Top 5 CPUs Gaming Edition, June 2018

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Ryzen 3 2200G:
Core i3-8100:
Ryzen 7 2700X:
Ryzen 7 2700:
Ryzen 5 2600X:
Ryzen 5 2600:
Core i5-8400:
Core i7-8700K:
Ryzen Threadripper 1950X:

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Top 5 CPUs Gaming Edition, June 2018

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  • Mark Eugine Caderao

    Can i have those GAMING Video Cards Behind you Sir?

  • Trix

    I am not really into PC tech, so i will ask here - should i buy I7 8700 or Ryzen 5 2600

  • ForSakeN Plays

    The i5 8400 is 90€ more expensive than the r5 2600 here. No way in going intel.

  • SSmorez _

    Is the Core - i5 8400 a good starter for fortnite and pubg or is it just good to get the 8600 pls respond I'm building my first pc.

  • spee

    Just saying you can overclock all most ryzen cpu's out of the box if you have a mobo that support's overclocking

  • Robbie Espinosa

    IS i5 3550 for 45€ worth it

  • Ayelo

    i7 8700k overclocked to 4.9 ghz for gaming, nothing else in 2018, and ryzen for a workshop (threadripper if you can)

  • scooty222

    Julian? where is your drink?

  • Chiefshadow4

    1. 2700x2. 2700x3. 2700x4. 1600x paired with rx580 8gb armor mk 25. 2700xWorst1. all the i92. .... about it.

  • Khalid Hebshi

    The Ryzen 3 2200G is on the list and not the Ryzen 5 2600X

  • You Maxim

    We need a "best" counter

  • Tyler DaSilva

    5:00 to 5:05 is why you're here.

  • Alborah

    Should i buy a Ryzen 7 2700X, i have a AMD FX 8320 at the moment.

  • ChrisTheDud3

    I had a razen 5 2600x, I decide to do an upgrade and get an i5 8600k. Best choice ever

  • Batman The dark knight

    Still running 8370e but I want a ryzen cpu and a 1060 6gb instead of my r9 390x

  • Jimmy Walsh

    I have a GTX 1050ti graphics card with 8gb RAM. At the moment I have a AMD A8-5500 APU RADEON(TM) HD GRAPHICS processor. I crash all the time in GTA 5 while driving and experience rendering problems on the map. Should I consider buying a new processor? (New to PC gaming tech)

  • The AfroPlaylist(Fro-Tho)

    um i got a i5-6500 how does that stack up to the ones mentioned here?

  • DiseaseOfYourMind

    What type of cpu cooler is spinning in the background?

  • Nickos Poblete

    Rusev? Is that you?

  • Jesus MLG

    what about the i7-8700

  • m6u3

    I just built my wife an entry gaming pc with the 2200g and I am impressed with the vega 8 Integrated graphics. runs pretty nice games like overwatch at 1080 low settings, so may need to tweak some other games to lower resolutions to maintain nice fps, but I am impressed knowing that this little beast is running games without a dedicated gpu. Later i probably buya gtx 1060, so far I am really impressed!

  • Hardware Unboxed

    If this is your first time visiting the Hardware Unboxed channel and you’ve quickly jumped to the conclusion that we’re bias towards Intel (Intel fanboys) or even worse paid off by Intel, then I’d encourage you to do a little more research before firing off a comment. We do our best to be as neutral as possible and look at our benchmark comparisons from as many angles as possible. It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway, never ever have I (Steve) or anyone associated with the Hardware Unboxed channel taken a dollar from either Intel or AMD, never have and never will. Half the time Intel doesn’t provide us with review samples either, forcing us to buy them. Hope that’s clear enough.

  • Daniel Magalhães

    That pc is huge holy shit

  • AzarReflex

    How about the i7 6700K????

  • wolf gaming

    What 8th generation intel CPU is best for 1080 p gaming

  • F zorglaf F

    What CPU should i use to match radeon 580 8 gb?

  • Alan Ruiz

    I am thinking of buying this CPU Processor I heard its one of the best at the moment.

  • Deepdale Junior

    Can every CPU fit in a pc

  • Mateo Cerovec

    is i5 9600K better than i5 8600K now?

  • Jay Blankenship

    Lol I watched a video about best gaming cpus and some child just included i9s and ryzen 7s, those are not best by far

  • Comp Wiz2007

    Phenom II x6 1100t clocked to 4.175ghz on water (NOT AIO), Asus Crosshair V 990FX Mobo..   8gb of Corsair Dominator 2000mhz RAM clocked to 1850MHZ.. Corsair 850 watt PSU (Silver)(2) Evga GTX 770 4gb Classifieds..  SSD drive for OS and Caviar Black for storage..   The system is mostly 5 years old and shortly i'm upgrading, finally beaking away from AMD after the FX series debacle..   Going intel 8600k, 16gb 3200MHZ and a GOOD motherboard (likely Asus)..   An AMD Ryzen would only save me a total of $50 on my upgrade and since $50 isn't SH!T to me, i'm leaving AMD and I was AMD CPUs for 12 years (for gaming)..

  • timelord flight

    Hello great video if I may ask a question I was thinking of upgrading my pc I have a gtx980 intel i7-4790k @ 4.00ghs. im running it on my monitor 3440x1440 100hz. The question is if I up grade my intel to i7-8700k will I have to up grade the power supply and my graphics card ?

  • Pavan Sai

    Which is the best CPU for '''C S G O'

  • 92Cope

    Core i 5 8400 absolute trash of cpu

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