One month of mining and selling Monero (XMR)
Over the past month and a half, I have put together two systems which I am using to mine Monero. I chose to do this, as I am in a college dorm for most of my time, which means electricty is free and all the mining is for pure profit. It took about 3 weeks to meet the minimum payment threshold on the SupportXMR website, but it put me on track to making some reasonable profit with these rigs.
  • Ripple Crypt0

    you gave no fucking information about anything fuck you

  • Robert atVitalityStar

    The BR decor matches Monero! coooL

  • James Sullivan

    Hey Dude , It would be smart to work out a way of plugging in Graphics cards and using them as some sort of background process, Look Like ive managed to get to cores up @68hps which is shit, but running on an i3 so probs the issue, any tweaking advice mate?

  • Scott Wehman

    Your bedroom decor is oddly congruent with the Monero logo :)

  • prince kerewi

    interesting...pls i am new to this....and love to mine monero... so please what mining software pools, and wallets to use best for CPU mining , presently i use a sony viao laptop corei5 , 4GB RAM with ATi Radeon Premium Graphics card. although i try mine with minergate and my CPU mining was around 24.00h/s running 4cores. please l need your idea... though i will also love to use a desktop system.

  • Matthew Johancen

    what are you using to mine?

  • Official RyokoBear

    Good presentation! Any thoughts about Monero forks like MoneroV? I want to know professional advice before I go in. Thank you

  • Angel C

    What miner program do you use and what settings do you use to optimize your 770? 2gb or 4 gb?BTC: 1N4HpNJRcDKZy92auXK8AEGKdyAVpkeVsw

  • Ffono

    Any insights on electricity costs to run?

  • Alfred Mac

    Hi Sir , can you share some setting guide details to get 1800 h/s

  • djorkaef

    Right. And today you are making 0 profit and take losses on the electricity bill.

  • Dwayne Smith

    Just got into the mining game. Would love to hear your take on mining monero more in depth. As of now I'm using a AMD rx580 Card, but still have my titan X maxwell i'm holding onto. If you would make another in depth video that would be great. I would like to know your choice of software, pools, and wallets to use. Also if you have any tips on handling hardware for optimization and/or tops with bios, but i know that varies depending on your MB. But nonetheless, love your work!

  • Luz Mar

    Hi, have done the video explaining how to make the rig? I just found this video and i wonder if it is still ok to mine Monero, thanks a lot

  • Light49x Tech Channel

    Hi , I enjoyed your video. Does your net profit account electricity cost . Thanks

  • TheRusschannel

    LOL, hope u sold it all now ?

  • Juanderful Truth

    Like the vid. & definitely want to get into mining Monero! Lets work waiting on vids!

  • jR

    Hello James, my name is Jeff. Is there a way that I could speak with you....I am older gentlemen and I want invest in Monero for my wife and I. My thought to buying Monero, I thought to myself why buy when you can Mine:)Could we speak together. I would really need some additional questions. I am ready to get set up now.............Thank you Jeff

  • vinnie victory

    less auto focus hunting... cas it killed the smartness here.

  • Piotr Doryń

    Hi,How you sold your Monero ? Fee is arounde 0.1 monero. Selling coins for 60usd, fee is 30usd.

  • Sk

    i have heard that moneros transaction fee is high.... m not pretty sure, but how much does it cost to send 0.05 monero to someone?

  • marco b

    What mining pool you using to mine Monero?

  • Oscar Felix

    Monero is trading @ $42 on 2/4/2019

  • Musawenkosi Ngubane

    Hi Sir, how to set up and get started with monero mining? What software/website is used?

  • DopestDope

    how do you exchange that to money bruh? im lost in this area. noob actually. tell me or make a video? like getting monero into usd and depositing it to paypal

  • FiziKs

    i get very triggered when the whole video is out of fucus XDjk

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