Top 5 CPUs Gaming Edition, June 2018

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Top 5 CPUs Gaming Edition, June 2018

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  • William Winn

    Still have my 6700k might upgrade soon

  • Jarell

    My i7-4790k is still super good, i just wish it was able to support nvme m.2. That read/write speed is stupid fast and I need it!

  • Jay Blankenship

    Lol I watched a video about best gaming cpus and some child just included i9s and ryzen 7s, those are not best by far

  • Trix

    I am not really into PC tech, so i will ask here - should i buy I7 8700 or Ryzen 5 2600

  • Overdrive Game

    Is it true Intel's main10 should play nicely with pascal cards? I looked up this info on wikipedia.

  • 92Cope

    Core i 5 8400 absolute trash of cpu

  • wolf gaming

    What 8th generation intel CPU is best for 1080 p gaming

  • Brandon Perez

    how much did intel pay you for this video?

  • Watch or Not

    8350k on sale here 40-50 cdn cheaper (200 vs 240) with the 8400 you can jump to 8700 if you get 8350k can jump to 8700k. Can’t decide between 8350k (price low good 200$) 8400 (230-250) and 2600 (230)

  • cjffjgj gjdhxfhd

    No Ryzen should even be on this list.

  • tonkatoytruck

    You can get a Ryzen 7 1800X for US$239 now. But, the funny thing is. NONE of these processors are a bottleneck in today's games. I will wait till prices fall before spending too much on a cpu or a graphics card now. I can always upgrade with AMD A4 platform for some time to come.


    Whats better for gaming i7 8700 or i5 8600 ?

  • scooty222

    Julian? where is your drink?

  • Shamir Roy

    My processor is i5 8600k

  • Mandip Das

    Can I have 1 of those 8700k? :D

  • Pavan Sai

    Which is the best CPU for '''C S G O'

  • Daniel Magalhães

    That pc is huge holy shit

  • You Maxim

    We need a "best" counter

  • m6u3

    I just built my wife an entry gaming pc with the 2200g and I am impressed with the vega 8 Integrated graphics. runs pretty nice games like overwatch at 1080 low settings, so may need to tweak some other games to lower resolutions to maintain nice fps, but I am impressed knowing that this little beast is running games without a dedicated gpu. Later i probably buya gtx 1060, so far I am really impressed!

  • TheReaper

    this sucks. i'm not looking to saved money. Why is this video in my search first?I'm looking for the best CPU for gaming. Say all CPU's were FREE!! which one would you pick for best FPS performance? I kept searching in google and all I got was stupid VALUE CPU's and i'm like dammit! VALUE VALUE VALUE!!! not everyone is in welfare you know.

  • jordan couturier

    I'd rather not replace my motherboard for Ryzen. My z170a is still top and even though I do lots of design work and multitasking on my PC, even my i5 6500 handles that amazingly already. If I'm gonna upgrade, it'll be to an i5 8400 considering they are waaay more powerful and dirt cheap lol.

  • Hardware Unboxed

    If this is your first time visiting the Hardware Unboxed channel and you’ve quickly jumped to the conclusion that we’re bias towards Intel (Intel fanboys) or even worse paid off by Intel, then I’d encourage you to do a little more research before firing off a comment. We do our best to be as neutral as possible and look at our benchmark comparisons from as many angles as possible. It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway, never ever have I (Steve) or anyone associated with the Hardware Unboxed channel taken a dollar from either Intel or AMD, never have and never will. Half the time Intel doesn’t provide us with review samples either, forcing us to buy them. Hope that’s clear enough.

  • Shallow Revelations

    8700k with a r9 290x because 1080ti during crypto boom made gpu too expensive, now RTX is too expensive from the start.

  • Batman The dark knight

    Still running 8370e but I want a ryzen cpu and a 1060 6gb instead of my r9 390x

  • Jay Rambo

    How about the i5-8600k. Best bang for ur buck.

  • Tyler DaSilva

    5:00 to 5:05 is why you're here.

  • The RedTengu

    My i5-2500K 'N' 980ti stil working Fine .

  • Klson Bob

    when u bought a second handed ryzen with a pin missing

  • Sushi Rice

    smashes keyboard against free sink monitor

  • PristineBean

    I've got a ryzen 7 1800x and a gtx 960. Going to upgrade to a 1070 or 1060 soon.

  • Chiefshadow4

    1. 2700x2. 2700x3. 2700x4. 1600x paired with rx580 8gb armor mk 25. 2700xWorst1. all the i92. .... about it.

  • Dirk Bretveld

    I want to pair one of these with a GTX 1060 6gb. What is the best choice ?

  • Idtelos

    Meh, the i7-7700k is still a great cpu that I would still buy if I can find it for around $200-$240 usd.

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