The $70 NVIDIA GT 1030 - is it worth it? (GT 1030 Review) | OzTalksHW

The GT 1030 performs better than I expected, but it's still an awkward purchase. Should you pick one up for your next budget gaming computer? Let's find out.

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The $70 NVIDIA GT 1030 - is it worth it? (GT 1030 Review) | OzTalksHW

  • Mark Raymund Anorico Araya

    Would you recommend GT 1030 paired with i7 8700 for content creation?

  • Pythonbytes T

    if you 're gonna get one, i suggest maybe the Aero ITX? i use it and works well and runs cool

  • Ted Taylor

    but also i paid 230 for my pc with the graphics card pre installed

  • Christian's beyblade amvs and battles

    I bought one and it looked like I was using windows xp

  • Vikivines

    Please someone help me . I get good fps like 59 fps but when it comed toward 50 51 or 55 fps it lags!!!!. I get good fps but still lags please reply

  • ki rb

    gtx 750 ti beat the gt 1030

  • Trollo lollo

    seriously whats the point of testing this GPU at 1080p its for 720p gaming

  • Paul Delos Reyes


  • KimLeng Cheng

    Thumbs up for good music choice! 😎

  • abdallah sharif

    Does it work for pubg?

  • thunder king gaming

    cant wait to play csgo on 8x msaa 16x af 11080p ultra

  • Sonny Crockett


  • Mark Jordan Ugtong2

    I have all in one Pc Aspire ZC-700G does that gt compatible at my pc?

  • Sahil Mambilly

    This will definitely be worth an upgrade from my OLD GT 210 😅 hopefully.

  • LooseThinker

    Seriously what's the point of this Nvidia card?The high end ones at least can be used to cook stuf

  • DuckyDasher

    How would it run watchdogs 2? Just like gta v?

  • Wesley Bergstedt

    How does this person have only 125 thousand subs?

  • MadIIMike

    As for your question "what is this card for":USA and Europe have really good used component markets, but in India, China and many other markets, you might find a GTX 750Ti costing twice as much than a new GT 1030, and a lot of people there play not-so-demanding titles.Personally, I just ordered a used GT 1030 for 30€ here in Germany (normally go for 50€+ so I wonder if it's broken...) for my Gaming PC as a stop-gap until GPU prices go down again. I wanted to upgrade to a RX480/GTX1060 6gb, but then I took a mining craze to the knee.The issue with my PC is, that it's a old Workstation without PCIe connectors (dual CPU and redunant PSU)... I currently run a GTX 650 2gb with a 2x4 to 6 pin adapter and I really just do it because the 650 sips very little from the connector, I wouldn't want to try it with a 760 etc.

  • h krish

    Subscribed and liked

  • LucianN5

    I'll still buy the GT 1030 since my country's currency is shit and everything is expensive. Still rather use the GT 1030 than RX 550, i mean , only 30W ... that's a lot

  • Denden Ramos

    can i pair it with intel core i7 2600k Quad 8threads 3.40ghz with 4gb ram with no problem ? please i need your help 😭😭😭

  • Gurmeet Singh

    This good for video editing?

  • hoogmonster

    I just come here for the music...nice slooow grooves.

  • The Shadow Man

    Good review, thanks. Planning to get this one for my decade old optiplex 755


    is it DDR 5......sir?

  • Nathan Melo

    Hey man. GT 1030s are supercards. I use them all the time to turn old stock PCS into gaming machines for a quick buck. Dell/HP PCs that have small 200-300w power supplies and BAM. Gaming pc with i5. Buy an old Optiplex for $100, spend $100 on ram and GT 1030 and you are playing every title. $200 for a gaming pc? Yes please

  • Hansbald

    The GT cards aren't supposed to be Used as gaming cards at all. You miss the entire point. The GT are Multimedia cards. You buy the 1030GT (which is even available passive cooled) to have cheap 4k 60hz HDR10 with HDDR2 Decoding not for gamingThis is THE best Card for a cheap 4k media PC since its the cheapest way to get 4k HDR10 Hardware Decoding and Support for 4k blurays (with a specific Blu Ray Drive)

  • BoutchooQc

    Amazing video, thumbs up!

