Game Engines As Fast As Possible

We hear a lot about new game engines when they're released. But what exactly are they, and how do they affect the gaming experience?

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  • James S

    Functional programming? Like what's the hell is a haskel

  • almogz 9

    Epic makers of unreal engine these were the good days

  • Abe TRS

    3:00 Half Life 3 confirmed

  • Clark Kent

    "to create skynet inside of" LMFAO

  • KrenZZie

    3:02 I sed what you did there xD

  • Jorge Alberto Benavides Ojinaga

    Im here from the future, and omg stop screaming.

  • Genesis

    oh yeah unity engine

  • F34R

    Epic huh... I think ive heard of them ooh yeah...Fortnite

  • Daniel Wellington

    How much for voice actor ?

  • Dr. Pigeon

    Let me think of a jokeSkyrims engine

  • Shahzad Rahim

    This guy is not saying anything really, he's just trying to sort of show he knows the answer.

  • TheCoasterCompleater

    He predicted the disease of fortnite.

  • Random Gaming CH

    0:18 i want that clip on 10hours XD

  • MindTech


  • Gytis Janušonis

    what's the name of the bit of classical music at 0:17?

  • Yemto

    So all game engines have a 3D library in then, beacuse that's what Linus make it sound like.

  • M N

    DID YOU JUST SAY EPIC GAMES!!1!!!!!1!1!!!1!!!!!!1111!!1!!11111!

  • ButcherGrindslam

    Source is the rewritten iDtech 2.

  • UnitedEarthEmpire

    Damn it! Commercial?! Stop doing that! You already have tons of money!

  • Lightstriker

    Geezz... I don't remember the last time I heard something so close to reality and so far at the same time.

  • Peter Parker

    What if we turbocharged the engine?

  • Lava Dasher

    Are you from the extra credits? You sound like that one guy

  • Vithor Temanski Neves Castelo

    you didn't explained very well, the images were misleading, i know this is tech quickie, but this was way too quick

  • Eero R

    Fck the game engines. Get a real story into the game.Why do you think "the last of us" was a hit? Graphics, engine and all was perfect, but the story was what made the game legendary.

  • Svit Krivic

    1:20 Linus predicted rtx 😮

  • Loy Lee

    Damn this was so badly explained 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Daniel Rivas

    Well this guy explained game engines clear and straight to the point heyy linus care to participate in a live transmission for our unreal engine tutorials to put some comments will be great what you think ?

  • Tiga Wu

    need a video about how techquickie works

  • Reviewing with Cody

    I thought the episode 3 joke was for Sonic 4 ep 3, than I realized it was for Half-Life 3

  • Benjy Huburt

    Ep3...never happening

  • Vatsal Kachhiya

    Obviously this video was helpful explained me about game engine ect. But it is the most funniest video by linus, nice punches like bouncing balls 😂😂😂😂😂

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