[Updated] Ethereum PoS: Casper FFG In Depth

Presentation chat log: https://gist.github.com/karlfloersch/8953f7fe3e8fe9cc5d01e78520caf88a

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1fqnjL-2TqXjhHx8k7HRX7eUYnDK83adnlCLLH8Bk054/edit?usp=sharing

- Karl Floersch
  • Joseph Lewis

    Staking pools do for Proof of Stake what Mining Pools do for miners, there’s strength in numbers and greater rewards. Stake United is a good place to stake POS coins: From what I have seen after staking five different coins, Staking United has an easy interface and fast deposits and withdrawals. Stake United has a large number of members and coins, so they have daily ROI, which can be up to 20% daily! Plus they provide compounding interest - which means you get your ROI % based not only on your initial stake, but also on stake rewards received. They also do shared masternodes so you can start building a masternode faster by getting those great masternode rewards while building towards the number of coins you need for a solo masternode. Check them out at https://stakeunited.com/Mufasa2.

  • JulesOP _

    What are the incentives for one to want to become a validation?How can we know that the validators actually know that the target block is valid? The whole point of proof of work is to prevent fraudulent transactions from being added to the chain. The validators have no way of knowing for sure if the block is valid if there are no blocks after it, hence the reason for miners to attach to the longest fork.

  • AustinDoggie

    1:11:00 "When's the Casper ICO?" 😂

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