  • Kingy B

    I love my Evga GT 1030 SC's, I mine the shit out of ravencoin with my 1030 rig. The Evga GT 1030 SC mines like a beast great for altcoins. You can buy them for $49.00 per card in Evga's b-stock section.

  • hill

    i baught a 760 4gb for 40$ and its the best thing for me right now

  • Đông Anh Đặng Dương

    I have a question, it's maybe silly. I play game on 19" 1366x768 Dell screen and it's good for me, what is the performance on that resolution? Can I play GTA V max settings with it?

  • Bobby Darko

    Personally I believe this card is geared to HTPC it’s size and power consumption coupled with its ability to play 4K video files makes it a perfect card for home cinema

  • low_end_pc_gamers

    Still better than my 1gb gt 210

  • The Alchemist

    *Not actual gameplay ... :/

  • love kush

    GT - 730 /1030 is for Photoshop , autocad , 3D animation . Not for gaming

  • Kenan Gain

    Hey Bro Your Videos are Great, you are soon Great job All I Want to Ask is can This Gt 1030 Supports Triple Display??

  • Jose Martin

    Is a 980, or 980ti better. I would think so. Maybe even a 780ti is better.

  • Crazy Nerd

    not too shabby for such a tiny card really. if you wanted to make a portable console sized pc you could with this

  • SDFcommander

    Thanks for the video. I am primarily a console gamer but I just got this card for my small form factor living room media PC and it turned it into a pretty decent gaming PC. The low power draw of this card was a must because I can't change the custom power supply. I have an Intel i5 CPU and 8 GB of RAM. I just bought another 8 GB of RAM cheap off of e-bay. I hope the RAM actually works and hopefully I will see some improvement. The build already works well with indie games but I was actually surprised I could run Shadow of Mordor and Forza 6 Apex. Subscribed.



  • KO Combo

    actually if u superclock the gt1030 to 1.9GHz on core (edit: so the max boost clock is at 1.9GHz) and 3.8GHz on memory and u get 80-90fps in GTA5 720p high/very high

  • TheTopper

    On which builds of Windows 7 64 bit can I use the gt 1030?

  • Navdeep Randhawa

    yo can u send me a pcpartpicker gaming pc under $300 that runs the games as well as in that video

  • SirAvey

    Do you think this would be good to start out with then work your way up to the better stuff? I'm buying a prebuilt pc and i found one with this card

  • Alex Blascyk

    people forget emulation really often in low end GPU options. like, buying a del optiplex off ebay and sticking in one of these card can probably run everything up to Gcube and PS2. but i cant deny that a 1050 would be better and not much more expensive. especially when saving money by using a used office PC.

  • Ted Taylor

    idk why people talk so much shit about this card i can run "The forest" on the highest graphics no lag and all my games i run on high graphics the only game that i have ever had trouble with is L4d2 but other than that pubg is good fortnite runs perfect i dont see why people say this card wont run anything but im also on an intel i5 as well

  • Kev Joyce

    It fits in the market because getting your hands on a gtx 750 ti is damn near impossible!! Especially the low profile version ,well at least here in the UK. You could take the risk and buy from China but why take the risk

  • Roberto Patricio Calamardo

    Dude NICE VIDEO!!! Im not your hater or something, but in CS:GO the map was Mirage :)

  • Akash Bhowmick

    can we play gear of war 4

  • Matthew Salmon

    Bought this to play 4K HEVC video in a htpc - for which its the only sub $100 low profile card on the market that runs these codecs on older its totally stupid just to judge this card on game performance

  • SamS dz

    i got a I5 4570 3.2 ghz / intel hd 4600240w psu500 HDD and 16 go of ramin other word , a prebuild pc , does my psu will be able to run everything with that gpu ?

  • Kenan Gain

    Can it support Triple monitor ??

  • Cyglox

    I'm on low budget... So would it be a good buy for me? Playing alot of csgo

  • Marcus Vi Brittania

    do you think i could stream with this card with good fps?

  • Medhavin Kathuria

    Yo can I use this graphics card to play Fortnite , my specs r :Intel I3 3220 at 3.30 GHz Intel graphics 2500Gskill ram 4gbBtw it lags on low settings on my pc

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