Top 5 CPUs Gaming Edition, June 2018

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Top 5 CPUs Gaming Edition, June 2018

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  • PowerHamster

    gtx 1050ti + i3 8100. Amen.

  • The Matirx red pill

    The 8600k is probably not the best to advise for high refresh rate 120Hz to 160Hz, it has been proven that without HT the 8600k in the case of e.g BF1, taps out at 100% utilisation and suffers from microstutter where the 8700k does not. I notice for high refresh 8600k 'CS go , overwatch or fortnite' were mentioned but not BF1. This could be viewed as a misleading half truth. This isn't a court of law, be more honest and tell the full picture. I myself shouldn't run into those issues with my 8600k as my monitor outputs at 60hz.

  • johnnyhotpants

    You'er Australian mate why USD and not AUD??????

  • Stefan Schernus

    I5 4690k still in my Computer love this cpu.

  • Rodrigo Pinto

    why not the 1200? if u have an gpu and u can OC the 1200 why not the 1200?

  • PristineBean

    I've got a ryzen 7 1800x and a gtx 960. Going to upgrade to a 1070 or 1060 soon.

  • Mr.Knapsack

    Would it be good to pair a ryzen 5 1600 with a gtx 1070 overclocked

  • Ankit Sharma

    Is i72600k with 10606gb good ?

  • Parthesh Patel

    why i5 8600k is not listed..???

  • Jaya Kumar V

    Best CPU 8700k, deleaded, liquid metaled, liquid cooled... hands-down the best!

  • Moslin

    I have an 8350k @ 4.2 Ghz I like it. It bests the locked i5 I had before it.

  • silenoz111

    Swapped my r7 1800x for a 2700x today. Loving it.

  • Ali Abdullah

    Bought i5 8400 thank you for suggestion

  • Hardware Unboxed

    If this is your first time visiting the Hardware Unboxed channel and you’ve quickly jumped to the conclusion that we’re bias towards Intel (Intel fanboys) or even worse paid off by Intel, then I’d encourage you to do a little more research before firing off a comment. We do our best to be as neutral as possible and look at our benchmark comparisons from as many angles as possible. It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway, never ever have I (Steve) or anyone associated with the Hardware Unboxed channel taken a dollar from either Intel or AMD, never have and never will. Half the time Intel doesn’t provide us with review samples either, forcing us to buy them. Hope that’s clear enough.

  • back-man

    i7 8700 ? boost 4.6 all core 😁

  • Sushi Rice

    smashes keyboard against free sink monitor

  • Grow Tacoma

    My 7700k still spanks those AMD chips

  • Hunter Bishop

    all cpu any good for fortnite?

  • ZeX

    Ryzen 7 1700X16GB DDR4 @3200MHzSapphire Radeon RX 580 Nitro+ 4GBFocus: all round balance for productivity and gaming at 1080p@75Hz

  • Ethan Ramage

    I agree what you say amd ryzen is good for gamers on a budget but intel is still the best

  • pametuglavu ?

    Whats better ryzen 5 1600 or ryzen 5 2400g price 130 for both of them

  • Nate Gatsby

    Just got a Ryzen 5 1600 and an msi x370 motherboard for only $150. the board has 1 dead ram slot but the other 3 work just fine. I'm going to be able to turn around and sell my old i5-6400 and msi b150m mobo for close to that :D

  • ruzaqir rachman

    Btw whats ur cpu cooler on the background

  • Fernando Hernandez

    I'm currently working on building a gaming computer for my sister and will probably go with a Ryzen 3 2200g. At $100 US is pretty good.

  • The Supervillain

    should i stick it out with my 4690k 1080p setup or upgrade to 8700k 1440p. ir should i just wait it out for ice lake

  • corza bourne

    I want the best of the best so I go with Intel. But I hate them so much, they can eat a dick

  • Asit Sarangi

    I have an old r7 260x GPU and I m planning to get Asus strix b350 & ryzen 5 1600. What fps can I expect? Don't want to change my GPU as I only play CS go and dota 2. Ty.

  • Lou

    i have a $300 budget and i need a good cpu for my gtx 1070 because it is bottle necked atm. anyone could help i would really appreciate it. :)

  • Katherine Smith

    great video very helpful would like to see a used best budget combo

  • SS Angelov

    I am happy with my R5 2600x :) planned to buy an i5 8400 but since i do alot of programing and i run alot of background app i picked to go with AMD and i have no regret a few FPS lower than the i5 in some games but i play them all with 60+ fps so it doesn't really matter

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