're designed for!" No one gives a fuck. To the rest of the world both autistic gamers and lazy miners are fat nerds, but I can clearly see just how much more immature gamers are. BTW, the gaming industry is shit these days. Video games suck.

  • Peter The Pug

    hey, here we found another person ruining pc gaming, great....

  • Greg McKee

    By reading the comments, not alot of people like you. Personally i think it's jealously.Don't blame this guy, blame the trend...

  • Minnesota Outlook

    Do you still have a profit after the big dip?

  • Thomas Roche

    Cash will always be EMP proof. Well..hookers will be too. Choices man..choices

  • pg86131314

    Greedy fuck cock sucker its fuckers like u the reason why gamer like myself can't afford a decent gpu . fucking cock suckers what it cost for a 300 gpu is now 700 and up. I hope that shit starts on fire and burns down your fucking house. Only way u make money on bit is if ur rich and can fill a warehouse with rigs and use solar panels u mother fucker may a 17 inch cock rape your mother

  • Rog Fusionkid

    How much internet data bandwidth do you need to run this rig? What speed net connection?

  • Reno Spann

    Bitcoin Alternative

  • Luis MacDonald

    How can I reach you?

  • TemplarGaming

    “Bitcoin is at 20k” that joke didn’t age well

  • Mr Future

    Why not just invest ?

  • chock man

    Lol @ all these angry gamers. The prices are up, deal with it.


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  • TidmanJ

    99% of the comments are mad af gamers complaining about gpu prices. actually lmao.

  • James J

    How tf are you even powering that? 4 1080ti would flip the breaker on one of my circuits.

  • Haitham Yassen

    i hope your shit catches fire


    I hope all your GPUs burn.

  • Bharath Kumar

    Now mining bitcoin, ETH, XMR is easy with your PC. it takes 1min to create an account.

  • mustafa Alosta

    So do u recommend mining in 2018 with the new cards going out soon 😂

  • Astro Mango

    sick job there man, ROI done plus you have all those GPUs to sell for the same price you bought em for :D

  • issah abdulbasit

    i can't buy graphic card because of dudes like you

  • Francois Montesinos

    Good deal is to sell your gpu half price to ebay then buy new one, like this you buy less gpu for the same h/s then start to make profit against.

  • Edward Clifford-Garrett

    where'd you get $0.06 kwh?

  • Baka Lee

    Pieces of shit like you deserve to fuck off from this planet!! YOU ARE CANCER!!

  • Lines

    just fucking die already jesus

  • Truett Neathery

    Man !! Those comments are telling !!!!! I hope this guy reads these comments !! He may want to rething his sales efforts (maybe like getting a job)!!

  • Zhengyin Lee

    Wow, way to raise the Gpu prices it’s literally people like you that ruin the how pc community

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  • diamond transfer

    Anyone who wants to invest into cryptocurrency. Be a BITCOIN billionaire in mining. Invest with us and get your 200% profit back. Email us at

  • Jesse Ruttan

    You guys are all idiots, this is casual mining, people like this do not affect gpu prices, it's the large scale mining companies like hashflare and genesis mining etc (just using known names) purchasing 1000s of graphics cards not the people like this, please get your facts straight before you blame casual and small miners for price inflation

  • Caroline DD

    are you just a beginner in crypto mining ?? Mr chris dunn TV has the best/fastest miner as for now

  • Saintbow

    You sir...are part of the problem.

  • Zhengyin Lee

    Go back to doing something else

  • Jay Rodriguez

    Get a KIOSK in a mall and do phone repairs like me and have the kiosk built to HOLD these riggs hidden inside the base Kiosks dont pay power fees which means.....BOOM PURE profit

  • Itsjasminestyle

    If power goes out in the middle of mining, what happens?

  • Goyren Add

    I guess this is where why i cant buy a GTX 1060

  • Deer-Dude

    Well BC is less than 6k now. You lost money.

  • Kyren Boblet

    Just another idiot buying up GPUs saturating the market that will dump all his used cards for new prices when the virtual money tanks

  • Nick Balderson

    Thx miners, for making GPUs so expensive!

  • Jack king

    Can you use this "currency", you might be avible to cash out a few hudnred bucks. But if you ahve tens of thousands dollars in cryptos good lucking cashing it out or using it to buy products.

  • Colin Moser

    with that many rigs, are you using to manage ? HiveOS is awesome! don't be afraid of Linux ..

  • Goyren Add

    You are an asshole bitch, i cant buy a deacent pc cause of you, MOTHER FUCKER

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