What Graphics Card Should I Buy To Mine CryptoCurrency?

a short but comprehensive video explaining what graphics cards (GPU) are, what they do, why you need one to mine cryptocurrency, and last but not least, how much crypto can you mine with it?

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  • imabanana

    i have a gtx 970 and had it since it got released just got into crypto mining around 23mh/s and im pretty happy with my payout will maybe buy vertcoins with money too so i can extend the wallet even more

  • Arber Zogjani

    imo 1070ti has a good Hashrate / Dollar =)

  • rotors r russ fpv

    hi mr sotko whats your thought on the sapphire nitro rx580 8gb


    This my shit.... Technology. I love computational power. Time was keeping me away from the technology. Now the technology has granted me the time of infinity. I have been into technology my entire life. Although sometimes you have to wait until both your career and income allow you access to the best. I believe that our education system desperately needs a technology over haul. We need several computers per every student in America...

  • Mikey Gunnzz

    Will two different versions on 1070(one came with pc and pny GeForce GTX) work fine together for mining purposes?

  • David Sassoon

    You say 1050ti has the best ROI. Why are there so many people using 1080ti's?

  • Anon

    You do not go to gulag today comrade

  • Fat Man

    Simple and good explanation. Thank you!I´m starting out with 2 1060 EVGA. 255 usd a piece here in sweden.. decent price!

  • roth66ro

    You shouldn't buy video cards for mining, since this is such a stupid activity, a waste of resources for another ponzi scheme. But I rejoice in knowing that the price of the video cards is fucking you up the ass in the same manner as a gamer, only worse for miners. And also in the fact that all the the Creticurrencies will fall soon back to their real value: a flegm on the sidewalk.

  • conner mcleod

    Nice basics... look forward to more in-depth info... :) have a 1080ti arriving today will mount direct and rise my 1060 (6gb) P.s. the riser('s) still fit(s) beside x16slot mounted cards.. :p big plus being the x16 and gaming capabilities are better.

  • vibheesha velayudha

    waaaaaaat??? wil the gtx 1080 ti give 60mh/s on mining eth???

  • Rondo Cat

    Short answer, NON!!! It now takes a year to pay of the cost of the cards assuming payout for mining stay the same... But payout is steadily getting lower and lower every week so my guess is all those who are using all the money on buying mining rigs now will never make enough to get the investment back. I predict soon all us gamers can enjoy baying dual GTX1080ti`s dirt cheep used when all the mining fools start to loose money and see they will never get the investment back and start selling flooding the market.... But for now I do my part mining with my GTX1080ti getting free money and free heating of my room while at same time help lowering the prices of coins to help bring collapse of the market :)

  • Hans Kristian Ask

    A GTX 1080 costs 50 dollars more than a 1070, should i go for the 1080?


    1080 Ti's the way to go.

  • Jeremy O'neal

    Man you enlightened me to like three different websites. Again great content. Keep it up.

  • eris1992

    is it normal that i've been mining vertcoin for 10 hours and still haven't gotten a share?

  • ludvel 22

    Is it ok to have alot of pools?

  • Joe Adams

    Hey Mr Sotko... I'm looking to buy a gaming pc and a gaming laptop... can you recommend the best brands? maybe even lean me towards a specific model? I really want to mine with them when my kids (and myself) aren't playing... so maybe a couple of GPU's? Thanks for what you do... I really like your channel... inspiring!

  • Mike Neder

    There are some graphics cards on newegg, when you sort by Highest price first, that cost over $5,000. They called Tesla and such. How would they rate by comparison to the ones that cost around $800. Does the hash rate stand up to the high price?

  • Andri Bender

    i have 970,980 and 1080. and the 9 series combo makes asmuch if not little more than 1080

  • Floyd Meyer

    When I add my new 1080ti to my system should I make it my Primary Card now instead of my 1070..???

  • Darryl Adams

    Thanks for the detailed review. I am very new to cryptocurrency and am looking at starting a small mine rig. You video helped a lot. Thanks

  • Phillip

    One question for you. I have a pretty good editing PC at the studio. MOBO is an ASUS with an Intel i7 933. The power supply though is around 400 watts which is fine as it sits now. This system is nothing more than my workstation to edit photo's. I was thinking of putting this in there, to replace my 2 gig GPU.https://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-AORUS-GeForce-Graphic-GV-N108TAORUS-11GD/dp/B06XXJMF19/ref=sr_1_5?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1513214889&sr=1-5&keywords=gtx+1080tiThoughts on whether my current PS will handle this if I mine Vert or any other crypto? I was thinking of trying this out before building a dedicated RIG for a while until I get the money together to build a rig for mining.

  • Joe Kyser

    In case anyone is wondering my 1050 alone can mine anywhere between .00015 and .0002 worth of bitcoin a day. Not mining bitcoin but the equivalent payout. Great video. Should help the newbies for sure

  • anton z

    I'm not a miner yet but i want to buy the Titan Xp from nVidia directly cause it works out cheaper. In the mean time i'm gonna try your CPU mining thing until my Titan Xp comes in the mail:)Thanks for the great advice. My primary goal is an absolutley ~ Retarded high end VR machine:) But I have no clue as of this point in time what motherboards and CPU are compatible with the Titan Xp:).

  • The Vital Source

    Great Info but I have a question that no one has addressed for me yet: If you have more than one kind of card, can you mine with them on the same motherboard or do you need to keep the same cards together?

  • Rhys O'sullivan

    good vid m8 plenty of info in it

  • Eddie Sanders

    Great Job! Thank you.

  • Aaron Rusnak

    With the upcoming halving in Vertcoin does any of your recommendations change in terms of hardware?

  • X_Ultra

    1080ti is my card i recieve with one about 65 hs on one click miner i also get about 5 to 6 a day on nice hash (((

  • Brandon C

    Bro are you in my head I was just considering going and snagging some more 970's off craigslist. I was unsure if it would do me much good. Thanks for the great advice as always! happy hashing!

  • P V

    Too much bla bla bla with less content, video could have been better

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